Here is a glossary of many of the basic, and some of the not-so-basic, MAC offerings. Enjoy:) This is not a complete list, however I will be adding to it as I go.

Beauty Powder: A low-shimmer face powder. The Beauty Powders come in various shades, and the best way to use them is to use a buffer brush to buff them all over the face, to give a little bit of shimmer as well as a hint of colour. Another use is to use them as a blush; which is a good option for people scared of colour on their cheeks.

Beauty Powder (loose): An ultra-shimmery loose powder meant to be used for highlighting the face. It is way more glittery than the Iridescent powder, so it’s best used in extreme moderation. It can also be good all-over mixed with a body lotion, to give the skin an ultra-shimmery appearance.

Beauty Powder Blush: A pearl-laced powder blush. The Beauty Powder blushes are going to be a bit sheerer in many cases, and more easily blendable, than your typical blush.

Blush: Your basic cheek colour. There are several different finishes and a wide variety of colours, with many more in the PRO line.

Blushcreme: Blush, but in a creme form. This is really good if you are tending to go a bit more neutral, as it is supposed to give a flushed look. Not very many have come out lately, but the best one was a LE one from 2006-I’m talking about Lune (although Maidenchant was good, too).

Beauty Powder: There are two forms of this-loose and pressed. Many limited edition collections have a pressed beauty powder, and it’s for highlighting or putting a wash of colour on the skin without the harshness of a blush. The loose one is very shimmery and is definitely for accentuating and highlighting…it’s a product to give the “candlelit glow” as I see it.

Blush Ombre: A slightly oversized blusher (50% more product than a Powder Blush) with two shades that fade into one another, for a gradiented look in the pan.

Brow Finisher: A stick-form brow waxed, designed to quickly get the brows into place.

Brow Set: A mascara for brows! The easiest way to get brows looking perfect.

Brow Shader: A compact with a brow shade and then a highlight shade for under the brow.

Bronze Body Oil: A pump-form tinted body oil with shimmer, designed to luminize and give the body a radiant look.

Brush Set: A set of four or five short-handled brushes that is released twice during the year: for the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and for the Christmas gift-shopping time. The holiday sets are broken into three parts-basic brushes (so a face brush or two, two eye brushes, and potentially a lip brush), face brushes, and eye brushes. The quality of these are significantly lower than that of the full-sized, as they are machine-made and sometimes do use lesser-quality materials. However, for somebody who is just starting out, $49.50 for four or five brushes is a good deal. There occasionally have been some with full-size brushes, but that is a lot more rare.

Cheekhue: A blush that comes in the same sort of tube as the paints. It is a discontinued product form, and I would have to say that it would be thicker than a Glimmershimmer, but thinner than a Blushcreme in consistency.

Cheek Jelly: A gel-form cheek tint that appeared in 2001’s Cusine collection, designed to give the cheek a sheer hint of colour.

China Marker: A kohl eyeliner in a short plastic casing, but thick design. It was used in a lot of collections in the early 2000’s but has not been seen in many years.

Chromacake: Body paint, in a cake form. It can be used dry or wet, and sheered down or built up. It’s especially good for face-painting and body painting.

Chromaline: A mixture between Chromacakes and Fluidlines, this is a very high-pigment gel that is meant to be used for body painting or for detailed face (not around the eye) work.

Colouring Stick: A cream-form blush in a stick, that appeared in the 2001 Heat collection.

Couture: This refers to the MAC Store-exclusive collections that launch in late November every year that typically contain special lipsticks, lipglasses, a perfume, a handbag, and then typically a few other products, including Sheerspark powders, Sheer Mystery powders, and a brush or two. The price point is higher than the regular collections, however this is MAC’s attempt at doing a true high-end product.

Cream Bronzer: A product similar to the Cremeblends, but only this time in bronzing form.

Cream Colour Base (CCB): This product is avoided by many people, or at least overlooked-but it shouldn’t be. It can actually be one of the best things to have on hand if you are trying to not have a ton of products, because it is all-over colour. The Ungaro collection featured two CCB’s, meant for lips or cheeks. There are some other ones that are good for all over-I love Luna, Shell, and Pearl. They make an amazing eyeshadow base as well too, because they aren’t so tacky that you ruin your brushes, but at the same time they grab the colour.

