Shop MAC: 9 Feb 2012

8 February, 2012

Here’s the second part of the big spring launch-Shop MAC. Like Cook MAC, there’s one thing that I’m super stoked about in this. We’re talking the repromotes of Optimistic Orange and Florida-the Cremeblend blushes! I love Florida, it’s a great blusher and I missed out on Optimistic Orange. That won’t be happening again though; I will have this.

They’re joined by Restores Dazzle, a pinky-plum that’s definitely a lot more universal. Be warned: Florida is BRIGHT, and a little goes a long way. It also is best to be applied under foundation or any powders. Otherwise, though-it’s amazing. Come to think of it, I need a second one…

The linchpin of this collection seems to be the trio of eyeshadow quads. I haven’t bought one since Rose is a Rose-although I still have my mum’s In The Gallery quad. (Notably, I haven’t used it in a long time. Maybe sneak it back to her? Nah) I really wish these were available as solo shades though, because I’m not paying $38 for just the Colour Added or Power Boosted shadows. Stick those in a quad with Pre-Packaged and Fresh Daisy, and then we’d be talkin’.

Call Me Bubbles quad: Call Me Bubbles (whiteish tan/satin), Fresh Daisy (orange/frost), Full of Flavour (pinky-coral/matte), Brash (frosty red-tone copper/Veluxe Pearl)

Shop & Drop quad: Sugar Snack (pale pink/matte), Hypnotizing (greyish mauve/frost), Power Boosted (violet/Veluxe Pearl), Shop & Drop (deep blue/satin)

Colour Added quad: Laundry Daze (pale yellow/satin), Colour Added (bright yellow/Veluxe Pearl), Pre-Packaged (dark turquoise/Veluxe Pearl), Self-Serve (deep grey/satin)

As far as the lipsticks go, all of them but Runaway Red are “coming soon” on the site, and none of them have the finishes up! So annoying…and worse yet, it seems like “usual suspects” colour-wise. Maybe when I see them in person, it will change. Who knows.

Innocence, Beware-Yellow pink (definitely a repromote, I think from Venomous Villains?)
Watch Me Simmer-Pinky coral
Naughty Saute-Milky blue pink
Quick Sizzle-Dark bright pink
Dish It Up-Plummy berry pink
Runaway Red-Neutral red (another repromote)

Finally, there’s Kissable Lipcolour, making their return from Peacocky.

Enchantee-Pale blue pink
Woo Me-Pale pinky nude
So Vain-Muted neutral coral
Scan-Delicious-Blue-toned fuschia
Flaunting It-Greyish mauve

This is the one where I will have to see it in person before I make any judgement calls. I may get Quick Sizzle if it turns out to be nice, but the shadow quads are a case of the whole product not being as good for my use. Still getting Optimistic Orange, though.

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