It’s here yet again-but I can’t do it, because other things have come up:( Still, though, the code to save 25% is FFSUMMER11. There are only two conditions:

The Naked palette is not included. That’s kind of a given, because it has the same sort of popularity that Beanie Babies had back in their heyday of the late 90’s.
Limit 5 per item/shade.

Still though, take 25% off and if you haven’t already, get yourself the Deluxe shadow box!

VS Sale Update

18 June, 2011

So I finally got a chance to go into a couple different VS stores in the last few days…and here are my observations!

First off, the big thing is that all the Secret Garden bodycare is being repackaged…AGAIN. Meaning that the old stuff is the typical 6/$20-and hopefully meaning that it will go 75% off in a few weeks. Hence, why I am holding out. For now.

I noticed that Supermodel was on 50% off-so I have a feeling it’s going bye-bye. Hopefully it goes 75% off, so I can get myself a few bottles. (On the website, it is…so I may be making a few trips to other VS stores in the near future.) On that note, I am glad I stocked up on Wish, because it’s not back this sale.

On the 75% off, there wasn’t much interesting-but the one good thing was Sexy Little Things Vixen, which isn’t that bad of a scent. Of course, the packaging won me over, because it’s got an atomizer! The bottle is a purple-to-pink gradient as well-so definitely a vanity display piece, one that I will be refilling with other stuff once it’s done. As far as the scent goes-it’s a different review. I quite like it though. At the other store I went to, the only thing on the 75% were the Attractions. The Wild One is decent, but I don’t need anything. The downtown Seattle store is getting completely redone-and it’s about time, since while it was charming it was still back in the late 90’s look of the pink boudoir. It had some fun things though…but I’m excited for there to be more.

Another VS Sale Haul

17 January, 2011

…and just above $40, with tax, for all of it!

Yes, with the sale winding down, more and more stuff goes on sale, and I definitely was able to reap the rewards of it. Here’s what I got:

Wish Pink and Hope Pink EDTs
Very Sexy Now EDT (the leopard one)
Girls Night Out gift set
Secret Charm gift set
Secret Charm shimmer lotion

The EDTs have the cutest packaging ever-as a packaging junkie, I have to say I love them to death! They’re definitely display-worthy, as I have my entire windowsill lined with perfumes. The VS Now is a really good one that I love for the frangipani and the orchid, but it’s quite fruity as well. Very tropical-I’m a huge fan. I used quite a bit yesterday at work, in fact.

The two gift sets are nice, as I am planning on traveling and I gave away a lot of my BBW stuff (and plan to give away/use even more). I had already used a full travel thing of the Girls Night Out (a peony/waterlily blend), so this is a good way to keep it on hand. And Secret Charm is a very light blend of honeysuckle and apple. The shimmer lotion, however, disappointed me greatly, as instead of a nice, even shimmer I got a gritty shimmer that I could feel. It felt more like a sugar scrub, to be honest.

Who knows, I may do one more haul to try and get a bottle of Heavenly Stardust. Maybe a second bottle of Dream Angels Wish, and some lotion too (I’m in love with that fragrance, I got the 4 ounce bottle and have put a dent in it already). There is one interesting piece of news, though: Halo is back permanently, or so it seems. It was on the shelves right next to Heavenly and Divine, so yeah. Good times.

VS Half-Yearly Sale!

1 January, 2011

So the sale doesn’t start til either tomorrow or Monday-not exactly sure which. The timing was a bit difficult with this one, but that’s life! However, when I went today to the one in downtown (I needed to kill some time), they had all the beauty sale up and ready, as well as a little bit of the lingerie sale.

So what went on sale? There’s a ton of Beauty Rush makeup, including some glitter eye gels and the denim lipglosses, for 75% off. All Dream Angels Wish, aka my favourite Dream Angels, is 75% off as well (I bought the four ounce bottle). Very Sexy Now, Very Sexy Dare, and SLT Ooh La La are all 75% off as well, as is whatever was left of that Naturals line. I almost got a second bottle of my beloved Cashmere, but I think I’ll be fine.

I know in the 50% off area, there’s the Heavenly Stardust or whatever it was, the Christmas version for this year. I didn’t see what else, but I think some of the Pink frags might be in there as well. A lot of the gift sets were 40% off, and then the discontinued Garden/Beauty Rush bodycare is 3/$12 or 6/$20. I need to avoid as I have boxes and boxes of stuff-literally. I may stock up at the 75% off sale, but for now I think I am fine. I do have to say, though, the Pretty in Pink that I stocked up on last time is one I am loving to death-I keep a bottle of the splash on my desk for whenever I need to fragrance myself and it’s such a nice, light, girly fragrance.

As for what I bought? I bought the giant bottle of Wish (almost bought a second, but that’ll last me ages considering how much perfume I have), as well as a bottle of Very Sexy Dare. Blood orange and freesia? Yes please.

Black Friday 2010

19 November, 2010

It’s a week away-and I’m so excited! I mean, call me a crazy silly American, but I love getting up early to get bargains before going to work to sell other people bargains. It’s tradition!

