So it’s the Dad’s Day edition, and of course you know there’s going to be a gift offer-and this one, it’s cool: a free cooler with mini grill with a fragrance purchase of $30 or more. Look at it this way: if they have the Juicy rollerballs, that’s essentially two of those, and you get the grill for free. Very nice.

We start off with the good makeup, as Bare Minerals has a starter kit for $20 that has the original and matte foundations, plus Warmth all-over colour and a mineral veil and a mini brush. There’s six shades to choose from. Inside, there’s a few new things. Urban Decay now has rolled out the Eden Primer Potion-a matte nude. OPI has a duo of Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot! plus topcoat as well as a mini purse for $6, while Stila has a new 6-shade Artist palette for $28. Lorac has new Multiplex glosses, including ULTA-Glam, an ULTA exclusive colour, for $22. They supposedly have holographic pigments, so I am definitely interested in putting these to the test. Essie has rolled out the new Summer collection, and they are B2G1 free. Benefit has a new primer product, The Pore-Fessional, which is supposed to be a pore minimizer. It retails for the typical price point (for Benefit) of $28. The ULTA Professional nail line has a free base or top coat with purchase of colour polish, also.

There’s a deal, also, at ULTA’s that have the Benefit Brow Bars-get a brow arch for $20, and you get your choice of Fishnets or Low Profile eyeshadows free. Too bad we don’t have a brow bar near here…

Smashbox has their summer collection, Naked Beauty, which I will do a more in-depth piece on in the coming days. There’s Golden Nude in the Photo Finish Lid Primer, a duo of High Lights and a Creamy Cheek colour, a Halo bronzer, and a little coffret of 8 lipglosses. On the note of sun stuff, Pur Minerals has a self-tanning lotion that is 2/$25-normally $22 EACH, and Cargo still has the Get Wet kit, which is a full-size mascara, a waterproof bronzer, and three eyeliners in bright shades for the summer for $32. I am a huge fan of Cargo products, and this is one that to me is a can’t miss. Read the rest of this entry »

So this paycheck, things are TIGHT. I think this is the first real one where I’ve had to man up and pay stuff that is, in a way, equatable to bills. Consequently, between that, a huge purchase at my store, and a huge MAC purchase, I am down VERY far. That means that in addition to the nail polish, I have to put myself on a total spending freeze: aside from essentials for Thursday night (attending a midnight showing of Alice in Wonderland), no other spending. Period. I can stay tough and ride it out, because this week is a slower one. But next week, with more pre-paycheck shifts, it ain’t so easy.

In a way, I did put money towards good stuff. I did buy a couple things for Graham, and I had to renew my antivirus software subscription. I also had to renew my bus pass and I got a few kitchen things as well-one of my goals of the no-buy was to spend money that would have gone towards nail polish on kitchen stuff. I see it, in a way, as saving for the future because that’s money saved then. I am in love with Joie products, and actually almost got the little Piggy Wiggy frying pan at TJ Maxx today. Yesterday, though, I got the Eggy Bakey mini spatula set as well as the Eggy pan set, which has the little frying pan and a L’il Flip spatula, and then a garlic crusher that matches the kitchen stuff I got for Christmas. Man, was the TJ Maxx stocked! They had a 17-piece set that had some dupes of what she got me, but different stuff as well, for $25. They also had mixing bowls for $15, a colander, can openers…a lot of stuff I can actually use.

But it was hard, because in our shopping excursions we had to go to a beauty supply store which I will leave unnamed. The hard part? They had a ton of great China Glaze polishes on clearance. The harder part? They were all additional 50% off. Hardest? Being on a no-buy. Luckily I had my friend Emily with me, who knows full well that I am in nobuy mode.

Although I did use my ULTA coupon, and got a jumbo can of Sexy Hair’s Spray & Play Harder…for free. They have some cans with 40% more for the same price, so figure use my coupon and get that!

New ULTA Ad: 21 Feb-13 March

23 February, 2010

Sorry this is so late, my energy has been pretty much nonexistent lately. Alas, here are the new deals!

For those of you who are ULTA club members, this is when you get your rewards certificate. I could have SWORN I was at least at level 6 but nope, only level 5 for me:( On the cover, we have B2G2free on Matrix haircare. Going inside, there is more haircare stuff. Redken has a free mini hairspray with full-sized hairspray purchase, limit four. Oscar Blandi has an Every Other Day set for $48, with volumizing shampoo, conditioner (8.4 ounces for those), and then dry shampoo spray (3.2 ounces). The set is designed so that you can notice the benefits of only washing your hair every other day, and I think that’s awesome. Sexy Hair, Nioxin, and Tigi are all B2G2free, like Matrix.