Cremeblend Blush: A poured creme blush designed to give a dewy glow to the cheeks along with colour, which also can work as a lip tint.

Cremeliner: A pot-form cream eyeliner, also a PRO product.

Cremestick Liner: A creamy lipliner pencil in a mechanical form, so no sharpening required. The texture is creamier than that of the lip pencils.

Crush Metal Pigment: A set of four stacking jars, each with their own colour of creamy, metallic pigments.

Dazzleglass: A lipgloss with more glitter suspended in it. While the tinted Lipglasses are about the colour, these are about colour but also moreso about the glitter. They add a considerable amount of shine to lips that definitely lasts and lasts.

Dazzleglass Creme: A lipglass with high-level pearl and shimmer along with a creamy, pigmented base colour.

Eyeshadow: Your basic eyeshadow, in a variety of finishes and colours. There are over a hundred different permanent varieties, and most all of the limited edition collections will feature eyeshadows.

Eyeshadow Suite: A slide-out package duo of two eyeshadow shades-the larger pans containing a light shade and the smaller a complimentary darker shade.

Eye Brows: A pencil-based brow definer. The main purpose of this is to fill in the brows, as opposed to grooming.

Eye Kohl: A kohl-based eyeliner in a variety of colours and finishes.

Eye Pencil: Your basic pencil-based eyeliner. There are a lot more PRO shades available, including even a yellow.

Face & Body Foundation: A water-form foundation designed for natural-looking, sheer coverage for both face and body, and a foundation that is supposedly amazing for photography and editorial work.

Fluidline: A gel eyeliner in a little pot. I like using the 209 or 210 with it, so that I can get a nice fine line. They are nice on their own, however some of the shades are really good to use as bases for a shadow colour, and it makes the shadow look neater.

Glimmerglass: A sheer, pearl-infused lightweight lipgloss.

Glimmershimmer: A liquid-cream form blush in a little pump bottle. These are definitely a lot more shimmery, and can be sheered down quite nicely if you just want colour and then a little bit of shimmer.

Glitter: Little jars that carry loose glitter. While it’s not an essential product most of the time, it is something that is good to have for costumes and special occasions, or to add to an existing product. The fact that it is a jar of loose glitter is why they are more often than not sold as a Pro-only product (a few collections recently have had some-notably Heatherette and the upcoming Metal Urge), as they are NOT meant to be used on the eyes.

Glitter Eyeliner: A liquid eyeliner with glitter suspended in the mix. With one coat, it gives a sheer line, however it is very easily buildable. Most glitter liners have a clear base and then coloured glitters.

Glitz Gloss: A glittery lip gloss sold in a shallow pot of sorts.

Gloss: This is an all-over gloss for the face that can be used to shine the face. It is mainly meant for the lips but can also be used on the cheeks to help give the skin a dewy complexion. It is a PRO product however it does turn up in the occasional LE collection.

Greasepaint Stick: A chubby, mechanical-pencil form eye crayon with a slight sheen and shimmer, designed to give the eye an easily smokey look.

Hyperreal: A pearlized liquid foundation with SPF 15, designed to help make the skin look luminous and healthier.

Impeccable Brow Pencil: A creamier, easier to work with option for filling in the brows, with a matte finish.

Iridescent Powder: There are two forms of this-loose and pressed. The loose form has two shades-a silver and a gold-and it’s your basic shimmery finishing powder. Perfect for special events, or a little bit over blush or bronzer to bring even more pop to the face. The pressed version can be used in lieu of a blush sometimes. It is a very glittery pressed powder, so it is best NOT to be buffed onto the face with a 181, rather to use a regular blush brush.

Just A Pinch: A pot-form gel blush designed to give the cheeks a “just-pinched” flush with sheer buildable coverage.

Kohl Power: A kohl-based eye pencil designed to give the richest colour possible. Feline is a very popular colour, as it is a true black-black.

Lac Lustre: A creamy, velvety opague lipgloss with a demi-matte and rich finish.

Lacquer: A high-shine liquid lipstick, meant to literally lacquer the lips with opague colour and shine.

