My New Zoyas!

19 January, 2012

So the other day, my Zoyas (from the promo) arrived, and it’s so fun trying them out! (I am also glad that I got them when I did, seeing as trucks can’t really get up our hill with all the snow/ice) I’ve done the promos before, and if there’s one thing I learned from before, it’s to order as soon as possible after the code comes out. Figure it’s the cost of my morning coffee/bagel (if I work a morning shift), so I can swing it very easily. There have been times where it’s taken nearly 4 weeks for everything to arrive. This time? Less than two. (There’s all the processing, plus I don’t like paying more for shipping so it’s a week to Seattle)

Anyways, I got two blue polishes-Jo and Ibiza. The thing with Zoya is that there is so much I want to try and buy, but the nice thing is that they don’t really delete polishes from the range. It’s also good to get away from the super-metallics, although I have yet to buy a creme finish from them yet. I dunno why…

Jo is a beautiful colour, it’s very 90’s in a way. It’s a pale dusty blue with blue and silver shimmer that reminds me of Essie’s Lapis of Luxury (as far as the base colour goes). I think this may be prettier though because of a) the shimmer, and b) the fact that you just need two coats for total opacity. I don’t think I have another polish (besides LoL) that is close to this, and it’s a shade that goes with a lot. It’s not bright enough to where it overwhelms, but at the same time it’s still enough of a pop of colour to make an impact.

Ibiza, meanwhile, is a blackened blue with blue shimmer that is like a lot of stuff I already own. (Orly Star of Bombay, Essie Aruba Blue, OPI Russian Navy/Play til Midnight…to name a few) The one advantage that this has, though, is that you could theoretically get away with just one coat. The only problem is that it is VERY slow drying (I’ve never restocked on my Seche Vite), and the shimmer doesn’t really show up sometimes. It can look very…bleh. Maybe next time I’ll try it as a two-coater-I saw the opacity of the one coat and figured that it would cut it. Obviously, I was very wrong. Still, though, it’s a nice colour, if not terribly unique.

With my order, I got chipboards for the three new collection launches. That’s one thing I like about what they do: I can really see the colours and then get hyped up to buy them when they hit the local ULTA. I’m eyeing a couple of them, namely the Fleck Effects (even if flakies are a couple years old and it’s all about the magnets now).

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