So, I apologize for not updating this for a long time-kinda got put on the back burner! I am hoping, though, to constantly be swatching and so forth in order to get more of my rapidly-growing collection up!


OPI Didgeridoo Your Nails?. I would say that this colour is a dark dusty rose with frost. There is a little purple to it, but not a ton. This is three coats after two days-one coat added on the second night, two for first application.


OPI Conga Line Coral. I would say that this frosty shade is a very light copper almost, or a coppery coral. It’s a very pretty everyday shade for fingers and/or toes.


Essie Wicked.


Essie Bags to Riches.


OPI It’s All Greek To Me.


OPI DS Jewel. This is three coats with flash, two days after painting. The DS series polishes always have a really good wearing, and this is no exception. IRL, the colour is a neutral plum-very nice for the fall. It has enough plum to make it wearable because if there’s one colour I don’t touch, it’s brown.


OPI DS Royal. This is four, yes, four coats. You can make do with two but it will be on the sheerer side, and three is ideal but I liked four for a) total opacity, and b) more sparkle. Pictures do not do this justice! It’s a dark purple with blue/green high shimmer. I did a few different shots so you could see sort of what it looks like.

OPI Shim-Merry Chic. This is three coats, either no flash or manipulated flash. It’s hard to tell, but it is packed with flakes of glitter but not overly so-the flakes end up settling to the bottom so that at first glance, this looks like a khaki-olive colour, but hold fingers to light and it’s suddenly more beautiful.

OPI Festive Fuschia. This is the Trade Secret Holiday 2009 exclusive, and it’s really, really lovely. It looks, at first, to be a warm red, but on the nails? You definitely get the fuschia. This is three coats, it could work with two but I like three for more opacity and sparkle. The shots are with flash, no flash in my room (not great lighting), no flash in the washroom (better lighting).

Essie Love Beverly Hills XX. This was the one with real 24K gold inside, and it definitely looks it! It’s not a gaudy shimmer, though-it’s very much something that gives the polish a glowy look. This is two or three coats, can’t remember which. The two top ones are no flash, the bottom is with flash so you get an idea of how it looks with the shimmer. Base colour-wise, this is probably one of the prettiest and most flattering reds out there. Would I normally pay $18 for it? No, in all honesty. But I got it on clearance and it’s so lovely.

OPI Green-Wich Village. I am drawn to brights, and this is definitely no exception! However…it’s a very thin formula. This lovely opacity is the result of at least three coats, so be prepared to spend a little time with this one. Once it gets the three+ coats that it needs, though, it’s solid.

OPI Brisbane Bronze. This is such a lovely two-coater, I’m not going to lie. I don’t normally do the neutrals/bronzes but this one I am glad I picked up. It’s definitely got sparkle to it, but that’s what makes it wearable for me.

Essie Barbuda Banana. This is probably one of the rarest nail colours I own, but a local nail supply had a few and I will be buying them out of the colour:) This is, in all honesty, a problem child colour because this is FOUR coats. Honestly, it needs a fifth because it is on the streakier side, so I recommend patience, a steady hand, and maybe a base coat. This sort of colour, though, is not as common. I have OPI Banana Bandanna from earlier this year and it is way brighter compared to this-this is creamy butter yellow. If you see this, pounce on it because it’s not a common colour, and it was from an Essie collection back in oh, 2003 or 2004. I’m guessing that St. Martin Mint, St. Barth’s Blue, St. Lucia Lilac, and Dominica Green were all a part of this collection.

OPI DS Passion. Yep, as you can see, total holo-y goodness. This one is one that is best in three coats, in order to get the right coverage and sparkle, but two can suffice. When you compare it to Chiffon and Couture, which look very similar, Chiffon is much, much lighter. It’s almost a whisper-pale pink. Compare it to Couture, and Couture is more pink-this is more dusty/mauve-ish.

Essie Formal Affair. This is a gorgeous holiday red-this for the most part is two coats of yum. Three coats is ideal, but I was able to get away with two. This is difficult to photograph well, this one is with flash and it goes very, very warm-in fact, some of my other pictures had it pulling ORANGE!

OPI That’s All Bright With Me. Let me start out by saying: FOUR COATS. This is horrendously sheer, in fact most of those Brights were or probably are that way. It is a gorgeous colour in the bottle, but I advise using it as a topper only.

OPI Play Til Midnight. This is very close to Russian Navy, but the main difference is that a) this pulls blue as opposed to purple, and b) it has more of a sparkle to it. If you didn’t get this, Russian Navy is a fairly close enough colour to where you don’t have to have this one. I mainly bought it because I had Russian Navy on my nails and I was going to a job interview…and there was a huge chip. I’m glad I have it, yes, but it’s not overly necessary.

OPI If The Fuschia Fits. This was one of the summer ones, and I tried it once on my toes before my fingers and admittedly, I was unimpressed. It takes three coats to get a semi-opague finish, but it’s got a nice sheen and shine to it. It’s almost like candy-colour-wise, it’s similar to Pompeii Purple. I only have one of the Sun-Believable polishes left to get, and it ain’t a difficult one either to find. The sheen is definitely a pinkish one, which is why it’s so fun. Compare to Pompeii Purple, which is darker and with a blue sheen, but you can also compare it, somewhat, to La Paz-Itively Hot, which is a sort of similar base colour but with no sheen to it. Oh, and this did not photograph well at all. It actually is a much brighter pink.

