New POP Beauty Nail Glams

5 November, 2011

So the rock that I have been living under kind of got moved big-time. I hadn’t bought any polish, really, since February of this year. I think 6 bottles, to be exact: Chanel Mimosa, one of the China Glaze crackles, and four POP Beauty polishes (Pinkest, Turquoise, Violetta, and Yellow-the last three being in a set for $10 at Urban Outfitters). But when I was on vacation, I was at Nordstrom and their juniors department just happened to have the Pop Beauty polishes. Not the ones I was used to, though. They are doing something like how they have Impulse Beauty at Macy’s, in that they have a few brands presented IN the Brass Plum department. I saw Too Faced and Stila, but there could be more. I think it’s smart: get some higher-priced brands in that are still fairly accessible, and it’s great for gifting (makeup and clothes in one transaction) without the intimidating nature that cosmetics counters can sometimes have. I was intimidated for so many years…

Anyways, they had several new polishes-the Glitzes and the Metals. There are a TON of them-the Glitzes being glitters and Metals…well, you know. Here are the shades!

Aquatic Glitz-Clear base with aqua glitter as well as some pinkish and silver accents
Confetti Glitz-Clear base with large fuschia and pale pink glitter flecks
Gold Glitz-Gold glitter
Lavender Glitz-Pale blue and lavender glitters
Pink Glitz-Mixed pink glitters…could it be like China Glaze Pom Pom? Hmm…

Denim Metal-Metallic blue (reminds me of a brighter, non-suede version of OPI Russian Navy Suede-you know, with the shimmer)
Golden Metal-Metallic gold
Jade Metal-Pale metallic green
Naked Metal-Metallic beige
Ruby Metal-Metallic pinky-red
Sterling Metal-Metallic silver

Additionally, there are two other shades on the “New” section: Flamingo Hollar (looks like a fluro pinky-purple), and Pansy Purple (shimmery purple). Read the rest of this entry »

Vacation Haulage (Lightly)

5 November, 2011

Well, I just got back from another vacation, and there were quite a few interesting things that I saw! I didn’t haul as much makeup as previously…I dunno. I think I’m in a bit of a rut, either that or just burnt out because I have so much already and I need to be better at using it all.

Anyways…my biggest news is that at 5 Macy’s locations in the US (South Coast Plaza and Fashion Valley are two of them), you can now purchase Inglot! Thanks to the Impulse Beauty, there’s my favourite brand to try-as well as get the full selection (somewhat) of Urban Decay. (Flipside is NOT at ULTA anymore, as well as many Sephora locations) The thing that I found very, very reassuring is that there is very heavy demand from my fellow Washington residents-the girl at the counter said that already there had been around a dozen people wanting it in Seattle or the Seattle area-and the counter had been there for just a few short weeks. I certainly would love it, because it would mean that I could start a Freedom System as well as get more of my favourite gel liners.

Speaking of which, I got three new liners, and I love them to death! 73 is a pale purple, not quite a lavender though. It’s a bit warm-toned, but not quite a plum or aubergine, and it’s light enough to where it’s just a hint of colour (not quite the pop of my beloved 88), but it still shows quite nicely. It’s very understated. 81 is the lighter of the two oranges that they make-80 is more of a primary orange. I’m definitely a fan of this one because it’s a unique thing. I mean, who else does orange eyeliner? Not many big brands. And I’m quite certain that even fewer of them make it in a gel liner form-so I had to get it. Again, it’s a great pop of colour without being too overbearing. Finally, I got 85 which is the chartreuse. I almost got it the last time I had been down, but I decided on 87 and 88 instead. It’s really fun to do that and then one of those for a bi-coloured waterline, but also since I use a lot of greens and blues it goes well. Next time I’ll probably get one or both of the pinks, as well as the royal blue. Gotta start setting aside eyeliner money! Read the rest of this entry »

More Vacation Hauling!

25 May, 2011

So as we speak, I am getting a rare moment on my computer! Fun, eh? Well, anyways, I’ve hauled a bit, and IT FEELS AMAZING!

