Black Friday Hauling

25 November, 2011

This year, I kept my hauling at a minimum. I’m running on smaller-than-normal checks, and also I don’t need to be buying a ton of things on the sales. But I still was able to make my money work for me in a very good fashion-and get a few things I actually needed!

First up was the Fred Meyer sock sale-and I limited myself to a single pair of slipper socks (which are so cozy on my feet right now), a two-pack of knee-high fuzzy socks, and then a pair of metallic tights. Total damage? Around $16 with tax. I could have bought way more, but I don’t need to. I almost got the faux fur legwarmers, but it’s a little too Jersey Shore for me. On the socks, though-many of my old sleep socks were getting seriously worn out after years and years of useage. It’s time to start replacing them-so it’s time to get new ones. It’s a gradual thing, but I’ll have plenty of time.

Then at my store, I was able to get something else I truly needed: pajama pants. Most all my pajama pants are way too big for me now, due to the sheer amount of weight that I have lost. What was once a medium is now a small-I never thought I would be a small in anything, let alone bottoms! We had a good sale on the pajamas, anyways, so I got the only two flannel pairs in a small. I also got two of a little kimono-inspired cardigan and three different little dresses-an A-line t-shirt dress, a black velvet-top dress with pleated bottom, and then an orange half-sleeve dress that is straight out of the 1970’s. I was so happy that we got our discount on top of the deals, which we didn’t get last year. I only spent around $36 after tax, which was way less than what I got out of there last year for.

I wanted to get the Benefit duo at ULTA, but they were gone:( I did, however, pick up a couple of the China Glaze polishes that were on clearance-Cha Cha Cha and Blue Iguana. I presume they were from the summer collection, but I got out of polish for quite awhile (fatigue and malaise, so to speak). I am loving Cha Cha Cha though; it’s very much like MAC’s Lucky Green eyeshadow, but in polish form. They had a few others that I may pick up next payday too, because I have to send some polish to California as well as hit the dusty for other polish gifts.

I very nearly plunked down the $28 for CARGO Laguna blush, but my headpiece was hurting my head a lot (basically a St. Lucia-inspired wreath, with greenery, LED tealights, and fake birds), so I had to mosey on home.

Oh, and at Macy’s I had my mum pick me up one of those old-style popcorn makers. I’ve always wanted one, and I can bring it to the church for youth events. Maybe even sell popcorn on Wednesday nights for a fundraiser, perhaps?

ULTA Black Friday Ad

25 November, 2011

So, looks like I found something for Black Friday after all! I don’t know how much of this is just for the weekend or not-but there’s some really good stuff! In list form, shall we?

Benefit powder duo (Thrrrob and Georgia)-$19
Urban Decay deluxe mini duo (Pore Perfection primer and All Nighter spray)-$14
Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer minis-$9
Bare Minerals face powder/gloss duo-$10
Free 1 oz Hope in a Jar with $50 Philosophy purchase
ULTA Artist Blockbuster-$16.99
Conair curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer-$9.99
Tarte trio (Lights Camera Lashes mascara, plus a full-size lipstain and mini cheekstain)-$19
ULTA mini blockbuster-$9.99
Oscar Blandi dry shampoo duo-$15
ULTA Professional travel brush set-$9.99
Free Dermalogica mini set with $50 purchase
Selected TIGI Tweens-$6.99
JP Pet holiday set-$14.99
OPI holiday minis-$7.50
BOGO Organix haircare
Smashbox Be Discovered blockbuster palette-$45
Ultra CHI Holiday flat irons-$80
Stila Smudge Stick liner duo (gold and silver)-$9.99
Benefit duo (Eye Bright and BadGal Lash)-$29
L’Oreal Lash Boosting kit-$6.99
20% off all Fekkai haircare
ULTA Bath holiday sets-$7.99
Selected Profusion kits-$4.99
Earth Theraputics pedicure kit-$9.99
ULTA mini nail quads-$2.99
LORAC Cream Shadows-$12 (if it really does contain 6, then I’m getting this as a Christmas present for my friend)
5/$5 on select stocking stuffer things
B2G2 on ULTA Bath, Candles, Smoothies, Anti-Bac, Brushes, Cosmetics, Beauty Tools/Implements
Free ice bucket/glasses with $30 fragrance purchase
Free bag with large Calvin Klein fragrance purchase
Free red croc tote with $39.50 Elizabeth Arden fragrance purchase
Free bag with $75 Ed Hardy fragrance purchase

I’m hoping that the Benefit powder duo is around by the end of the day-that for me, and the LORAC for my friend.

