Beth Ditto for MAC

26 January, 2012

This comes to me from the Huffington Post:

No word yet on what there will be-but knowing her, it’s going to be very heavy on the eye products.

So today, MAC’s annual Mineralize collection came out-and if it was possible to be more overwhelming than last year’s, it succeeded. Seriously. But not in a good way. It’s a three displayer collection (face/lips, eyes, skincare) but to me, it was a case of the quality was not there like how I hoped.

The Skinfinishes were all nice-but with the amount of stuff that I have, it’s a case of pick and choose. Crystal Pink was nice, but I have Porcelain Pink and Glissade which serve the same purpose. The one I ended up getting-Rose Quartz-is a pinkier version of Stereo Rose, and while not an exact dupe I find I like this for the cheeks. A lot. Goldstone was nice, but from what I heard it was more shimmer than bronzer…and with So Ceylon and Northern Lights, I don’t need it. Pearl, finally, would be nice but if I want an ultra-shimmer, that’s what Shimpagne is for. The thing I like about these is the solid and then a veined section in the center-I’ll be using my solid part of Rose Quartz a lot.

The blushes were actually quite decent, and if I had unlimited funds I would seriously get all three because they were nicely pigmented. Feeling Flush, naturally, was my favourite. It’s a nice bright pink, but not a deep pink like Full Fuschia, Her Blooming Cheek, or any of those. It’s a bit more wearable, which reminds me that I should break out my Hello Kitty blushes. I haven’t used those in ages, and I’m kind of in a blusher rut at this time:) Warmth of Coral was quite pretty, but I have a lot like it already. Maybe if it hits the CCO, I will get it. Pressed Amber, finally, would be a good one to have for a more minimalistic look, for a contour, or maybe if I want to lay off the Key Largo for once.

The eyeshadows-the less said, the better when used dry, but wet? Probably another story. Faux Gold, Dark Indulgence, and Hint of Sapphire are all great, as is Blue Sheen. Smoked Ruby was pretty, but the red did not translate dry. Maybe wet would work better? Quartz Fusion and I believe Clarity (I did not write down my shades) were fallout city-but then again, so was She Who Dares, and used wet that is a beauty. I am sad that I didn’t really have time to play with them, but there’s always another time. At the same time, though, I have similar colours to a lot of this, and unless you are going for very specific nuances in colours I feel that a lot of these can be duplicated easily. I mean, I have She Who Dares, three UD Books of Shadows, and a few pro shadow shades-and I don’t wear a ton of neutrals. That made it easy for me to pass:) Read the rest of this entry »

Hooray Summer!

22 June, 2011

So summer has finally arrived, and yesterday the sun and heat were in full force here (if only for two days before more clouds/mid 60 temps). And with all that-time to change some beauty things around!

First up, my leg makeup tricks. This is what works for me, because I have a good deal of a tan already-but I like to accent it. People ask me if I spray-tanned or what I use, and it’s quite simple: you just need three different shimmery powders (I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish), and then you use a lotion to mix it and seal it all in. Personally, I use So Ceylon, Shimpagne, and Northern Lights in that order: So Ceylon gets the bronze, Shimpagne for the shimmer, and Northern Lights has a good blend of bronze and reddish tones to really amp up the tan. I then use Gilly Hicks lotion and it makes my legs not only butter-soft, but it allows me to get it so that it isn’t streaky. If I really want more shimmer, I’ll add a little bit of Glissade or Light Flush. I do that because it is much more fine of a shimmer, even moreso than the most finely-milled shimmer in shimmer lotions. Figure if it works for the face, it works for the legs-so it doesn’t SCREAM shimmer, it just reflects the light and looks shimmery if you look closely enough. For the lighter colours, I like to use a buffer brush like a 181, but for the darker ones I’d use something like a 168.

Second, for the hair, I have to start deep-conditioning it! My hair has lightened up significantly, due to a) the vacation, and b) the fact that our mall had an outdoor event, and I was outside in the sun for two days. It looks like I spent a fortune getting it highlighted…but I thank the sun! But with all that, and my love of my hairdryer…it’s time for the shea butter hair mask.