First off, Inglot. I was in the mood for more gel liners, and I think I rounded it out quite well. I picked up 87, which is a sky blue, and 88, which is a peacocky teal. Both are AMAZING on the waterline, the sky blue especially for brightening the eyes. They’ve already taken quite a bit of a hit! I am planning to get more before I leave, too. I highly recommend them both.

Next up, MAC Pro. I finally bit the bullet and got myself Blue Calm, which is amazing. It’s completely different from Freshwater, or for that matter, any of the other royal blues I have. As always, it requires a good amount of primer. But it’s real pretty, and I’d almost say dump Freshwater and get this. I thought that I could suffice without it-I was wrong. Big-time. I also got my latest PRO pigment-Chartreuse. It’s one of those pearl-finish ones, meaning that it isn’t as fluffy, but it’s really easy to use. I actually prefer them to the frosts, believe it or not. I’m planning on getting at least one more before I leave, maybe Electric Coral or Acid Orange. To be honest…I don’t know why it’s not at counters. I don’t know why we are deprived of the pearl finish pigments in general, because I like them better. Oh well… I did restock on Violetta as well. 7 months and it’s nearly gone! I’m not B2M’ing the tube, though, cause I like it. I am more done on Full Fuschia, but I can suffice with Show Orchid and it could end up at the CCO sometime.

Finally was a quick pop inside the Urban at Fashion Island-and they had a Pop Beauty 3-pack on clearance for $10. Apparently it was affiliated with Rye Rye, a musician. The set had Violetta, Turquoise, and Yellow-all shades I had been wanting to get. I’m going to wait to open it until I get back to town next Thursday, but I saved myself a ton of cash. The availability really varies, the Fashion Island one is big while Brea, not as much.

Oh yeah, I bit the bullet and got myself the Michael Kors Island Palm Beach. It’s definitely one that you want to get if you see it, because NOT EVEN SEPHORA HAS IT. Ulta has had it, and Bloomingdales has it. I know that the Michael Kors store at South Coast Plaza had it, but not many. I got a mini bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid as well, which is quite pricey so hooray for a mini. It’s a really fun one! I will be doing a review of the Michael Kors when I get back.

Haven’t been to ULTA in ages-but I popped in today hoping that they’d have some Sexy Hair minis that I can take when I go to California. Sadly, no dice. However, I browsed over by the Pop Beauty section-and it’s expanded! No longer just carrying a few palettes and face things, they have lashes, more lip stuff-and here is the most important thing: NAIL GLAMS! As in, my favourite polishes.

There aren’t a ton-however, my ULTA guy told me that they have been selling phenomenally, and this is sort of a test. He also knew exactly what I was talking about when I told him about Ablaze and Radioactive, so potentially there could be even more of an expansion, or best yet, the entire line carried. The ones they have so far are:

Pink Glitz-a light pink glitter.
Gold Glitz-a gold glitter. Not a bright gold like OPI Gift of Gold, and not even as bright as Dazzled by Gold. Still pretty though.
Pinkest-Eye-searing fluorescent pink.
Violetta-Eye-searing violet.
Turquoise-As the name implies, turquoise.
Ultraviolet-A muted indigo. Almost the colour of MAC Parfait Amour.
Punk’d-A true teal.
Foggy-A concrete grey.

I may have missed one, I’m just combining my memory with what is on the ULTA website. What can I say, I guess…I bought Pinkest and I am impressed. It’s a two coater that can rival some of the China Glaze or Essie neons, and the only gripe I have is that it shows off how much my nails have been stained. I have been a fan of Pop Beauty polishes, or at least the look, for ages, and when I finally got myself Ablaze and Radioactive I haven’t been able to stop myself from singing their praises. A nicely-edited range of colours (no “twenty different reds”) that are true to the look in the bottle, B3Free, and not animal-tested? Sign me up. Especially considering the fact that Zoya is only carried in some seasonal displayers at ULTA, and China Glaze is much cheaper elsewhere.


