Daphne Guiness for MAC

26 December, 2011

Bear with me, as I’m writing this while trying to rush out to work: I had actually swatched a lot of this to do a review-weeks ago. But between all my stuff, I have not been able to get anything up-so I apologize.

Anyways, this is now online and in-stores. I went nearly four weeks ago to do my preorder, and while a few things were missing, all the lip things were there for swatching. The polishes look really good, but what’s the star of the collection? Yep, it’s those infamous Blush Ombres. Two of them-Vintage Grape and Azalea Blossom-are being repromoted. Sure, it’s a hefty amount but you get a lot of blush, as well as the cachet of owning Blush Ombres. I know that the quantities are very limited-to give you an idea, the MAC store by me got as many of each as they did Lightscapade-which, to say, was around 10-12.

The pigments are also really nice-Circa Plum comes back, along with Aurora and Nebula, two really pretty sorta neutral-ish shades that have lots of pearl. They’re ones that even a neutral-hater like myself would definitely go for.

Pick some of this up today. Luckily, this is the only one for right now-but next week, between Iris Apfel and all the other things, your wallets may or may not be hurting. Just warning y’all:)

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