New Zoya Spring 2012

6 January, 2012

With the recent Zoya promo that has come out (two free polishes with code ZOYA2012, just pay shipping…I got Jo and Ibiza), it means one other thing: new collections for the spring! They’re currently available for preorder on the site, so you can’t use the promo on them-but no matter, I’ll end up with some of them anyways.

Before I start, a nice note: on the Zoya site, you click on each polish and it has the opacity on a 1-5 scale, as well as the colour family, the finish, and colour tone. That’s not something you see often enough, so yay on them! It’s especially good because Zoya, for the most part, is not readily available as far as the good stuff goes. So for my colours, I’ll have the terms from the site paraphrased.

Cho-Warm peachy beige cream with a fine silver shimmer. Hits a 5 on the opacity scale.
Farah-Warm neutral beige cream with greenish undertones. Hits a 5 on the opacity scale.
Bevin-Dusty teal-toned sage creen cream. Also hits a 5 on the opacity scale.
Skylar-Dusty steel blue with gold/silver flecks. Hits a 5 on the opacity scale.
Tru-Reddish-grape with colour-shift shimmer (gold, orange, red). Hits a 5 on the opacity scale.
Lotus-Dusty blurple with colour-shift shimmer (pink, red, gold). Also a 5 on opacity.

The other thing: Fleck Effect glazes-also known as Mylar. Yes, Zoya is doing the flakies-although I have to say one thing: better late than never. These are all very sheer-but that’s the point: to use these as a topper, as opposed to on their own. The three colours are:
Maisie-Sheer blue with blue-green flakes
Chloe-Sheer warm pink with tarnished gold-blue and red-orange flakes
Opal-Sheer apple green with green-blue flakes

Because the promo for the polishes ends on the 9nd (Monday, these will be available for order on the 10th. I’m excited to see them at ULTA!

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