Onto budget makeup, Revlon, Almay, and Maybelline are all B2G1 free, and L’Oreal Studio Secrets and LA Splash are B1G1 50% off. In ULTA cosmetics, there are 17 new nail polishes, 2 new mascaras, 12 new Kiss/Tell lipglosses, and 12 new Extreme Wear lipcolours. There’s also a GWP-when you spend $17.50 in ULTA cosmetics, minerals, implements, and tools (excludes Professional, Colour Kits, and mineral kits), you can get one of three colour collections: Tiger Lily (warm), Luscious Peonies (cool), and Exotic Orchid (trend). Now let me tell you-I would be tempted to go for the trend set, just for the mirror and nail polish and so forth. You get a makeup bag, 4 brushes (all which look pretty craptastic), an eyeliner, a lipstick, a bronzer, a blusher, a double-ended lipgloss, two shadow quads, two nail polishes, and a mirror. The Trend has a quad that looks sorta similar to my CARGO Tahiti quad, and the nail polishes? Yellow and royal blue. Read the rest of this entry »

I know this one is a week late, but I lost the ad and just finally found it today kicking around at the bottom of my purse!

If you like Neutrogena, then you’ll want to hit ULTA, as it’s all B2G1 free. Ditto on all “salon styling/finishing products”, which equates to brands like Bed Head, Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell, and so forth. Good times. Dermalogica is also B2G1 free, except for kits-which makes it a darn good way to get stocked up on what you need. I actually work at a shopping center with a store where I get 20% off Dermalogica, and the main thing I need is the facial sunscreen so that I don’t totally age my face this next summer when I inevitably am at the beach all the time with my friends.

On the note of skincare, there’s plenty of new stuff. Murad has an anti-aging acne regimen, which looks really interesting. I am a HUGE Murad fan, and the line is broken into three easy steps: cleanse/tone, treat/repair, hydrate/protect. I still am waiting a bit to review my Murad cleanser and moisturizer, but so far, the results are showing and my face is loving it. Anywhoo, Strivectin has a new Got Wrinkles? set for $99 which has the SD treatment, the hand cream, and the new eye cream. Kinerase also has new stuff, in this case two new firming products (face cream and eye cream) that go “beyond collagen”. Hmm… Exuviance CoverBlend is 10% off, which looks to be good for the one spot on my face I need to cover but I don’t need as much else. Mario Badescu has a sample of the Herbal Hydrating Serum with any purchase, DDF has a sample of the Advanced Micro-Exfoliation cleanser with purchase, and Peter Thomas Roth has a sample of the Mega-Rich eye cream with purchase. Read the rest of this entry »

Lots of Hauling…

3 January, 2010

…but none of the makeup variety. Instead, it’s been a lot of polish. And other stuff.

Yes, you may have already seen my VS report/haul, but I did more. Much more. First off, it was time to get me some real skincare, so I went and got myself a few pieces of Murad. I got the foaming cleanser as well as the SPF 15 moisturizer and so far, I’m impressed. The cleanser has AHA’s and is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and tone, but it’s not good at taking off makeup. The moisturizer, meanwhile, is lightweight, not greasy, and it doesn’t clog. All in all, good so far.

I went to two different Trade Secret locations today, but the Alice in Wonderland collection won’t be out until the 12th at the latest due to the warehouses being backed up. Additionally, clearances weren’t great, and Festive Fuschia sold out. I did, however, pick up the matte version of Alpine Snow and the suede version of You Don’t Know Jacques for 50% off, as well as a yellow headband for 75% off.

ULTA was next, and they had a lot of China Glaze clearanced as well as more OPI. A backup of Shim-Merry Chic was in order, and I got one of the polishes I skipped the other day, A Grape Fit. When searching through the back clearance I found Glove You So Much, and up front, they had the China Glazes and I picked up Free Love. The best thing in this bunch, though, was not a polish, but something else-the Tweezerman brow bubble. Designed as a Christmas ornament, it has a mini Tweezerman tweezer as well as a 10x magnifying mirror, and for the two it’s all of $10. I got the last one at my ULTA, and after testing it out on my brows-I’m hooked. These are the gold standard of tweezers for a damn good reason. Read the rest of this entry »

The $50 Haul (Seriously!)

6 October, 2009

Yes, I seriously had a large haul for $50, and not one item was a drugstore/low-end beauty item! I had just received money, and figure since I’m starting my new job on Thursday (go me!), I need some fun things. Problem is, I don’t want a ton of makeup-makeup. So the next best thing? Everything else.

First up was TJ Maxx-and they have an insane perfume selection. They have some up by the register that people get into more, and up there is where I found what I got (more on that later). In the jewelry case, though, there are other fragrances-Escada Ocean Lounge, Juicy Couture, a few refill bottles for the Angel Garden of Stars fragrances, and so forth. I almost got Pivoine Angel, but instead I sprung for the bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Incanto Heaven, as it was $20, and I am very pleased. It is a fruity-floral, but a more sophisticated one. I can definitely pick up raspberry from this!