Lip Erase: A PRO product, this is a lip balm that helps to neutralize the natural colour of the lip and remove colour, for brighter lipstick application.

Lipgelee: A squeeze-tube form lipgloss that is supposed to add shine, a bit of colour, and then condition the lips.

Lipglass: There are two forms of this. The first form is the tinted lipglass, and it comes in a variety of colours and finishes. There is a decent permanent selection, but most every limited edition collection does come with a handful of these. The other form is the clear, which comes in a squeeze tube, and is very popular with numerous celebs.

Lipglass Pencil: A sheer, glossy lip pencil, meant to be used when using a Lipglass alone.

Lipglass Stain: A squeeze-tube tinted Lipglass, designed to give buildable shine to the lips.

Lipglass Tasti: A squeeze-tube, flavoured Lipglass.

Lipmix: A tube-form gloss for lips. It is usually a PRO product, however it is occasionally available online for more costume-y looks, such as trend reports and Halloween. It’s called Lipmix, as it is designed to be mixed with other colours to create your own new one.

Lip Varnish: A richly-coloured, extremely high-shine liquid lip colour.

Liquid Eyeliner: A liquid-form eyeliner sold in a cone-shaped package, with a little applicator in the cap. It’s an easy way to get a super-dark line that stays put, and is a lot easier to use over shadows than doing a powderliner.

Liquidlast: A liquid eyeliner, in a little tube. There is a wide range of colours, and you can apply with your 210, however the brush in there is very fine-tipped. It is named Liquidlast for a reason, as it can last on my hand for a day or two even with frequent hand-washings and scrubbings.

Look Box: A concept for the 2009 Nordstrom collection “Graphic Garden”, these are designed to give you everything that you need in order to create a nice, workable look. With a picture of the look on the front, you get two eyeshadows, a lip product, a powder (either Iridescent Pressed, Bronzer, or Beauty Powder), a mini Zoom Lash, and then an SE brush. Not only are they nice to give as gifts (get some Christmas shopping done now, perhaps?), but they’re good for somebody who wants to try the brand for the first time.

Lustre Drops: A sheer liquid luminzer for the face that launched with the Style Warriors collection. It’s a little bottle of highly pigmented drops that can be used on the high planes of the face for a highlight, or mixed with a moisturizer to give an all-over effect.

Lustreglass: A thinner, sheerer version of Lipglass, albeit with more pearl.

Mattene: A slimline-form matte lipstick that is supposedly a lot creamier than your typical matte. There are rumours that it may become permanent eventually, at least from what I heard.

Metal-X: A powdery cream-form eyeshadow.

Mineralize: A line that carries MAC’s mineral product range.

Mineralize Blush: A baked shimmery mineral blush that in the mono form, is a more pigmented version of the Skinfinishes (as well as having more colour in general), and in the duo form, has half of a mono and half a sheerer shimmer.

Mineralize Eyeshadow: A baked eyeshadow of one, two, or three different colours, with veining to complement the shadow colours. While many of the shadows are poorly pigmented or have fallout problems, they do make good highlight options, and the colour and finish can be very shimmery. A good example would be Sea & Sky MES duo, a rich royal blue.

Mineralize Satinfinish: A liquid-form foundation with Mineralize elements, designed for normal-to-dry skin and to give low to medium coverage and a bit of sheen, to boot.

Mineralize Sheersheen: A mineral-based loose highlight powder. These powders are less of a shimmer (like the Beauty Powders) and are designed to give the skin more of a sheen. They do tend to run dark, however they also make a very nice everyday highlight.

Mineralize Skinfinish: There are two versions of this. The first version is called MSFN, or Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, and it’s used either as a foundation itself or to go overtop, to give the skin a finished look. It is a baked mineral powder, but without the shimmer. Then there are the Skinfinishes themselves, which can be used as a highlight, a full-body shimmer, or a blush/bronzer. These ones are almost always limited edition, and they feature very intricate veining. No two Skinfinishes are the same.

Mixing Medium: There are several different types of this product, and it basically allows you to mix pigments and glitters into a form that is easier to work with. If you plan to use pigment as shadow, the water-based one is a good one to have. There’s also an eyeliner mixing medium, a lash mixing medium (mix your own mascara? HELL YEAH!), and then some mixing mediums that are meant for more of the body painting. I don’t own any yet, but people swear by this product.