Sea? I Told You!. This is a two coater in this shot, but three coats is definitely ideal as you can see due to the fact that it applies a little patchily. It definitely has some similarities to Teal The Cows Come Home, but in all honesty I like this one a lot better because this is a bit more sparkly, a bit more opague, and a bit less brush-strokey. It just sparkles, and yet I took it off after a few hours! I felt guilty because I had this beautiful OPI, that was not yet up in my Shelves o’ Doom, and it was untried…which leads me to:

OPI Burning Love. HOLY CRAP, that’s all this colour requires. This is a very muted orange-think almost a metallic orange. It’s not overly bright, in fact both my mum and I are wearing it right now! It’s a very flattering colour, it’s like a neutral but with attitude. Two coats and you get an opague, fairly quick-drying (metallics are like that), only slightly brushstroke-y colour. I think I may have to stockpile the Elvis shades, because these are fab. I’m buying the nail supply store out!

OPI Tijuana Dance?. This colour is quite sheer, but so pretty-it’s a great colour for somebody who is younger, as you get a hint of pink and a little shine but it’s not overly thick. On my nails, it takes three coats for it to be relatively close to wearable for me, which I think further reinforces my point that it’s great for younger girls as their parents typically probably don’t want them doing neons and vampys. It’s also a good one for when you do your nails often, like me, and just need a breather colour-something that helps to get crud off the nails. Granted I still have flakies from over a week ago but still. Nice, but not one I admittedly reach for that much. Also the first shot is one over my Nintendo DS, to give an idea of colour, while the second is probably the best pic I’ve ever taken of my nails. Way to go, me.

OPI Dazzled by Gold. If there were two words to describe this, they would be “Bling bling”. This one is a two-coater at best-I personally prefer three-because it makes things really opague and really gives the nails the shine they deserve. On the nails, though, it is intense. Be prepared to stop traffic with these-it’s not only sparkly, but BRIGHT. Thanks to the fact that the glitter is so fine, it looks like you spilled some gold reflects in a gold polish and the light just dances off of the nails. This is one that I think OPI needs to make permanent, because it is so doggone pretty. Thankfully I have an ULTA always at hand, but even if I didn’t I would shell out up to $15 for this polish, it’s that good. Note that it was very difficult to get an accurate picture, but this comes pretty close. I’d say it’s a smidge deeper, it’s closer to Shim-Merry Chic than Curry Up Don’t Be Late, if that’s any help.

Essie Bordeaux. This is definitely a colour I would say is among Essie’s most popular, as it’s the perfect slightly-vampy red that is perfect for nights out, special occasions, or for some people, everyday wear. This was a two-coater on me and the dry time was pretty doggone good, if I do say so myself. It’s not really the most “me” colour, but it’s a very pretty one that I’m glad I’ll always have on hand, or at least be available to buy, because everyone needs a few good reds.

Essie Sequin Sash. This is pretty, yes-but realize that this is VERY sheer. This was the one good pic I got-three coats, and it’s still nowhere near opague. It’s good if you just want a hint of colour, as this is very neutral with a sparse silver sparkle. It would be a very appropriate colour for someone younger, whose parents don’t want them really getting into vampies and neons, but for me, it’s pretty forgettable. Still, though, nice.

Essie Jewel. This is so hard to photograph, because it is MUCH brighter in real life. It’s got a smidge of a blue to it, but it’s a gorgeous true bright purple. It’s got a frost to it and I can’t remember if this is two or three coats, but I’m going to say three just to be on the safe side. I think it’s one where you can get away with two but three is a much better effect, ya know?

Essie Handle with Flair. Talk about hideous, this one! First of all, the dry time on this is abysmal. I did three coats before bed, and I slept on it. Typically they dry before I go to sleep, so I added a FOURTH coat for this picture! The colour does not really apply evenly on me, although it is a nice sort of colour. I will give this a second chance sometime, but it’s really very, very skippable. And when I had to take the polish off? Just after 6 in the morning, when I had to leave at quarter to 7 to catch the first of my busses to work! Luckily, I had this on hand to make my life easier…

OPI We’ll Always Have Paris (suede edition). I am in LOVE with this. First of all, amazing dry time. This was two coats, but the picture was taken a day and a half after application so that explains the tip wear. Still, it’s dry in less than 2 minutes. Second, opague. I could have gotten away with one coat but I decided to do two. And third? I’m kinda liking this suede finish. It’s very much like the mattes, but instead of it being all about the bright colours, these are about colours packed with silvery shimmer, that dry to a mostly-matte finish. Same wearability issues as the mattes (less wear time) but they’re very nice to have on hand. A pain to take off, though…

Essie Barbados Blue. Don’t be fooled by the picture-this is not actually a grey, rather it is a lovely silver baby-blue. It’s definitely the sort of nail colour that yes, to me, reminds me a lot of the 90’s with all of the metallic pale blues. This is absolutely gorgeous though, and a fun winter one because it’s kind of icy. If I had a nail brush handy, I would actually consider doing a snowfall pattern on my thumbnails with OPI’s Kyoto Pearl, but that’s just me:) I also tried mattifying it, and I’m a huge fan.

Spin Me Round. Honestly, I’m not as big into the colour, but I love the holo. It’s a definite three-coater, as are many of the Kaleidoscopes-they are on the thinner side.

Sunshine. This is three, if not four coats, and it’s definitely designed to be a topper as opposed to something you use on its own. I don’t find myself reaching for this a lot, sadly, but when I do I love it to death.

TTYL. To me, this is a very warm holo-it doesn’t flash a lot of the cool tones, which makes this one a bit more subtle. It’s two, if not three coats-I find with many of the holos you need three coats.

FYI. I actually prefer this to OMG-they’re quite similar, but this is more taupe-toned than the silver of OMG. Two coats here!

GR8. This is an interesting base colour-it’s almost a khaki colour. Again, two to three coats.

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