So today, MAC’s annual Mineralize collection came out-and if it was possible to be more overwhelming than last year’s, it succeeded. Seriously. But not in a good way. It’s a three displayer collection (face/lips, eyes, skincare) but to me, it was a case of the quality was not there like how I hoped.

The Skinfinishes were all nice-but with the amount of stuff that I have, it’s a case of pick and choose. Crystal Pink was nice, but I have Porcelain Pink and Glissade which serve the same purpose. The one I ended up getting-Rose Quartz-is a pinkier version of Stereo Rose, and while not an exact dupe I find I like this for the cheeks. A lot. Goldstone was nice, but from what I heard it was more shimmer than bronzer…and with So Ceylon and Northern Lights, I don’t need it. Pearl, finally, would be nice but if I want an ultra-shimmer, that’s what Shimpagne is for. The thing I like about these is the solid and then a veined section in the center-I’ll be using my solid part of Rose Quartz a lot.

The blushes were actually quite decent, and if I had unlimited funds I would seriously get all three because they were nicely pigmented. Feeling Flush, naturally, was my favourite. It’s a nice bright pink, but not a deep pink like Full Fuschia, Her Blooming Cheek, or any of those. It’s a bit more wearable, which reminds me that I should break out my Hello Kitty blushes. I haven’t used those in ages, and I’m kind of in a blusher rut at this time:) Warmth of Coral was quite pretty, but I have a lot like it already. Maybe if it hits the CCO, I will get it. Pressed Amber, finally, would be a good one to have for a more minimalistic look, for a contour, or maybe if I want to lay off the Key Largo for once.

The eyeshadows-the less said, the better when used dry, but wet? Probably another story. Faux Gold, Dark Indulgence, and Hint of Sapphire are all great, as is Blue Sheen. Smoked Ruby was pretty, but the red did not translate dry. Maybe wet would work better? Quartz Fusion and I believe Clarity (I did not write down my shades) were fallout city-but then again, so was She Who Dares, and used wet that is a beauty. I am sad that I didn’t really have time to play with them, but there’s always another time. At the same time, though, I have similar colours to a lot of this, and unless you are going for very specific nuances in colours I feel that a lot of these can be duplicated easily. I mean, I have She Who Dares, three UD Books of Shadows, and a few pro shadow shades-and I don’t wear a ton of neutrals. That made it easy for me to pass:) Read the rest of this entry »