Paint: A tube containing paint that is meant to be used as eyeshadow. It can be applied either with the fingers, or with a 252 or 242 brush. While you can wear it as is, it is mainly used as a shadow base.

Paint Pot: Paint, but in a handy pot form. You don’t have to deal with the scratchy metal tube, although it will dry up faster.

Paint Stick: Stick-form paint for face and body. It can be used very much like how Chromacakes are used.

Pearlglide: An eyeliner with fine multicoloured glitter, released with the Suite Array collection.

Pearlizer: A pearly-shimmer facial highlight powder.

Pearlmatte Eyeshadow: A trio of eyeshadow shades in both matte and slightly pearlescent finishes, designed to give a soft, highlighted look.

Pearlmatte Face Powder: Like the eyeshadow, a mixture of both pearlized and matte-finish powders in one compact, designed for a slightly luminous look on.

Pencil: A brightly-coloured makeup art pencil, to be used away from the eyes. This is a PRO product and is meant to be used for elaborate facial work (away from the eyes) as well as in body painting.

Penultimate Brow Marker: A pen-style liquid brow definer, to easily fill in and give a natural look to sparse brows.

Penultimate Eyeliner: A liquid eyeliner in a pen form, for ease of use and accuracy.

Petit Gloss: A pot-form lip gloss with a contrasting coloured gloss design on top-when in package, the Petit Gloss looks like a dessert.

Pigment: These little jars contain colour pigment powder. To the casual makeup user, it may seem to be either useless, a ripoff (at about $20 for a jar), or both. But to the MAC fan, these are amazing and absolutely essential. They can be used as eyeshadow (I use some of them for accents and crease colours), eyeliner, blush, you name it. There is a small range of shades available at the freestanding MAC stores, however the PRO stores carry a lot more, including metal pigments (necessary for some types of editorial work), mattes and primary colours (amazing for theatre makeup…I believe Landscape Green or Emerald Green was used for Wicked), and neons…shades that the average makeup consumer, or even MAC fan, would not have use for. I like to mix a few shades with a lipgloss to create my own colour-and some people even use it with hair products or with nail polish. The sky is the limit when it comes to pigment. Unfortunately, in early 2010 MAC downsized the pigment jars to under $5 grams, while still keeping the same price-a move that has lost MAC a lot of customers.

Plushglass: Conditioning, plumping lipglass.

Powerpoint: A waterproof, long-lasting eye pencil formula.

Prep & Prime: Products designed to prime the face for makeup application. There are four main ones-a lip, a face primer, a lash, and then an eye primer.

PRO: This refers to the MAC Pro line and program. MAC was originally developed for and by professionals, and staying true to that there are many products that are intended to be used by the professional-Paint Sticks, Chromacakes, many shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, CCB, blush, and then things like airbrush makeup and special tools that the average consumer would find no use for. Anybody can go to a PRO store and buy the products-but the MAC Pro program is for the professionals in the industry and it allows them discounts, opportunities to take special classes, and so forth.

Pro Longwear: A dual-ended longwear lip colour-a liquid lipstick on one end, and a gloss on the other. July of 08 brought the Lustre Twins, which were a Pro Longwear colour on one end, and then a coloured gloss top coat on the other end.

Pro Longwear Lipstain: A felt pen-type lipstain marker for lips.

Richmetal Highlighter: A cream-to-powder all-over face highlighter (not lips though) that is quite metallic.

See-Thru Cheek Colour: A sheer gel-based cheekstain that dispenses through a sponge-top applicator. It is supposedly waterproof, but I don’t know about blendability.

See-Thru Lip Colour: A lipstain of sorts.

Select SPF 15: A liquid-form, non-oily foundation that dries down to a matte finish.

Set Powder: A loose powder that is designed to set makeup. This is a PRO product and there are several different shades to enhance complexions or balance colours, as well as the highly popular Invisible Set powder.

SE: Special Edition. This typically refers to brushes, as an SE brush will be machine-made for a particular collection (ie: a brush in a palette, the 181SE in the Look Box, and all the brushes in the holiday brush sets) in order to increase the value. However, more often than not, an SE brush is of a lower quality. For example, if you have a regular 181, feeling the 181SE will be a huge change. The exception to this rule is for certain collections that have had brushes, such as the Icon collections and the Couture collections. They are the same as the full-sized regular brushes, but with different details.