Oh, in other Pop Beauty news, there are three new polishes: Baby Blue, Raw (a pale clover green), and Sunny (a yellow that isn’t as bright as Yellow). All are currently sold out on the website, however has them.

Pop Beauty Sale!

13 August, 2010

Okay, I know they did one a while back, but right now they’re doing 25% off your entire order with the code POPMagnet (for their Magnet primers). Definitely, you need some of the nail polishes, but also try the Eye Shapers for great value. I love them for adding stuff to a look.

Okay, so this is another excuse for me to get more of the Nail Glams-from now until the 20th of June, you can use code POPSummer to take 30% off your ENTIRE order on the Pop Beauty website.

Other things I recommend? Try one of the eye kits for a great gift, and the Day to Play looks quite fun as well. Also the new jelly jar lip balms are so tasty. The Sunny Day Bouquet and Cabaret Bouquet are great all-over palettes, with the lipglosses being sequestered.

I was VERY, very lucky to recently get my hands on two of these (and I have a third on the way)! Here in the states, these are very difficult to find-ULTA, which is the only local stockist for Pop Beauty, carries very little-and predictably, none of the nail polishes. Good thing that there’s a website ( that carries these, and with their recent F&F event I picked up Ablaze, Radioactive, and Yellow (that one being backordered).

The range of polishes is very tightly edited-and if you love colour, you’ll be very happy. Last fall they released three new shimmery/pearly brights (Ablaze, Brave, Radioactive) plus Twinkle, a silver glitter. In all 21 shades, there is ONE nude (O’Boy), three reds, and three pinks. Yeah, I love it.

Price-wise, these are on the level of most of the prestige makeup brands, retailing at $14 US for a half-ounce bottle where I bought them (but with free shipping) and $10 on the official website (no word on shipping). The bottles themselves are a basic rectangular bottle, which I personally love as opposed to the OPIs and China Glazes of the world, meaning a smaller footprint on my overcrowded desk.

Now onto the shades. I will try and get a swatch of Radioactive, but because it is so bright it is VERY difficult to photograph and get the shimmer at the same time.

Ablaze is a bright orangey-peach with a blueish shimmer to it. That alone, to me, is worth the price, because I have never owned a peach/orange with blue shimmer. Typically it’s gold, silver, or something closer, so the contrast is appreciated. This applied very well and nearly totally opague in two coats, which delighted me. Drytime is relatively good on these, too. Now when I say bright, I mean it-there is no skimping at all on this. It was very hard to get the colour right, but I chose this swatch because I felt it best brought out the blue shimmer.

Radioactive (swatch to come later) took more work. To me, it’s a definite three-coater because it is so bright and thus, a smidge thin, although we aren’t talking about the Essie neons or anything like that. This is, in all its glory, an unadulterated neon green. Not quite rave green, more like a grass green, green apple, or bright Easter green amped up twenty degrees. It does have a green shimmer to it, which I love as it helps set it far away from the pack. It does take a bit longer to dry-I had to add a fourth coat on my left and third on my right to get it so that the sheet marks were relatively minimized.

With both of these, they did dry a smidge flat, being that they are just below neon on the brightness level. One swipe with OPI DS topcoat, though, and all is taken care of.

So my honest verdict? I’ll have to get some more shades to see how good things are, especially creams and so forth. For now, though, these are definitely the sort of thing that you should check out.

Well this is the big Mum’s Day ad, with all sorts of fun exclusives! Also, if you’re a club member, it has your rewards certificate. I was only level 3 this time, but I’m gonna use it to get myself a nail polish. Hello, new Essie’s! My no-buy continues for two more weeks, though, but no worries!

Starting out, it’s the free tote with fragrance purchase-get a free faux-croc tote in one of 5 colours: pink, lime, sky blue, goldenrod, or white. I have to admit, I kinda like this-but these do tend to get marked down a few months later, so I can definitely wait. Heck, one of the local ones STILL has those hurricane jars from the winter. Anyways, the new ones featured are Beyonce’s Heat, Versace’s Versus, Bebe’s new self-titled EDP, Givenchy’s Ange ou Demon Le Secret, Bvlgari’s Blv II, and Escada’s Marine Groove. Marc Jacobs Lola isn’t technically new-it’s been out for almost a year. Sarah Jessica Parker also has her new SJP NYC, with fairly affordable prices (2 ounce is $49). Ralph Lauren has a summer edition of the Romance fragrance, at $78 for a 3.4 ounce jug-and with a $75 Romance purchase, you get a free tote and rollerball/lipgloss trio.