Not all the ads are out-many of them don’t leak til Thanksgiving, but I honestly like it when they leak faster: it allows my mum and I to set up a game plan of where to go when, and I can compare prices and figure out what I want. Let’s face it: there isn’t much I NEED at this time that goes on sale, as I haven’t moved out of my parents’ place yet and I’m doing just fine without a television. Sure, a TV is nice, but it’s not a necessity. I do, however, always look for DVDs. When you can get a movie for the price of my normal morning coffee at Starbucks, it’s definitely worth it to stock up. Plus, I fill my movie library for a small investment. If I need something to do, I just pop one in. I don’t buy a ton of movies, but I buy ones I know I can get some enjoyment out of (a few popcorn flicks) and then some more serious movies, just to keep my mind going.

Also I may or may not be looking for a new digital camera. I might just see about getting someplace to fix it for me, but if they can’t I can just get a new one. Which would sadden me, because my camera is the same shade of blue as the Chelsea FC uniforms. Coincidental, because Samsung sponsors them.

I also stock up on clothes, being that I am a total clotheshorse-because the deals simply can’t be beat. Taking one peek in my overstuffed closet is further evidence of that, as I have so many dresses that I need a separate dress bag. When we moved into our house, we never really thought that a) I would still be living at home at 22, and b) I would end up working at a clothing retailer. Speaking of which, we have insane deals coming, which I cannot divulge. They are definitely worth getting there early for, although my mall is awesome: holiday hours are 9-9, no earlier or later. None of this “open til 11” crap. Also, though, besides me I have tons of people to buy for. My dad already has enough clothes, and he has one preferred retailer (Jos. A Banks) so a gift card would definitely suffice. I already have the bulk of stuff done for my mum, although I may get a few things here or there for her because our store’s winter sale starts BEFORE Christmas. Yes, before.  And for my brother? I’m definitely waiting for the sale, however when you have $10 everyday value jeans (that being one of the things he needs) it’s also good stock-up time.

We typically will do it this way when it comes to our shopping: leave at 5 AM, go up to the Best Buy. Right around there we have that, Old Navy, ULTA, Barnes/Noble, Nordstrom Rack (which doesn’t have special deals, but I need brassieres badly and maybe sunglasses-maybe), plus we’re a short drive to JcPenney and a fairly large mall. We then hit the store a mile from our house for their sock sale (50% off all socks until 11 AM), and then we hit my store. We may or may not hit Target also. Work til 11, off at 8-and I could very feasibly hit the other mall close to me on my way home, since they start extended hours that day also and I might need to get a few things.

My goal of being done with Christmas shopping before Black Friday isn’t going to happen-but a gift card is the perfect gift, my brother isn’t picky, and a lot of what I have to buy is small stuff.

Alrighty, this is one of those special online-only sales, because in store you have to have a card given to you by an employee. Hence, friends and family. But online? FF2010 will get you 20% off your entire purchase-and with the holidays around the corner there is a LOT of good stuff! Originally, I had planned on maybe getting myself the Temptu system. However, I’m loving MAC’s Pro Longwear so much that I don’t think I need the Temptu. Also, ULTA just sent out the 20% off coupons for prestige makeup, and ULTA has Cargo, Bourjois, Napoleon Perdis, plus the Book of Shadows 3. The downside with ULTA is you can’t use it on clearance, fragrance, Philosophy, Dermalogica, or Benefit Brow Bar services-but the brands there are more of the brands that I use, personally.

If I were to get anything, though, I would probably get the Tokidoki brush set and the Make Up For Ever beauty box. The UD Beauty in a Box is nice, but do I need yet another tube of Spandex liner?

CCO Hunting: 8 October

8 October, 2010

Well, it’s been ages since I was able to get to the CCO…and with it being payday, a day off, and decent weather, I figured there was no excuse for me to NOT go! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of interesting stuff-and even then I limited it greatly. I picked up:
Pearlmatte eyeshadow (from the Lillyland collection)
Full of Fuschia Technakohl
Haunting eyeshadow

They also had a few of the Too Fabulous blushes, a few pigments, the Style Black Glimmerglasses, the Dazzleglasses from last holiday (Should have reupped on Jingle Jangle, cause I am nearly out…love that gloss), all the Style Warriors lipglasses, and a couple Look in a Box sets from I dunno when. Oh yeah, the Rose Romance beauty powders. Keeping in mind that I am trying to shop for Christmas stuff, I skipped those for now.

At other outlets though, I did get some goods. I got a bright campshirt at the Michael Kors outlet that would look really cute belted, as well as a jersey dress. At Zales, I got a pair of pearl dangle earrings with yellow gold-very pretty, very delicate. Also picked up a new charm for my Juicy bracelet at the outlet, then got some Coach accessories for Christmas presents. Finally, Urban Outfitters had a really cute faux chandelier on clearance and I picked it up-now I just need to buy a hook so that I can hang it and I will be set.