Another VS Sale Haul

17 January, 2011

…and just above $40, with tax, for all of it!

Yes, with the sale winding down, more and more stuff goes on sale, and I definitely was able to reap the rewards of it. Here’s what I got:

Wish Pink and Hope Pink EDTs
Very Sexy Now EDT (the leopard one)
Girls Night Out gift set
Secret Charm gift set
Secret Charm shimmer lotion

The EDTs have the cutest packaging ever-as a packaging junkie, I have to say I love them to death! They’re definitely display-worthy, as I have my entire windowsill lined with perfumes. The VS Now is a really good one that I love for the frangipani and the orchid, but it’s quite fruity as well. Very tropical-I’m a huge fan. I used quite a bit yesterday at work, in fact.

The two gift sets are nice, as I am planning on traveling and I gave away a lot of my BBW stuff (and plan to give away/use even more). I had already used a full travel thing of the Girls Night Out (a peony/waterlily blend), so this is a good way to keep it on hand. And Secret Charm is a very light blend of honeysuckle and apple. The shimmer lotion, however, disappointed me greatly, as instead of a nice, even shimmer I got a gritty shimmer that I could feel. It felt more like a sugar scrub, to be honest.

Who knows, I may do one more haul to try and get a bottle of Heavenly Stardust. Maybe a second bottle of Dream Angels Wish, and some lotion too (I’m in love with that fragrance, I got the 4 ounce bottle and have put a dent in it already). There is one interesting piece of news, though: Halo is back permanently, or so it seems. It was on the shelves right next to Heavenly and Divine, so yeah. Good times.


VS “Wish Pink” Review

17 January, 2011

As part of my most recent haul at the VS sale, I picked up a bottle of this. Figured that for around $7.50, it wouldn’t be a bad one to own, and plus I really liked the bottle. I get it home? It is very similar to a lot that I already have, but I still love it. In fact, the main notes (peony and vanilla) were in one of the PINK bodycare fragrances that I picked up at the previous Half-Yearly sale. Still though, you can’t beat it.

The perfume (EDT) is 1.7 ounces, but the packaging is really interesting: it’s a heart shape with the sprayer at the bottom, and the cap is the base for it. There’s a funky peace sign on the bottle, too, but the look alone makes it stand out amongst my collection. I’m considering getting the peach/tiare flower one and dumping the fragrance (I can’t do peach) just so I have the funky bottle.

The perfume itself, though, is very similar as I said before to a lot that I already have. That one other PINK one, Warm Vanilla Sugar from BBW, and even the Cashmere Parfums Intimes one that I got last time-all of them are similar to this. It is a very non-offensive fragrance, though, that would be designed to appeal to the younger audiences that tend to lap up PINK as a whole, and the price point seems to reflect that.

All in all, it’s a nice one to have for just at home, but it’s nothing really spectacular or out of the ordinary. Very comfortable, though-so it’s definitely a pajama fragrance for me.

After looking at this and avoiding, and avoiding, and avoiding some more, I finally bit the bullet and picked up one of the two remaining bottles on the 75% off section. I’m not as keen on many of the Dream Angels originals, but when I looked and saw freesia and tiare flower as two of the notes, I was sold.

Packaging first-it’s the same ol’ classic Dream Angels bottle, but with a bit of a green hue. (It could be the perfume though-I know Desire has a purpleish hue) It’s nothing out-there, but that’s what I love about it-it’s very subtle, very classy. It comes in a basic cardboard/paper box, so again, nothing too special.

The fragrance itself, though-put it this way: it’s the closest thing that VS has to a classic fragrance, in that it’s something that only comes back at the Half-Yearly sales and people stock up like crazy on. It’s a very warm floral, but not overly tropical-it’s one that can work any time of the year. In addition to the freesia and peony, it also has fig, sandalwood, orchid, and vanilla. Explains the warm part, I guess:)

Lasting power is quite good-better than Desire, I found.

My verdict? Spray this on like you would normally. Wait awhile, then see how you like it. I hated it when smelling it in some forms (the fig, as I hate fig) but after trying it like a normal perfume, I liked it.

Amazing what hunting the clearances can get you, eh? For just under $25, I was able to not only get the EDP, but the lotion and Angel Mist in this one. Could have gotten the solid perfume bracelet but it wasn’t really my taste.

Anywhoo, this was, if I recall correctly, the spring 2010 edition of Heavenly. My all-time favourite version of Heavenly will be Heavenly Kiss, but this is awesome for one main reason: peony.

Before we get into that, let’s talk the non-fragrance related deets. The EDP bottle is the same shape as the other Heavenly editions, with a light pink to rose ombre, gold on the metal details, and then a yellow flower cap. The Angel Mist has a wrap with some flowers on it, and a yellowish gold cap. The lotion is a squeeze-tube style, a more conventional body cream style packaging.

The box for the EDP is a clear plastic with flowers all over it. It’s pretty but at the same time, I hate that sort of plastic. It always feels rather cheap to me.

Now fragrance time! It features peony, sparkling pear, and apricot flower, but aside from that we don’t know what else. We have to assume that there are more floral notes, though. The lasting power is decent, and it’s not overwhelmingly light, even in the Angel Mist. This is one where I definitely suggest layering, if for no other reason than to get everything JUST right.

Is it really remarkable? Not to me. It’s not too ordinary either, so I definitely say that this is worth a look. The Angel Mist form would actually be a good summer fragrance in my opinion-it’s light, it goes on light, and it’s pretty.

Very rarely does a yet-to-launch or newly-launched fragrance give me a “Gotta Have It Now!” feeling-but when the VS Chiffon launched, I had it. If you combine two of my favourite floral notes into one fragrance, then it’s bound to be amazing. Heck, I typically like ANYTHING with peony or freesia, although I didn’t like the Very Sexy one that had freesia. I dunno, it was just too…not me.

