MAC/Vera: 9 Feb 2012

8 February, 2012

Two new collections up today, and both have a few interesting things! First up is MAC/Vera. No, not Vera Wang or Vera Bradley, but Vera Neumann, a textile designer.

The collection is a very eye-heavy one, but it’s got great things. First up, can we talk Pearlglides? Sure, there’s nothing new. But these pencils are among my favourites, and if I need a go-to lower liner, then this is one of them. (If I am not using my magenta Chromagraphic pencil, that is). This go around, there’s:
Lord It Up-Bronze with pearl
Industrial-Blue-grey with pearl
Undercurrent-Teal with pearl
Designer Purple-Violet with pearl
Petrol Blue-Blue with pearl
Blackline-Black with gold pearl
Black Swan-Black with pearl

These are retailing for $15 nowadays.

Next up are the Crush Metal Pigment stacks, which are something that I love! At $34, they are a bit pricey, but I use my Stacked 1 a lot. My one from whatever the summer collection was this year, though? Not as much-in fact, I saw it at the CCO when I was there two months ago. Talk about derp! Anyways, the stacks are:

Aloha: Lantern Light (a pale orange that looks like an in-betweener for Acid Orange pigment and Evening Aura shadow), Campfire (a copper that is a little less red than Coppering), Shifting Sands (a champagne), and Aloha (a dirty chocolate brown)

Strawberry Patch: Star Crystal (a pale pink that seems to be similar to Pink Freeze, but warmer), Rose Light (a warm pink), Strawberry Patch (a light blue pink), and Moon Rose (bright dark pink)

Butterfly Party: Butterfly Party (a lilac that is like a darker Viz-a-Violet…still kicking myself for swapping that away), Desert Cloud (blurple), Rain Drop (teal), and Moss Garden (silver-green)

There’s Pearlmatte face powders here again-haven’t seen them in a couple years. And for good reason, if you ask me: I got the shadow, and I HATE IT. I am always willing to give them a try, although with the face powders going up and up I’m definitely a LOT more careful about buying nowadays since $28 for something I am not crazy about…I’ll buy at the outlet, and use the extra $8 or so for another Red Robin lunch. Anywhoo, we have the following shades:

Sunday Afternoon: Midtone pink/Fuschia/Pale pink with white pearl

Flower Fantasy: Pale coral with gold pearl/Cool pale pink/Pale salmon pink

In the latest round of random bring-backs, there’s Plushglass! Not repromotes (that I know of, since I have never used a Plushglass), but just that it’s not a formula that MAC seems to do a lot with. $20 for a gloss is especially steep, since I rarely use gloss unless it’s a Dazzleglass-and even then not much. However, I am liking one of them in particular (no surprise, it’s the purple).

Pretty Plush-Very pale pink with pearl. This may be a permanent one.
Fashion Fanatic-Creamy pale pink.
Confetti-Bright coral with pearl
On a Holiday-Bright pink with blue pearl
Butterfly Dream-Midtone violet with blue pearl

Finally, two nail polishes. Both creams, and both easily dupeable-seeming. I don’t buy a ton of MAC polishes, and these won’t change that. But the colours are both very universal, I feel.

Midsummer’s Dream-Pale pinky-lilac cream
Play Day-Pale milky coral cream

This hits all points of sale on Thursday, but it’s up online now and already Designer Purple is out-of-stock! I suggest getting a Pearlglide ASAP, as well as a Crush Metal stack.

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