MAC By Request

13 March, 2012

This is a collection that like many MAC addicts, I have been wanting to have happen. What MAC is doing is putting a thing up on their Facebook where you can vote on six vintage shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, and Lipglass. You can vote once per product category per day between now and the 30th of March-and in August, the three winners in each will be sold online. Simple as that, eh? I just wish there were a) not only better shades, but b) pigments, nail polishes, and so forth.

Anyways, in the category of lipsticks, we have:
Eden Rocks, from 2001’s collection of the same name. It’s a mauve-toned neutral frost, and in that collection it was apparently about one thing: the Jennifer Lopez bronzed glamour look. Eh…no thanks.
Moxie, from the Retro Mattes of 1999. Matte fuschia? Yes please. But Retro Matte? Even more appealing.
Rocker, from Time Rocker of 1999. Cherry red with glitter-this definitely screams 1999 if you know what I mean. (A lot of the lipsticks out in that day were WILD. Glitter, metallics-you name it.)
Candy Yum-Yum, from Quite Cute. This is the overwhelming favourite so far-I think because more people remember it. Anyways, it’s a horrendously bright fuschia matte. Needless to say, it gets my vote.
Shitaki, from 2001’s Cuisine. Taupe brown with shimmer=a colour more suited to walls than lips.
3N, from the N Collection. Hated that all, except for Light Flush MSF.

My picks: Moxie, Rocker, Candy Yum-Yum. In the lipglass category, we have:
Flash of Flesh, from d’Bohemia and a couple of assorted palettes. Um, this needs to be the overwhelming winner. It’s a nude pinky-coral with pink and coral shimmer that goes really well with a lot of the shades that have been popular-and on its own, it’s not half bad either.
Cult of Cherry, from the collection of the same name. This is another one that if it doesn’t win, I’ll be shocked as hell. It’s a bright red with some red pearl to it, and NO you cannot get Russian Red as a dupe. The pigmentation is absolutely insane on this one. Speaking of which, I wonder where my tube of it went…
Bait, from Lure (as in a collection that I want the entirety of, as I am kicking myself for never getting Maidenchant). A pale pink with gold pearl, any swatch I’ve seen of it looks particularly yummy.
2N, another N Collection retread. Neutral warm pink…meh.
Emancipation, from Wonder Woman. Another neutral pink, this gets a vote-down just since it was such a recent collection, and not only that but it should be in the CCO’s.
Icescape, from Love Lace and I believe an additional collection before that. A sheer pink with pearl, it’s pretty nice, but put this and Bait in a cage and Bait comes out the winner just because a) gold pearl, and b) LURE!

The should-be winners: Cult of Cherry, Flash of Flesh, Bait

Finally, in the category of eyeshadows, we have:
Cool Heat, the first of two of that collection’s retreads. While this is a great colour, this will NOT get my vote for two reasons: I own it, and its texture SUCKS BALLS. Shame, too, but you can probably find an Inglot one similar that would be better texture. It’s one of those weird frosts, ya know?
Solar White, the other Cool Heat retread. I actually still have this (from the Rose is a Rose quad), and it’s the best highlight ever. Yeah, it’s similar to Nylon, but way better.
Moth Brown, from Barbie Loves MAC and Madame B. If I recall correctly, it’s an early Veluxe Pearl, and it’s a very much coveted grey-brown with plummy tones. Of course, that means one thing: HELL NO.
Heavenly Bliss, another Eden Rocks retread. A soft golden taupe…no thanks.
Jete, from Danse. That collection actually had a lot of really pretty stuff-it was the prettiest of the soft shades. Anyways, this is another early VP, and it’s a neutral-pink. If it is a more neutral version of In Living Pink (which should have been brought back), I will definitely buy this.
Guacamole, from Salsabelle. Another collection that needs to be brought back in its entirety, this is a clean avocado green. What can I say, I’m biased. This needs to come back.

The picks: Guacamole, Jete, and cause I have to pick a third, Solar White.

You can vote once per product category per day, again-and after a few hours of voting Guacamole has merely a fraction of what Heavenly Bliss and Mothbrown have. Think of my picks as not only the really good shades, but also the ones that are not only not as recent, but are less likely to have an equivalent at counters right now.

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