Cook MAC: 9 Feb 2012

8 February, 2012

So this is up online-but a lot of the products are listed as “coming soon”. Odd…

Anyways, this is the big spring launch, and I have to say, I like it! I’ve heard inklings of controversy (promoting antiquated gender roles, stereotyping), but honestly, it’s very much a collection of on-trend colours and fashion will always have an aspect of kitsch as well as a tongue-in-cheek attitude. You just gotta poke fun at stuff sometimes!

This is the first one, and I’m doing it opposite of normal. Normally, I’d do the cosmetics first, but I wanted to do the other stuff for one reason: the nail polishes: See, my company has a super-exclusive line that I adore. Well…they are getting a bunch of garments IN THE COLOURS of the polishes. Orange coat, teal/orange skirt, lime green dress…all of which I need in my life. The polishes are $16 (eep!), so getting all three is definitely NOT going to happen. However, Al Fredo (bright acid green) will be MINE. I have a lot similar to Kid Orange already, and as for Salad Dressing? I may have to skip something else to get it. I honestly don’t have a lot of aquas, and it’s really interesting as it is on the darker side. Choices, choices…

Tendertones are back, which used to be a more regular thing and it’s actually a shocker that they aren’t coming later, but hey, I guess it is good to have them now as people are getting outside more! All four shades are repromotes, I believe…

Tread Gently-Pale yellow-green with yellow pearl
Purring-Sheer orange with pearl
Hush, Hush-Sheer gold with pearl
Hot & Saucy-Sheer red (and it’s already sold out…so act fast on this, kids)

There are three Fluidlines in this bunch-all new, too.

Wholesome-Blackened brown
Added Goodness-Blackened mauve (emphasis on blackened)
Midnight Snack-Soft black

There’s also Opulash, two shades of Studio Careblend pressed powder, and the 211 brush as well as a 129 SH. All sorts of interesting things, and I will need to get myself Al Fredo ASAP. I’ll hopefully have the Shop MAC portion of this up in the morning-if I have time before heading off to the plant.

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