Of course, there are a lot of sets, and I will list them here:

Calvin Klein Euphoria: 3.4 ounce and .5 ounce EDP, 3.4 ounce lotion, $80
Christian Dior J’Adore: 1.7 ounce EDP, 1.7 ounce lotion, and a little purse, $79
Clinique Happy: 1.7 ounce perfume and 2.5 ounce body lotion and body wash with a matching bag, $49.50
Clinique Happy Heart: 1.7 ounce perfume and 2.5 ounce body lotion and body wash with a matching bag, $49.50
DKNY Be Delicious: 1.7 ounce EDP and 3.4 ounce lotion, $55
Donna Karan Cashmere Mist: 1.7 ounce EDT and 3.4 ounce lotion, $60
Ed Hardy Ed Hardy: 3.4 and .25 ounce EDP, 3 ounce lotion and shower gel, $75
Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers: 3.4 and .25 ounce EDP, 3 ounce lotion and shower gel, $75
Elizabeth Arden Red Door: 1.7 ounce EDT, 3.3 ounce body lotion, 3.3 ounce body wash, and .33 ounce parfum, $49.50
Jessica Simpson Fancy Love: 3.4 ounce EDP, 6 ounce body lotion, $59
Juicy Couture Couture Couture: 1.7 ounce EDP, 4.2 ounce lotion and body wash, $75
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy: 1.7 ounce EDP, 4.2 ounce lotion and body wash, $75
Marc Jacobs Daisy: 3.4 ounce EDP, 5 ounce lotion, and two bath fizzies, $80
Prada L’eau Ambree: 1 ounce EDP and 1.7 ounce lotion, $58
SJP NYC: 2 ounce EDT, 6.7 ounce lotion, and a reversible tote, $54
Vera Wang Glam Princess: 1.7 ounce EDP, 5 ounce lotion, and a coordinating clutch, $65
Vera Wang Princess: 3.4 ounce EDT, 2.5 ounce lotion, rollerball/lipgloss duo, coin purse, $78

Moving into the makeup, Eco Tools, ULTA brand, ULTA Professional, and Japonesque all have their brushes B1G1 50% off. Also all ULTA brand makeup-the cosmetics, tools, and minerals-are B1G1 free. Obviously not including the professional brushes or clearance, ditto on colour kits. L’Oreal mascaras and eyeshadows are 2/$10, L’Oreal lip colours and lipliners are 2/$12, and foundations and primers by them are 2/$16. Read the rest of this entry »

Black Friday Shopping

27 November, 2009

This, in all honesty, is the first year I’ve ever done the actual Black Friday running around. The closest was my senior year of high school, in which we hit three stores total. This? Way better. The last three years I worked opening shifts and so all my shopping was done on breaks or afterwards. But this year? Shop before, baby!

Mom and I left the house at 5:15, and headed up to Best Buy. No way in heck either of us were camping out, and it was pretty cold. No rain, luckily. The store was jam-packed though, and I came in for one thing: Brutal Legend on PS3 for my brother, because I needed to get him taken care of. They also had other video game bargains, and we got Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii as well as Sonic Chronicles for the DS for $10 each. The DVD’s, though, were the star. We got some $4 flicks (Sideways, Capote) and some $7 ones (Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Role Models) because DVD’s can add up, and they were movies I wanted to see anyways. The line was insane-be prepared to wait up to an hour in line. But totally worth it!

