Hauling, Hauling.

12 February, 2012

Yesterday (well, two days ago, since it’s now Sunday on the West Coast), I got my stuff from the new MAC collections-and I have to say, I’m in love with all of it.

Let me first give my impressions on the stuff: from the Vera side of things, the Pearlglides are amazing and full of win. The Plushglasses are all very sheer. The Aloha stack is really pretty, as is Strawberry Patch, but the latter is so similar to the pinks in the Stacked 1 set from two years ago. That being said, I may have to get it IF it gets to the CCO…the Pearlmattes are bleh. Not a fan. For an all-over powder, I either go with Lightscapade or Refined-Refined gives me a really nice, tanned look. I seriously need another. Oh, I can’t forget the polishes-the peachy polish is really pretty and I highly recommend it.

Now for what I did buy: Butterfly Party, the blue/purple stack. It’s so full of win, it isn’t funny. The silvery-green is very much like the one in Surf The Ocean from last year (at least that’s what I think it was), but the other three? Very nice. The blurple is just gorgeous, with the multidimensional pearl. I wish it was sold as a pigment, because I would literally buy stock in it. Speaking of which, MAC needs a good blurple, and I’m not heading anywhere near an Inglot stockist anytime soon for comparing.For the Shop/Cook MAC, the Cremeblends are awesome, if not a little tricky to work with. I have issues with getting them nicely blended with my 188, so I admittedly use my fingers sometimes. (I don’t share these blushes) I already have Florida, and the other is nice but not something I really need right now, ya know? I only saw two of the shadow quads, but the one with the yellow looked interesting. That’s another thing that’s CCO-worthy. As for the neutral one, I love the orange but I have a couple I like already, so I can pass. The Kissable LC’s were boring, but the finish is really nice on them so they’re worth a shot if you’re not like me and shun more “normal” colours.

The lipsticks, four of them at least, were very typical collection filler. However, Watch Me Simmer is amazingness in a tube. I got the very last one of it, and it’s so much better than Vegas Volt. It’s brighter, darker, and less drying-literally every orange/coral I’ve owned has had issues-Neon Orange with dragging, Vegas Volt with a thin texture, Toxic Tale and its drying nature, Costa Chic and just being deficient…this is perfection. It’s not too bright, but it’s not subdued, either. As for the bright pink? Didn’t see it. It probably sold out.

The polishes? Well…I got the very last Al Fredo, and two things crossed my mind when I got it: wow it’s thin, and this may be very dupe-y to Who The Shrek Are You (an old OPI). I got it home…and I was right on the first part. Three coats, and still very sheer. Next time, use white base-or at least SOME sort of base. Salad Dressing looked to be thicker, but I got Al Fredo instead as I figured it would sell out (yellows sell fast). Kid Orange was not the muted coral-orange I had hoped for it to be, but rather a dupey red-orange that is exactly like a ton of what I’ve already seen before. Snooze…

So between the stack, Optimistic Orange, the lipstick, and polish, I think I did well on this. I wasn’t honestly enthused by a lot-with my makeup, I’m at a point where I feel that I have enough. I don’t drop the cash on the LE collections like I used to, because a lot of it has become so repetitive. The last collection I did a haul this large on was the Fall Trend, and the last big haul was the Villains. Yes, that long ago.

But that means more money to spend-as I got a decent paycheck, plus my tax refund AND a bonus. I took that bonus right over to Juicy Couture, where I got two pairs of earrings: some chandeliers with blue stones, and then little rhinestone parrots. Sure, they weren’t additional markdown besides the sale price, but whatever. I had been eyeing them intently for awhile, and as soon as it goes down more I’ll get the parrot charm. I’m missing my bracelet, but whatever: next time there’s a starter bracelet on sale it will be MINE. I got a pair of owl studs from there a month or so ago and I wear them constantly-so to me, they’re worth the investment. It’s a fraction of what costume jewelry costs elsewhere, and plus I keep my money in the Village. I had thought of getting a Tiffany piece, but honestly, with how much the prices have jumped I can’t justify it. Not to mention I don’t feel really attached to any of it-whereas the Juicy stuff, while being paste and such, is my sort of thing. It’s got a sense of humour to it, and that’s what I like.

Of course, I bought a ton of clothes too but in my defence, I get a great discount AND someone returned a bunch of old stuff today-five items of which were snapped up by me. Hey, I’m a vulture circling the oldies but goodies. To the tune of three dresses, a jacket, and a short-sleeve blazer…oh yeah. Earlier I bought two of these 5-pack socks (since one colour was $5), a pair of wool slipper socks, a scarf, a fragrance, and bikini bottoms.

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