The Rock & Republic Haul

8 October, 2009

So you know how yesterday, I was able to haul a lot of stuff for not much money? Well, I defeated that purpose and bought TWO full-price Rock & Republic products today. There were three reasons. First, I wanted them. Second, the line is indeed going out of business. Finally, it was an excuse for me to get out of the house. I know that when I primarily stay home, I sleep worse and I am bored a lot more easily.

So off I went to the mall way south of me, and it turns out? They were the only Nordstrom in the state that had them. Can you say “SCORE?” The products themselves, yes, are way high priced, BUT…they are huge. Think blushes the size of coasters. The gel liners are big-nearly everything is big, so it deadens some of the blow from the high price. Of course, paying $225 for a bronzer/highlighter duo isn’t the most sensible or feasible, but a) it has Swarovski crystals, b) you can refill it (once I get a job, this may be on my list of things to buy, along with a couple refills), and c) you get a free brush. Granted, those are little things.

And the packaging that they actually come in? Instead of a boring ol’ cardboard box, you get what looks like a black jewelry box, except it pulls off instead of having a hinge. There’s a little spot for your product as well so it doesn’t move around. When I am spending THAT sort of money for a product, though, there had better be some damned good outer packaging, and in this, R&R absolutely delivers.




Just for comparison, here is how big a R&R shadow is, compared to a MAC:


As you can see, the R&R is bigger-double the fill weight, to be exact. Read the rest of this entry »

Does the name sound familiar to you? One of the top makers of premium denim, Rock & Republic launched a beauty line last year known for its rock-inspired packaging and of course, the $225 bronzer. The line itself is a fairly small line, but give it some time and visibility and it may just grow! It offers a nice mix of neutrals, colours, and smokey shades, so everyone should be able to find something that they like. Of all the beauty brands out there, this is probably THE one I am dying to try the most.

Let’s start off with that bronzer, shall we? The bronzer is $225, and you get a free brush! No, seriously. The casing has the R&R logo on the top done over with a few hundred Swarovski crystals, over a black main part. The bronzer itself is a “universally flattering” shade, complete with your choice of highlighter, dependent on your skin tone. Benefit does a similar idea with their 10 powder, which is a bronzer/highlight, but this gives you more bronzer for your buck. The other nice thing is that you can buy powder refills for $45, which is a very smart and economical thing to do considering you just plunked down over $200 for a bronzer! Like I mentioned earlier, you do get a kabuki brush with this, which is genius. I personally cannot live without my 181 (small kabuki brush) for bronzer, and I’m glad somebody else caught onto that. This is not something that everybody will ever own, and I would have to give it a try in person-but the packaging is way cute (not tacky) and I do like the bronzer/highlight idea. Read the rest of this entry »

Alrighty, Nordstrom is now letting you pre-order the exclusive items for the Anniversary sale. If you are uninitiated to it, the anniversary sale is HUGE. We’re talking exclusive collections, value sizes, you name it! This post is going to be dedicated to cosmetics.

First up, Bobbi Brown has her “Best of Bobbi” set. It retails for $75, and features a 7-colour lip palette, a two pan shadow palette, a full-size gel eyeliner, a mini mascara, and a mini double-ended brush (eyeliner/eyeshadow fluff). While not a palette for people who like brights, this is a very good Christmas present for someone who prefers more neutral colours, or needs makeup that can go from day to night very easily. All the lip shades are muted roses and pinks, and the eye shades are a champagne and then a grey.

Trish McEvoy has a few things. First up is the Simplicity Little Black Card-a double-decker full-face palette. I normally hate full-face palettes, however the cream products are on one and the powder on another. This has a bronzer, a blush, a lilac eyeshadow, a nude highlight shade, and a navy liner on top, and then on the bottom, a concealer, two lipglosses, and a lip colour. This retails for $58, and it’s the perfect thing for when you are cramped for time and/or space. She also has a brush set that retails for $65, and you get a blush brush, a tapered eyeliner, a fluff eyeshadow, and a lip, all in a cutesy pink quilted case. Finally, there’s the Petite Makeup Planner. I actually like the idea of having makeup in a sort of planner page, and with this, you get a lip colour, an all-over shimmer powder, a blush, a bronzer, three eye colours, and an eye definer, along with a mini lip liner and a mini eye primer. This retails for $75, and again, is a great gift idea. Read the rest of this entry »