Next up, ULTA. First up, OPI was B2G1 free, but the only one I really wanted was La Paz-Itively Hot, in the matte edition. I did find a lot of OPI clearances though. I almost got I’m His Coral-Friend, but they had a lot of that so I got If The Fuschia Fits, which is like a lot that I already own but hey, it was cheap. I also got my very first China Glaze-I got Orange Marmalade, which is totally my sort of colour. They had a Pop Beauty Glitter Stix in Silver for $1, so figured that would be a good way to spend some money. I’m coming back once I have a paycheck to get some more things-some Bourjois Ombre Stretch eyeshadows, a BE shadow and a Smashbox lip thing that were on clearance, and so forth. Finally, I picked up a can of Sexy Hair’s Root Pump Plus. For BCA Month, Sexy Hair has packaged their Root Pump, Root Pump Plus, Spray & Play, and Spray & Play Harder in pink packaging, and ULTA currently has them for $6 apiece. Yes, $6. I will be stocking up. Total for all that, with $5 off coupon? Just over $20.

Oh, and a PSA: Jaqua has a brand new line out which is their “BFF”-Buttercream Frosting Forever. One of the fragrances is an orange. *drools* Also, if you need an extra-lengthening mascara, go for the Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2/1. ULTA has a deal where you get the mascara and their black/white kohl pencil for $25. Read the rest of this entry »

New ULTA Ad: 6-26 September

4 September, 2009

Alrighty, this is a big, big ad, so let’s take a look at what we have going this time out! We start, actually, with my favourite thing-prestige makeup. Bare Minerals has their all-new matte foundation, complete with a lock/go sifter that makes it truly portable. Each container is $28, and when you buy a BE Matte product, you get a free eco-tote. There is also a new mascara-Flawless Definition Lash-and this is one that I want to try because it’s not only a plastic comb-style brush, but the teeth are very fine. CARGO, meanwhile, has a Must-Have kit for only $30 (worth triple the cost), and it has a bronzer, a Polynesia blush, Vienna eyeshadow duo, and TexasLash mascara in full-sizes. Plus, with a $25 CARGO purchase, you get a deluxe sample of their new LashActivator, which actually lengthens lashes! The thing I like about CARGO is their use of metal tins-totally reusable. Too Faced has their Safari Sexy kit for $34 (a $110 value) with a full size Lava Gloss eyeliner, a Mood Swing lipgloss, Totally Toasted eye duo, and mini sizes of the Pink Leopard bronzer, Lash Injection mascara, Shadow Insurance, and a flatbuki brush, perfect for on-the-go. It also comes packed in a full-size metallic pink tote. Smashbox has their own deals as well-two new ULTA exclusive kits. The first, for $24, is the Private Eyes kit, with a 10-shade creme liner and Brow Tech palette and a full-size Lash DNA. The second, for $47, has a 6-shade shadow palette, a Limitless Long Wear gloss, a half-ounce Photo Finish primer, and a blush/Soft Lights duo. Also, with ANY Smashbox purchase, you get a double-ended brush, worth $30-the 9 (eyeliner) and 12 (angled brow brush).

LORAC has a new Press Release kit for a whopping $20 with full-sizes of the Golden Glow Cheek Stamp, Front Of The Line liquid eyeliner pen in Black, Caffeini Martini Mocktail gloss, and Publicity Stunt lashes. The mascara is one that I admittedly have been dying to try, and $20 for four products? Hell yes. Pur Minerals, meanwhile, has a 1 ounce body butter with any purchase, and Benefit has a free full-size of Miss Popularity with any purchase. Studio Gear has their brand new Prime Objective SPF 20 face primer for $35, and with a purchase of that amount, you get a triple-compartment hanging bag for all your beauty goods. I have so many of those, I ain’t gonna lie. Meanwhile, Sue Devitt has something that I need to get ALL OF-the Hydrating Marine Minerals eye palettes. There are four to choose from-Blue Waters, Green Isles, Serengeti, and Kilimanjaro-and each of them has four colours. They are $37.50 (more than a MAC quad but I don’t care) and you get a free full-size Microquatic eye treatment with a $25 purchase. Bourjois, meanwhile, has a mini Effet 3D Mobile gloss with a two-piece purchase (although by the sound of it it might be any mini item), and Urban Decay is the first stockist of the new 24/7 sets, which apparently are $29 each. Hmm. With a $25 purchase, you get a sample vial of UDPP Sin, sadly not in the genie form. Paula Dorf has a free lip liner with $25 purchase, POP Beauty has a free Eye Magnet or Lip Magnet primer with purchase of the Face Magnet primer, Amazing Cosmetics has a free deluxe travel size of the Velvet Mineral loose powder foundation with Amazing Concealer purchase, Anastasia has a free deluxe Lash Lifting mascara sample with $22 purchase, Elizabeth Arden has a new mineral foundation for $37.50, and Stila has the new Barbie Loves Stila collection. There’s a new brand called Bloom that does these lip stains, and you have your choice of 4 colours at $22 each. You also get a free cosmetic bag with a $20 purchase. Finally, in prestige, Napoleon Perdis (yay!) has the new Prismatic eye quads and the Luminous Lip Veils, and with a $25 purchase you get a free full-size of Long Black Mascara. Additionally, all ULTA Professional is B1G1 Free. Read the rest of this entry »