SH: Short Handled. The only brush that is sold in SH form is the 129, and it comes with a travel bag to protect it. (How cute) They are the same quality as the regular brushes, but in a convenient smaller handle, perfect for personal use.

Shadebender: A pot-form lip treatment designed to visibly alter the natural lip colour. This seems different from Lip Erase, in that this is designed for colour, while Lip Erase just neutralizes.

Shadestick: Cream shadow in stick form. It is very convenient not just in the space-saving sense, but also there were some brighter colours so they are very popular as a shadow base.

Sheer Colour Extract: A squeeze-tube form sheer eyeshadow that came out with the Pool Party collection-meant to be a quick way to get some colour without a ton of muss or fuss.

Sheer Shimmer Powder: I would venture to say that this is a powder that is just shimmer, without a ton of additional colour, which would be good for all-over highlighting or use on the body.

Sheerspark Powder: A couture shimmer highlight powder. It can be used as a blush, but it is meant to be a highlight. I would think that it’s like the loose Beauty Powders, but pressed, and with more colour in some cases.

Skinsheen: A gel-mousse leg bronzer designed to be buffed onto the legs to give a bronzed, perfected appearance.

Slimshine: A glossy lipstick in slimline form. It is very comparable to a Lustre or a glaze in finish, however I tend to get a bit more colour while at the same time getting a very nice semi-gloss texture.

Softsparkle Pencil: A richly-pigmented sparkle eye pencil.

Solar Bits: A jar of ultra-shimmery pigment clusters-a bit more wet than the normal pigments, so a little goes a very long way. Due to the glitter, it’s recommended that you use a very tacky eyeshadow base, like Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Studio Fix Fluid: A medium-coverage liquid foundation with elements that give a sort of soft-focus look (making it amazing for photographic work) as well as buildable coverage, so you can go for just evening stuff out or for making a caked look.

Studio Fix Lash: A long-lasting, rich mascara that applies with a spikey brush, for a separated, clump-free, defined look.

Studio Fix Powder Plus: A foundation and powder in one, this compact allows you to get 8-hour coverage with a breeze.

Studio Mist Foundation: A spray-form foundation, used by spraying onto a hand or palette, and then using a sponge or brush to apply to the face-giving sheer to medium coverage. Most of the shades are more bronze-y, so this is a definite summer product.

Studio Mist Blush: A spray-form blush, used by spraying onto the hand or a palette, then using your brush of choice to apply to the cheeks.

Studio Moisture Tint: An SPF 15 tinted moisturizer.

Studio Sculpt: A medium-coverage gel-form foundation with SPF 15, this is great for older skin as the gel sits on top of the skin, rather than sinking in.

Studio Stick: An SPF 15 stick-form foundation, designed for medium coverage.

Studio-Tech: A cream-to-powder matte-finish compact foundation.

Superglass: An ultra-sticky lipglass with three sizes of shimmer particles to make your lips a gritty mess bling up your lips.

Technakohl: An eye pencil formula in a retractable design, so it is easy to tote around, and you don’t have to worry about sharpening!

Tendertone: A tinted pot-form lip balm-it has enough colour to be used on its own during the summer, and it does have SPF.

Tinted Lip Conditioner: A colour-rich lip balm of sorts. It has a bit of glossiness to it, but at the same time it has numerous conditioning ingredients to really help keep lips soft (important with lipsticks). It is pretty similar to the Tendertone, and it can be worn over lipstick.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator: A sugar-based face scrub formulated with volcanic ash to easily lift debris out of pores and refresh the skin.

Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask: A facial mask that heats when activated with water, with volcanic ash to deeply cleanse and natural oils to lubricate and soften the skin.

Viva Glam: Products designed as a fundraiser for the MAC AIDS fund. There have been 6 lipsticks released, as well as holiday palettes and LE lipglasses to coordinate. Every cent of the selling price from these does go to the MAC AIDS fund, and last year MAC celebrated over $100 million raised. Just from lipsticks and such!

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