Next stop was JcPenney, and we mainly went for the free snowglobe that they ran out of. They did have some good deals, but most were after mail-in rebate. A lot of places had that, actually. Still annoying as hell, though. After that was ULTA, where deals were a bit more scarce. They had the weekly ad deals plus a few doorbusters, but it was really nothing spectacular. I only bought two things-one of the BE sets that was $10, and Essie Bright Tights, as I had been wanting it since I first saw it. My mum got both the face and the eye sets, but the eye one for me? Meh. However, I have a few new lemmings. First up is the Napoleon Perdis Gold Digger Glimmer set, featuring three shimmer pots and a brush for $25, as well as the lipgloss set which is $28 (or in that range) for five glosses). Second is the Smashbox Wish brush set, which is a set of five travel brushes (angled face, slant eyeliner, large eye blending, eye fluff, eye tapered) in a pink hard case with $1 of the sale going to Children’s Miracle Network. It’s $49-so about the same as the MAC sets-but the quality is so amazing. Finally, POP Beauty has the Lid Neon palette for $22. Granted, it’s all matte so it’s bound to be a bit chalky but if you use a good primer, I can only imagine how crazy it would be. Read the rest of this entry »

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? Don’t worry, I’m not really either. After three Christmases in a retail environment where gifting was a key focus, I am liking to NOT hear Christmas music and see as many decorations. I’m liking to take my time and who knows, maybe ENJOY the holiday season perhaps?

But ULTA has some good stuff this time, and on the front page, there’s a deal: two free hurricane vases with a $30 fragrance purchase. They’re the sort of thing that can be filled with satsumas or nuts and easily given as a gift, or used as a centerpiece for Christmas dinner. I plan on buying some perfume once I get a new job, and this is the sort of thing that I could pack away for when I move out (whenever that may be). And inside? Lots of new fragrances. No, there is none of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Incanto Bloom (releasing in March) or Escada’s Marine Groove (Nordstrom exclusive til next February or March). But there’s Lancome’s Hypnose Senses (sounds like potentially a floral version), Versace’s Versense, and more. There’s also a new formulation of Dolce & Gabbana’s The One-a rose version, which sounds promising. Estee Lauder has some sets for Christmas. There’s Day by Day sets for both Beautiful and Sensuous that have a 1.7 ounce of both perfume and lotion, and they retail for $48 and $52, respectively. If you like minis, well the EL folks have you covered on that, as for $29.50 you can get a set with mini EDP sprays of Pleasures, Beautiful, Sensuous, and Pure White Linen. As far as other gift sets go…Donna Karan has a Cashmere Mist set that is $60 and gives you a 1.7 EDT and 3.4 lotion. Calvin Klein has a Euphoria set which is $65 for a 1.7 EDP and 6.7 lotion. Ralph Lauren has a Romance set that is $65, and you get a 1.7 EDP, a mini EDP, and a 6.7 lotion. Dior has a J’Adore set with a 1.7 lotion and a 1 ounce EDP for $60-but you do get a little cannage clutch with it, which is WAY worth it for a cannage-a-holic like myself.

Clinique has a set for $49.50 in the Happy fragrance which is a 1.7 perfume, a 2.5 lotion, and then a perfume rollerball/Bonfire gloss dual-ended wand. For men, there’s several things. A Black by Kenneth Cole set retails for $72, and you get a 3.4 and a .5 EDT spray, a 3.4 aftershave gel, and a 2.6 deodorant. There’s an Euphoria Men set for $72 which has a 3.4 EDT and aftershave splash, and for $2 more you can get a Givenchy Play set in the same sizes and products. Back to giftsets, though. For $90, there’s a lovely Viva La Juicy set which is a 3.4 EDP and 4.2 lotion and shower gel. A Be Delicious (DKNY) set with a 1.7 EDP and 3.4 lotion is $55, and then two exclusive to ULTA sets: a Daisy set for $65, which has a 1.7 EDT, 2.5 lotion, and mini EDT rollerball; and a Princess (Vera Wang) with a 1.7 EDT, 2.5 lotion, and a shimmer body powder brush.

