This is a start, but I’m hoping to have swatches of all my eye stuff-MAC, at least! All swatches are done with a MAC 231 brush, and unless noted, over no base. Over time I will be adding swatches of other things, like eyeliners and so forth, and more brands than just MAC.


Bright Future, Bright Sunshine, Aquavert, Aquadisiac, Cool Heat, Moon’s Reflection


Stars ‘n Rockets, Beautiful Iris, Sunset B.,  Angelcake, Pink Freeze, In Living Pink, Evening Aura, Star Violet


Sushi Flower, Rose Blanc, Crystal Avalanche, Solar White, Claire de Lune, Goldmine, Amber Lights


Pagan, Plum Dressing, Juiced, Creme de Violet

No base

No base


Over Shell CCB

Over Shell CCB

Engaging, Play on Plums, Fresh Green Mix, Sea & Sky


Eyes on Manish: Nylon, Going Bananas, Bitter, Playful, Electric Eel, Deep Truth


Gem Eyes: Seedy Pearl, Crystal, Shale, Trax, Beauty Marked, Parfait Amour


Heatherette Trio 1: Hoppin’, Mood Ring, Cloudburst


Rose is a Rose Quad: Seeds of Love, Petal Worship, Contrast (Solar White was already posted)


In The Gallery Quad: Lightfall, Look At The Eyes, In The Gallery, Private Viewing


Stila Barbie Palette


Stila Barbie Smudgepots: Cobalt Clutch, Purple Pumps, Little Black Dress


Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Quad # 6


Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners (all liners permanent as of fall 2009)


Top: Stash, Rockstar, Ransom, Lust, Deviant, Covet, Graffiti, Flipside, Electric
Bottom: Honey, Underground, Baked, Lucky, 1999, Bourbon, Gunmetal, Dime, Yeyo, Zero

Too Faced Starry Liners


Stalkerazzi, Silver Lining, Drunk Dial, Super Freak, Restraining Order, Mad, Mad Love, Ooh & Aah, Obsessed Fan

Too Faced Metal Liners


Brown Sugar, Get Lucky, Shotgun, Dirt Bag, Handcuffs, Twilight, Plum Crazy, Blackout

One Response to “Eye Swatches (Updated 8 Sep 09)”

  1. Anglebaby Says:

    I enjoy using the Eye Swatches ,and I wish to use it ,do it myself.

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