Sephora Black Friday Deals

25 November, 2011

Okay so first off-no sighting of an ULTA ad yet, and no word on WHAT is in the VS GWP tote. I’m skipping as it’s a $65 buy-in, and I could use the money instead on Blacklist items at work, or Christmas presents.

Anywhoo, Sephora has the 10 for $10 today, and it’s a doozy. The deals are the following:

Kat Von D Adora perfume
Stila Glitz & Glam palette, with Raisin lip glaze
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara and mini MultiplEYE primer
Korres Guava lip butter (full-size) and mini body butter
Sephora Collection mini brush set
Bare Minerals trio-Glee all-over colour, a tapered blush brush, and full-size Rouge gloss
Art of Shaving 4 Elements gift set (pre-shave oil, shave cream, after-shave balm, and shaving brush) in the Lavender variety
Josie Maran Petal Pink Argan Colour Stick
Buxom Lash mascara/Chocolate Citrine eyeliner
Tokidoki Cromatico eyeshadow palettes

I’m definitely interested in the perfume; I’ll have to mosey three doors down on my lunch to see if it’s worth me buying! I’m also maybe getting one of the shadow palettes. I need more shadow like I need a hole in the head-but Adieu looks up my alley.

Paperself False Lashes

23 September, 2011

In my new Sephora email, I saw something for once that truly interested me: paper false lashes! Now, with my much more limited attention span when it comes to beauty things, I tend to ignore or gloss over these. But when I see peacock feather cutout paper lashes, it piques my rural interest.

Exclusive to Sephora and retailing for $19 each (or $17 for the small), there are six designs of the lashes, and they are all beautiful! Additionally, these are inspired by the Chinese art of paper-cutting, so each design has a significant meaning. You have:

Deer & Butterfly (a deer head on one end with antler-looking grass and butterflies): It’s supposed to mean “free, beautiful, and sensitive”.

Peach Blossoms (branches-lots and lots of branches, it seems. Very pretty though): Imminent love. This comes in large and small

Peacock (almost like feathers standing up with a head in the middle): Lucky and auspicious times

Under The Sea (small is coral and a starfish with seahorse on one lash and angelfish on other; large has more coral in between the two pieces to make the one): Secret treasure. These come in large and small.

I definitely want some of these, but I am pitiful at applying false lashes. Maybe before I go on vacation I’ll go to my friends at MAC and get tips on applying false lashes, because I would like to wear some sometime. Then I may have to go buy the peacock ones!

Sephora 2011 Sun Kit

30 April, 2011

A perennial favourite of many…it’s back! I am a huge fan of the concept, and I feel it’s especially important as skin cancer cases rise. Not just that, but it’s a way to try before you buy. I know in previous years they had the Clarins face screen (I didn’t get it from that, but from a goodie bag), and thanks to that sample I am hooked for life.

As in previous years, the set is $25 and you get a tote bag with the following samples:
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with SPF 15
Supergoop Everyday SPF 30
Supergoop SPF 30 sunscreen wipe
BareMinerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil
Peter Thomas Roth All-Day Defence Moisture Lotion SPF 30
Boscia Oil-Free Hydration SPF 15
Ole Henriksen Fresh Lips SPF 15 (Apparently this is full-size, and retails for $15 alone. Look at it this way: buy the balm, get the other stuff for an additional $10)
DDF Mattifying moisturizer SPF 15
Philosophy Hope Oil-Free SPF 30
Murad Essential-C moisturizer SPF 30
Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60

Additionally, there is a mini BareMinerals Flawless face brush in here. Since I have my favourite sunscreens, I won’t need this as much (and I have a ton of Caudalie samples for travel), but this is still an insane value, with 100% of the profits going to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Hello Kitty Beauty at Sephora

18 December, 2010

So launching this January, Sephora will be partnering with Hello Kitty for an exclusive range of products, in the vein of the Tokidoki and Tarina Tarantino lines. (at least in my book) This line is smaller than those two, but there seems to be some fun accessories at the very least.

First off, there are two lip/eye palettes. I hate on this sort of thing big-time, however it’s two levels so that the lipglosses don’t get powder in them. At $35, they seem to be a good deal, however I have heard negative reviews on the quality of the shadows. For someone who is just getting started, though, this may be the fun sort of thing to give as a gift.

Next there are eyeshadow sticks-another thing that I tend to hate on. I have Red Velvet-a shadestick from MAC’s epic Sugarsweet collection-and it is so dry it isn’t even funny. There is a definite range, though, and Overalls looks like a glittery version of MAC’s Haunting shadow, a recent CCO acquisition that is becoming one of my most-used eyeshadows.

