Urban Decay: 3 New Shadow Boxes

2 March, 2011

I can’t believe I missed out on these-no longer! For Spring, Urban Decay has three new shadow boxes, each with a 24/7 liner and a mini Primer Potion at a retail of $34. They are: Fun, Feminine, and Dangerous. Admittedly, I want all three:)

First up is the Dangerous shadow box. Mildew, Rockstar, Oil Slick, and Gunmetal are permanent shades appearing in this, however there is also Haight (one of the Sephora exclusives) and Virgin (from the Naked shadow box). There’s also a mini Rockstar 24/7 liner (yay, something besides Zero and Bourbon), as well as the Greed primer potion (the new one). I like how dangeorus does not equal a smokey eye, and while you can do one with this it’s more of a twist-having the darker brights.

The Feminine one has Stray Dog, SWF, Midnight Cowboy, Aquarius, Darkhorse, and Ecstacy. I believe Darkhorse is from the Naked shadow box, while Aquarius is another exclusive. It also has Eden primer potion (the matte) and Zero liner. This is a very versatile option in my opinion-you have your lights, a brown, and then two colours. I would probably use this the least, because I’d be buying this mainly for the two brights and I have Ecstacy in the Book of Shadows 2.

Finally, there is the Fun shadow box-definitely more my speed. There’s Woodstock and Psychadelic Sister (from the Sephora exclusives), plus Uzi, Sin, Baked, and my all-time favourite, Flipside. This is a very nice set-but the only one that I don’t already own in some form is Woodstock. You get Oil Slick pencil and a mini of the original primer potion with this, though.

All in all, these are nice, and great for travel (I hate traveling with my Book of Shadows, because they take up so much space in my purse), but for a lot of diehard UD fans these are not necessarily the latest and greatest.


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