For my face, I’m struggling because with my stress-and my love of Menchie’s and Yogurtland, I am getting many more zits. One thing that I have tried, though, is to do an olive oil cleanse at night. I just get some on the washcloth and wipe my makeup off. Sure, it takes work, especially with all the makeup that I wear, but I like how it lightly moisturizes. And since I hate getting the washcloth right up in my eye, once my face has been oiled I can just use my fingers to rub any excess eye makeup off. Bad, I know, but it’s all slick so it isn’t AS bad, I don’t think.

Finally, it’s always good for new fragrances…but I have my Michael Kors, so I am happy:)

When I was preparing for my first of two California vacations this year, I needed to get some tanning stuff. Problem was, since it was out-of-season there weren’t a ton of deals! But one day, at ULTA, I found what I needed-in the impulse bins for just a couple bucks: a 2-ounce bottle of this. It was a total win-win: it took up zero space-in fact, I chucked it in my quart-sized bag-and if I didn’t like it, it wasn’t that much of an investment. If I did, I had a small bottle and could buy a big one in order to decant into it.

For years-since I was 16-I’ve used oils. I still miss this oil that Hawaiian tropic used to do, and for a couple years I was trying some really bad, greasy things that would stain my clothes like crazy. It’s my first foray into lotions-and I love it!

The first thing I love is the fact that it not only is NOT greasy, but it’s very water-resistant as well. And by very, I mean it stays on AFTER swimming a few laps in the pool. Doesn’t grease it up, either-but it washes off easily! The not greasing is very important, though. I’ve had a few things ruined by bad oils-and this does not transfer. I mean sure, when I’m on my stomach some of it may sweat off, but that happens. I’m used to it by now. I don’t even have to shower it off-although for good measure, I always apply lotion and then makeup. Yes, I put makeup on my legs. That will be the subject of my next post.

The second thing that I love about it? IT WORKS. I am lucky in that I maintain a good amount of colour throughout the year, thanks to a) heavy tanning in the summer with oils and lotions, and b) moisturizing like a fiend. Some summers, I get really tan. Others, it’s harder. With the help of this-and of course, a couple days tanning on vacation-I have more of a tan now than I did at this time last year. So, it works. But here’s the more miraculous thing: I had my friend try a little bit of it. She does NOT tan. She burns, but does not tan. This is something that I’m going to have her use, because it worked! Albeit a little bit-but still.

So, long-story short…if you are wanting a good tan, this is an essential product.

By the way: The Hawaiian Tropic website has some great sun tips, and I’m going to pass along what I think is the best: if you’re just starting tanning, or if you are trying to build melanin, start at 30 minutes a day, and add a few more each day so long as you aren’t getting red. Make sure to do sunscreen as well, especially if you have the UV index to deal with. (We don’t really, here in Seattle)

Review: Chanel Mimosa

25 May, 2011

I had never really gotten into the hype of the Chanel LE polishes. For the first part, they’re harder to find-and here in Seattle, we have Macy’s (which never gets it), Nordstrom (which rarely gets it), and one Neiman Marcus that is WAY out of my way. But down here in California…put it this way: South Coast Plaza saw me going there four times over 10 days. And put it this way: I’m not one to want to come back empty-handed. I had seen it at Bloomingdale’s a week ago, but didn’t get it because I was getting paid in a couple days. I nearly forgot about it, and then I remembered-so I bought it. And boy, am I glad I did!

Does anyone remember Bright Future eyeshadow from MAC? This is VERY reminiscent of it, just maybe a smidge lighter. It’s darker than Bright Sunshine, though, if that makes any sense. Anyways, it’s that sort of yellow. Not quite a primary yellow-there is some gold in there-but still bright without being garish. There is a very faint shimmer in there, but not a ton. I have to say that with all my yellows, I don’t have anything like it. Happy-go-Lucky is a cream and brighter, and all my others are brighter, lighter, or darker.