New POP Beauty Nail Glams

5 November, 2011

So the rock that I have been living under kind of got moved big-time. I hadn’t bought any polish, really, since February of this year. I think 6 bottles, to be exact: Chanel Mimosa, one of the China Glaze crackles, and four POP Beauty polishes (Pinkest, Turquoise, Violetta, and Yellow-the last three being in a set for $10 at Urban Outfitters). But when I was on vacation, I was at Nordstrom and their juniors department just happened to have the Pop Beauty polishes. Not the ones I was used to, though. They are doing something like how they have Impulse Beauty at Macy’s, in that they have a few brands presented IN the Brass Plum department. I saw Too Faced and Stila, but there could be more. I think it’s smart: get some higher-priced brands in that are still fairly accessible, and it’s great for gifting (makeup and clothes in one transaction) without the intimidating nature that cosmetics counters can sometimes have. I was intimidated for so many years…

Anyways, they had several new polishes-the Glitzes and the Metals. There are a TON of them-the Glitzes being glitters and Metals…well, you know. Here are the shades!

Aquatic Glitz-Clear base with aqua glitter as well as some pinkish and silver accents
Confetti Glitz-Clear base with large fuschia and pale pink glitter flecks
Gold Glitz-Gold glitter
Lavender Glitz-Pale blue and lavender glitters
Pink Glitz-Mixed pink glitters…could it be like China Glaze Pom Pom? Hmm…

Denim Metal-Metallic blue (reminds me of a brighter, non-suede version of OPI Russian Navy Suede-you know, with the shimmer)
Golden Metal-Metallic gold
Jade Metal-Pale metallic green
Naked Metal-Metallic beige
Ruby Metal-Metallic pinky-red
Sterling Metal-Metallic silver

Additionally, there are two other shades on the “New” section: Flamingo Hollar (looks like a fluro pinky-purple), and Pansy Purple (shimmery purple). Read the rest of this entry »

Haven’t been to ULTA in ages-but I popped in today hoping that they’d have some Sexy Hair minis that I can take when I go to California. Sadly, no dice. However, I browsed over by the Pop Beauty section-and it’s expanded! No longer just carrying a few palettes and face things, they have lashes, more lip stuff-and here is the most important thing: NAIL GLAMS! As in, my favourite polishes.

There aren’t a ton-however, my ULTA guy told me that they have been selling phenomenally, and this is sort of a test. He also knew exactly what I was talking about when I told him about Ablaze and Radioactive, so potentially there could be even more of an expansion, or best yet, the entire line carried. The ones they have so far are:

Pink Glitz-a light pink glitter.
Gold Glitz-a gold glitter. Not a bright gold like OPI Gift of Gold, and not even as bright as Dazzled by Gold. Still pretty though.
Pinkest-Eye-searing fluorescent pink.
Violetta-Eye-searing violet.
Turquoise-As the name implies, turquoise.
Ultraviolet-A muted indigo. Almost the colour of MAC Parfait Amour.
Punk’d-A true teal.
Foggy-A concrete grey.

I may have missed one, I’m just combining my memory with what is on the ULTA website. What can I say, I guess…I bought Pinkest and I am impressed. It’s a two coater that can rival some of the China Glaze or Essie neons, and the only gripe I have is that it shows off how much my nails have been stained. I have been a fan of Pop Beauty polishes, or at least the look, for ages, and when I finally got myself Ablaze and Radioactive I haven’t been able to stop myself from singing their praises. A nicely-edited range of colours (no “twenty different reds”) that are true to the look in the bottle, B3Free, and not animal-tested? Sign me up. Especially considering the fact that Zoya is only carried in some seasonal displayers at ULTA, and China Glaze is much cheaper elsewhere.


