New MAC: Iris Apfel, Mineralize, and Others

6 January, 2012

So yesterday three new displayers made their way over to MAC: one skincare, two LE colour ones.

First up is the Iris Apfel displayer, which was a nice, bright one inspired by the famous NYC figure. Sadly, when I got to the store after I got off work, the collection was pretty much sold out! They still had Flamingo lipstick, which was nice but way too milky-and not to mention a Lustre. Morange is permanent, and I prefer Neon Orange anyways, as dry as it can be sometimes. The other three were ones that would have been nice to have, but I have Fusion Pink and Full Fuschia anyways, and as for Scarlet Ibis I have enough reds that I like better. They had the Beauty Powder and all the shadows and polishes-but even on the website, Too Chic is sold out. I must say that this is one of the bigger successes in recent times. Not to mention it’s a timely launch, because we have gift cards. I do have to say though…on that note, I’m shocked as hell that the Blush Ombres are not sold out on the site yet! I’d have thought they would be, but I guess not. Oh well, I’m happy that I got mine. There’s also the Naturally collection, which is a bunch of neutrals. There’s two repromoted MSF’s (Redhead and Blonde), five neutral-ish MES, some lipsticks, and other stuff. Definitely not my sort of thing, but there’s a lot of people who like this kind of stuff. I would hope in the future, though, that they put more emphasis on collections like the Iris Apfel one and less on this-because it’s quite apparent that people want colour.

Finally, there’s Mineralize skincare. Five all-new permanent products:
Charged Water moisture eye cream-$35
Charged Water moisture gel-$37
Face and Body lotion-$32
Charged Water cleanser-$23
Charged Water Revitalizing Energy-$22

I haven’t really done the MAC skincare, as I am a big Murad fan. That being said, I’m always in the market to try a new moisturizer, and I may get the Face/Body lotion. I definitely like the idea of that, because it would be great for travel.

One Response to “New MAC: Iris Apfel, Mineralize, and Others”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    If their new Mineralize Face and Body lotion is the one that came out with the Warm & Cozy collection like 2 years ago (I think), then it’s really good! It’s moisturizing but is absorbed very quickly and is very light and gives a bit of a strobe cream effect. I use it as my nightly moisturizer during summer.

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