There is the factor that it’s an LE Chanel polish-but I surprisingly found a ton of them. Both the Bloomingdale’s that I went to had them in stock, which shocked me as we all know what happened with Jade and other polishes like that. The average price on the Fleabay right now is $30, not shipped. We all know though that that will go up FAST. Read the rest of this entry »

I know that the unveiling parties for this aren’t til Tuesday-but I happened to see the collection today! If I had thought to bring my camera to work today, I would have done swatches-but my hand is really irritated from all the running of clothes and the garment caring of bikinis. Those hangers do a number to your hands!

Anyways, if you were hoping that this collection would be as good as To The Beach…you may or may not be disappointed. Personally, I fell into the former category. I bought a lot-as I tend to-and then I realize that oh crap-I rarely touch half the stuff. And with the size of my collection and what I use on a regular basis, a lot of this would be relegated to traincase filler. With the fact that this collection comes out while I am on vacation-and I don’t have any vacation time after all-I have to be very, very careful with what I buy. In fact, I only preordered one item. A lot of the stuff ends up at the outlets anyways, so long as I am diligent in actually going. I went for the first time yesterday in 7 months to my normal outlet-and left empty handed. In fact, all I bought was a charm for my Juicy bracelet.

The collection has two parts: colour and bronzing. The colour displayer is massive-starting out with five all-new shadows. Saffron is a really nice looking satin-if you want Coppering but without the shimmer and a little lighter, this will be for you. There’s a little bit of pearl to it, but nothing really overwhelming. Sun Blonde was quite underwhelming-it was, to me, an accurate cross of Goldmine and Bright Sunshine. Not my sort of thing-I have enough yellows already that have been relegated. Good finish though! Surf USA, hopefully, is one with a good finish. It reminded me of Cool Heat without as much of the shimmer-I’m talking finish wise. And if it really is when using it with a 228…then this is one to pass on. Sorry, I wasn’t a fan of Cool Heat (the shadow at least). Swell Baby is a decent grey, while Short Shorts is your champagne-toned highlight that we have to have in every collection.

The one bright spot? Crush Metal Pigments. Be warned-my MAC girl told me that they only got 6 of each stack in. This is a freestanding store. These will go FAST. The one item I preordered was the Surf the Wave stack. I mean there’s a dupe for Silver Fog, a super pale green which I have been dying for, a gold that can get me to hold off on getting the Gold metal pigment, and then a greenish graphite. Definitely stuff I can use. The other stack, while pretty, would be one that I would only be getting for one shade (the plum) and ignoring the two highlight-y shades and the dark bronze. These are something you need to jump on ASAP.

Also in the collection are Melon and Naked, the usual repromotes. Snore. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been under a rock, polish-wise, as of late-and I come out from hibernating to see that the etailers already have the China Glaze summer polishes out! Thankfully, they aren’t neons like last year. I mean, I love neons, but even with base, topcoat, and white underneath, they don’t stand a half hour at my job:( These, though, are a mix of shimmers and brights. In the collection, we have:

Blue Iguana-A bright blue with blue shimmer. It looks to be more cornflower-y than Frostbite or Sexy in the City-not as royal blue as either of those.
Cha Cha Cha-Bright green with yellow shimmer. It looks to be quite similar to MAC’s Lucky Green eyeshadow, but in polish form of course:)
108 Degrees-Bright pink with pink shimmer. This is the sort of colour I have a ton of, but you never know-it could be quite pretty. I hope it’s a brighter version of OPI It’s All Greek To Me.
Senorita Bonita-Bright purple with pink shimmer. This I can totally get behind. I am definitely down for the contrasting shimmers!
Electric Pineapple-Bright yellow creme. This is the one I am most anxious to road-test, because we all know how yellows can be a picky mess sometimes, and hopefully this is NOT the case.
Papaya Punch-Bright orange creme. I am hoping this is a creme version of Sun Worshipper, because if it is-it may take a place of honour in my collection. Chips and all, people went GAGA over it when I wore it the other day-so a better formula? I’ll take a couple notches less bright.

I haven’t been into Sally’s recently, but I may make a visit in the next few days to see if they have these yet. More than likely ULTA will also have them, since they get the bigger collections.