Oh, in other Pop Beauty news, there are three new polishes: Baby Blue, Raw (a pale clover green), and Sunny (a yellow that isn’t as bright as Yellow). All are currently sold out on the website, however has them.

Post-Christmas Hauling

26 December, 2010

At the mall that I work at, the sales are absolutely insane. Yes, it’s the Boxing Day rush, although many places here have sales that are extending!

For example, Juicy Couture has additional 50% off all sale items. I didn’t see much I liked, since I go for either charms or a plain hoodie, but there are tons of deals to be had. Lucky Brand had additional 40% off selected sale items, Anthro had a sale, (not at my mall, but close by) Urban Outfitters had 50% off sale items…so it goes on.

I hit ULTA at the mall I used to work at today, and the clearance was not what I hoped for-but in many ways, it was better! I picked up my first Barielle polish, Elle’s Spell, which is a red flaky glitter in a blackened red base. I also got China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, all of them $3 each. Then I looked down-and saw three of the China Glaze Party Hearty sets! I had been dying to get Party Hearty, and I got the set of three (that, plus Phat Santa and Jolly Holly) for $5. It was such a deal, I bought two!

Then at MAC, I picked up my preorder-Chez Chez Lame, New Fixation, Follow Your Fancy, and two of Neon Orange. I used my giftcard towards that but I will be doing an online order this week, since Fusion Pink is on the website as well as a few other PRO items I have been jonesing for. (Sadly, I have to do an ACTUAL PRO order, because I need pans of Bright Sunshine in the worst way) I already am obsessed with Neon Orange-it stays on like crazy. All Amplifieds should be like that!

Finally, there’s a little home store right by mine that is having their retirement sale-and all Christmas stuff was half off. For $13, I got a cute little snowflake teapot to pack away.

Some New OPI Reviews

9 December, 2010

Figure since I am trying to get better about swatching and photographing, I should show these, right? I tried desperately to get a picture of The Show Must Go On, but it needs to have its picture taken outdoors-and the weather has ranged from raining cats and dogs to just mostly cloudy here in Seattle recently.

Take The Stage. When I first saw the chipboard at the nail supply for this collection, this was what stood out to me the most. I mean, what looked to be a chromed dark orange? Sign me up, as I love my oranges to death. This one is two coats, and it does look somewhat chromed but the best part is the sparkle in there as well. It isn’t as sparkly as some of the other shimmers in the collection, but it is definitely one that is backup-worthy for me.

Gift of Gold. This was one of the new ULTA exclusives, and I must say it was worth the wait. First off, it is a gold nugget gold-a true blindingly bright gold, moreso than Dazzled by Gold from last year. It is very gritty, but it doesn’t take long in the acetone tub to soak off. But I do have to say, the piece de resistance about this? The fact that there’s a red flash in there, and it’s quite evenly distributed but at the same time, not totally out-there. My camera sucks at getting the red, so it doesn’t show up on the nail swatch, but in the bottle pic you can kind of see it.

BTW-in the bottle pics I am wearing Essie Wrapped in Rubies. Read the rest of this entry »

Bourjois To Exit USA

29 November, 2010

So my visit to ULTA today was less-than-fruitful. Not only did they NOT have the new OPI exclusives, but apparently Bourjois is going to be exiting the US, if not all of North America, come the 1st of January. Because of that, you can get anything (except liners or mascaras) for $8. Still, though…I’m depressed about this. I will have to hoard my Coup de Theatre mascara, buying 5 tubes at least so that I can have a supply on hand. I tried the new 1000 Cils mascara, and it’s awesome too. May have to get a tube for even more insane lashes.

However, the new OPI’s should be out by Thursday which makes me happy, as I have coupons. I also have to buy a ton of bottles of DS Original at the nail supply.