For eyeliners, there are a few different options. $25 will get you a set of 7 mini kohl liners (black, brown, purple, navy, teal, aqua, and golden white), although I mean mini when I say mini. The Glittercute liners are $14, and it’s a chubby glitter pencil that can work as a shadow. The blue and purple ones especially look interesting to me, so I can’t wait til it launches instore in January to pick them up. Finally, there are Pen Pal liners for $16, and Purple Balloon will be mine-a true plummy purple liquid liner. Yes please! Read the rest of this entry »

Sephora Holiday OPI’s

24 October, 2010

So today, the Sephora at my mall had an after-hours F&F event. Way cool, right? Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there for long, and because my debit card got lost, I’m on very low cash for several days. (Grr) But I figured, why not buy a little something? They had little goody bags with purchase, it was mainly a bunch of skincare but there was a gem-little .5 ounce bottles of System 2 of Clinique’s 3-step set. May have to keep that with me when I go out of town, or give it to the kids at church.

Since I was so low on cash (I had a hankering for Red Robin in the WORST way), I was pretty much limited to a nail polish-but they had the holiday ones out! Four new ones, plus a repromote and then an online-exclusive making its way to the counters. Good times.

The repromote and one of the new ones are pretty much toppers-fine and then medium glitter particles in a clear base. Only Gold For Me came out with Sparkle Me Silver earlier this year, and it’s being joined by Flurry Up, a silver variation. I love the idea, but honestly for that sort of glitter I liked Some Enchanted Evening from Lippmann better. Granted, this is half the price, but SEE is so nice that to me, it was worth it. (Granted, I did get it in the multi-pack)

Next up is Looks Like Rain, Dear, which is a gold glitter in a gold metallic base, with a little bit of medium holographic glitter thrown in. Talk about bling! I picked this one up as it was the most unique (to my collection), and it’s a solid two-coater. You will need a LOT of topcoat with this, though-it ate my Seche Vite. Yes, ate it. It’s a very thick topcoat, and it’s still very gritty. A beautiful colour, though-this is highly recommended.

There is Merry Me, which is a really pretty cranberry red glitter. I definitely think this is one that I need, because I love red shiny things (except Ruby Pumps, the Epic Nail Fail), and it seems like it could work either as a topper or as a solo colour.

Also in the category Red, there’s What’s Your Point-setta, which is a metallic burgundy colour. While it is nice, it’s so ubiquitous that it has to be really special to grab my attention-and the Burlesques are still Priority 1 in my nail polish buying.

Finally, there’s the 212 polish being repromoted-it’s very similar to OPI Shim-Merry Chic in my eyes, except a darker, blacker base and less flakies, more regular holo glitter. I may give it a try, however I like Shim-Merry Chic way better and I have a backup of it, you know just in case anything happens.

Alrighty, this is one of those special online-only sales, because in store you have to have a card given to you by an employee. Hence, friends and family. But online? FF2010 will get you 20% off your entire purchase-and with the holidays around the corner there is a LOT of good stuff! Originally, I had planned on maybe getting myself the Temptu system. However, I’m loving MAC’s Pro Longwear so much that I don’t think I need the Temptu. Also, ULTA just sent out the 20% off coupons for prestige makeup, and ULTA has Cargo, Bourjois, Napoleon Perdis, plus the Book of Shadows 3. The downside with ULTA is you can’t use it on clearance, fragrance, Philosophy, Dermalogica, or Benefit Brow Bar services-but the brands there are more of the brands that I use, personally.

If I were to get anything, though, I would probably get the Tokidoki brush set and the Make Up For Ever beauty box. The UD Beauty in a Box is nice, but do I need yet another tube of Spandex liner?

New Urban Decay

8 September, 2010

Okay, so there’s quite a few new things that UD has put out, and it’s just in time for those of you who are wanting to get Christmas/holiday shopping done early! (ie me)

First up is the all-new Black Palette, featuring six shades of black-based eyeshadow, a travel size Zero, and a mini of Eden primer potion-the first time it has been a mini, if I recall correctly. Five of the shades are shimmer, along with one dark, rich matte black to keep everything balanced. The shades are:
Black Dog-Matte black
Barracuda-Black-toned silver
Jet-Black-toned purple
Sabbath-Black-toned blue
Cobra-Black-toned gold
Libertine-Black-toned emerald green

It is currently online only and retails for $36-however I expect it will be rolled out to ULTA and other locations as the season gets closer.

There is also the Jackpot set, which is at ULTA and on the UD website, and it’s like last year’s 24/7 set, so think teensy liners. You do get a full-size of Zero, though, which always helps (although how many Zero liners can one need?). There are minis of Eldorado, Electric, Binge, Stash, Mildew, Ransom, Rockstar, and Gunmetal, plus one of the Whiskey from the Naked shadow box. It retails for $39, so it’s great for something to break apart for little gifts or to give as one to the eyeliner-obsessed person in your life. Me? I prefer gel liners, so I’m staying away. For now.

Finally, there is the Box of Potions. There was something like that on the Sephora website last year, but this one is still workable. For $49, you get a full-size of the lip primer, the lash primer, the original UDPP, and then one of the complexion primer potions. I would definitely be up for trying all of them out that I haven’t already, although I am desperately wanting the professional size eye primer.