And after enough dilly-dallying, because I never pay full price for fragrance (I have three times, but never again), I picked up the little spray, just to try it, and also to have something to keep in my purse. I also mainly did it cause I was cheap, to hold out on getting the perfume-but as soon as it went 50% off, I got it, and it’s not something I regret: it’s the perfect girly-girl fragrance.

Let’s start off with the basics: $45 for 1.7 ounces. Not bad by any stretch. The outer packaging is not the fabric-covered box that the originals came in, rather it’s a pink round cylindrical cardboard box with a flower print on it that still could be used as a catchall, although it’s not the luxury of the original PI fragrances. The bottle itself is a frosted ombre, fading from pale pink to a rose pink at the bottom, with a white frosted cap, and around the neck of the bottle is a lovely chiffon flower embellishment with a little rhinestone stickpin. Admittedly, I love the stickpin because it means I could make the flower embellishment into a brooch. Read the rest of this entry »

When the Parfums Intimes came out, I wasn’t as keen on them. Sure, they seemed nice, and I liked the concept. But the fragrances-none of them really caught my fancy as being “must-tries”. Fast-forward to yesterday, and I found this one sitting in a 75% off bin. For that price-$11.25-I can’t exactly pass it up, so it came home with me. Boy, am I glad that I did!

The concept of the Parfums Intimes is to create fragrances inspired by some of the sexiest fabrics out there-the original four were Cashmere, Lace (orange flower), Silk (mandarin santal), and Satin (rose de mai). (There have also been Velvet, a Blackberry Amber; and Chiffon, a Peony Freesia; in the mix). This one-Cashmere-is a mix of vanilla, jasmine, and woodsy notes. This is definitely what I think of when I think of cashmere, while still maintaining a luxe feel. If they had added some shea butter notes, I feel that it would have cheapened the fragrance, not made it better. But that’s just me.

Packaging-wise, I love it. The bottle itself is a short, square bottle with no real ornamentation or anything, save for a ribbon around the neck of the bottle. It’s very sleek yet understated. It came in a little bag, which drives home the cashmere to me, and then inside of a lovely box. This ain’t your typical cardboard-it’s a thick box that is hinged, with a little button-and-loop closure making for a nice little trinket box. Again, very unadorned, very sleek. To me, these embodify the change in direction that the company started taking in early 2008: to combat falling sales, as well as the exodus of many longtime clients, they went from “sexy” to “sensual” with enough Starlet Panties to outfit the population of a small country as well as adding more glamour into the everyday. Sure, there still is the “sexy” but it’s not as risque-you aren’t two steps away from being an adult novelty store. Recently, there have been launches of the Miraculous bra (add two cup sizes with enough padding for a kids’ superhero costume) and other things, but it’s toned down from what it used to be. These embodify that, because the fabrics they are based on are more sensual. They’re meant to be savoured, as each of them embodifies a different type of sexy.

Let’s get to the scent, though: I love it. It’s hard to find a really good sort of sexy, sultry fragrance that doesn’t have amber or patchouli AND that I like. It is almost like a sandalwood vanilla, but the jasmine sweetens it. It also is a lot different from the Jasmine Vanilla that was an aromatherapy fragrance when I worked at BBW, in that there’s more vanilla, there are the woody notes, and it is just sweet, as opposed to being something that some podunk place would blend for you.

Lasting power is great on this, at least in the EDP. I didn’t try the mist out yet, but I still love it. The drydown is a little too light, though, so I respray every few hours or so. It’s definitely great to spray on for a date or other romantic evening, but it’s also workable as a daily sort of fragrance.

Long story short: This is a must for anyone who is a vanilla-lover.

I forgot to do this the last few times out…but I got some good stuff! This weekend, the shopping center that I work at has been having a big sidewalk sale. Very few places are totally skipping it-for some, it’s as small as just putting a table out with existing sale items. Other places, they get transfers just for the sale, such as a drugstore that gets tons of seasonal merch. We just started our sale, and we put about 10 racks outside of various pieces. VS also had a table with some of the 6/$20 bodycare-and they don’t typically take part in any of the mall events.

Speaking of which, I hit there really good, since the lingerie shop that has my size had no good bras on sale:( But it freed up some cash to spend, and I got:
Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine EDP
Chiffon Peony Freesia EDP
Heavenly Flowers Angel Mist
Heavenly Flowers lotion
A Beauty Rush gloss
A Beauty Rush cassette gloss palette
A mini Acai Berry/Magnolia shower gel
A yellow “LOVE PINK” V-neck tee
Appletini shampoo

Total for all of that, with tax, was $72. The glosses are for the girls at church-gotta stock up on things for them, after all! I am loving the perfumes-anything peony appeals to me, and two of the three fragrances have that. If I am really good, I am going to go back for the jumbo-size of Dream Angels Wish, which I have loved ever since it came out. I will eventually get around to doing separate reviews for the two of the Parfums Intimes that I bought-let’s just say that they are worth the money and then some.

Then it was the usual bunch of stuff at my store, and I got:
4 pairs of underwear
A cropped blazer with beaded button
A black lace-top dress with ruffle bottom
A purple sleeveless ruffled dress, almost a flapper dress
A new purse
2 reusable shoppers
Black linen shorts
A houndstooth T-shirt dress
A black skirt

I am loving the purse-it’s almost like a messenger bag, with two front pockets, two inside pockets, and all in a lovely faux leather. The shorts are awesome as well-I love a nice longer short, it makes me feel more put-together. Sure, it may age me, but they’re a great cut. The purple dress is awesome, with a fedora it’s very much a mafia girl sort of look. Read the rest of this entry »