Not exactly perfume, but Ed Hardy has a brand new makeup palette for women, complete with stage lights. It’s $55, and it looks like six shadows, six lipglosses, a bronzer, brushes, and so forth. BUT WAIT! If you are an Ed Hardy fan like me, the next two pages are full of WIN. Yes, there are now Ed Hardy appliances for your hair! For $99.95, you can get a 1″ flat iron, a hairdryer (both in off-white with the geisha, which is my favourite Ed Hardy design by far…hell I have the geisha shoes), or a travel tool kit (a mini hair-dryer, diffuser, and then something else which I have a feeling is a mini flat-iron, or a groomer tool). There’s also hairbrushes, hair accessories, and for $25, a flat iron pouch.

Moving onto makeup, all of the cheapie colour collections (translation: beauty blockbuster palettes), as well as Caboodles traincases and selected cosmetic bags, are B1G1 50% off. There’s a B2G2 mega mix/match on ULTA brand merch-bath, smoothies, body swirl creams, cosmetics, minerals, haircare, and brushes/makeup tools. Of interest are the ULTA LE holiday scents-four Smoothies (Gingerbread Cookie, Cinnamon Roll, Candy Cane, and Cranberry Tart) and three regulars (Vanilla Nutmeg, Winter Berries, Sugar Plum Dreams). On B2G1 free? Revlon cosmetics, Almay cosmetics, Nicole by OPI, Borghese nail stuff, Sally Hansen lip and nail products, and my favourites-OPI and Essie. Sadly you can’t combine brands, as always, but hey, it’s time to stock up. Again. I kinda need to ignore this whole no-buy thing:) There are also some OPI sets for $14.95 that have two of the holiday polishes and then a free bracelet.

All L’Oreal, Olay, Neutrogena, and then stuff from Lumene, Yes To Carrots, Jergens, and more are 15% off. There’s tons of value sets, too-a free 3 brush set with $12 Physician’s Formula purchase, a free Shape/Shine nail tool with $20 Tweezerman purchase, an $18 ULTA Minerals traincase, a $13 ULTA shadow palette, a $15 ULTA 10-gloss set, and more. Onto B1G1 50% off-NYX, Bonne Bell, Cover Girl, Eco Tools, Neutrogena, Carmindy by Sally Hansen, Ardel, Maybelline (face and lip), Rimmel/Rimmel Underground, L’Oreal, and Japonesque. Burt’s Bees, meanwhile, has several value sets, including a mani-pedi set (just add your favourite OPI or Essie polish) for $20.

Speaking of which, when the heck is ULTA going to put China Glaze on sale? Grr…then again, they don’t carry jack squat as far as CG goes. My biggest suggestion is expand the China Glaze range tenfold, and see sales grow.

Anyways, I love candles, and there’s a deal where if you spend $30 or more in Yankee Candle you get a 3.7 Cranberry Peppermint (yum) jar. Also, the Christmas Wreath, Christmas Cookie, and Home For the Holidays scents are B1G1 50% off. There are plenty of gift-y things next, such as a Snuggie knockoff (designed to be a blanket that happens to have sleeves, not something that makes you look like a fashion victim or roadkill…heh) and thick, thick socks. The latter one actually sounds really good, but Fred Meyer traditionally does 50% off all socks on Black Friday, and let me tell you my order: ONE OF EVERYTHING NEON. Neon and fluffy are my two favourites.

In bodycare, there’s a $20 Ahava set in a photo-frame box with shower gel, hand cream, body lotion, and foot cream, in what looks to be full-sizes. H2O Plus has a $20 set of 4 of their 4-0unce body balms, and if you like ULTA Bath stuff you can get your choice of three scents in two colours of bag for $15-the set has shower gel, lotion, creamy body wash, and hand cream. Selected holiday bath sets are 25% off, too. Anthony Logistics, meanwhile, has a starter set for $40, and Dermalogica has a men’s shave set for $35. The Anthony Logistics set is actually the sort of thing I would get my boyfriend-get him some really, really good skincare.

Finally, onto prestige cosmetics. This ain’t a thin ad, let me tell you. Unfortunately this is a rewards-cycle ad, and let’s just say all my money was spent AFTER the cutoff. Grr. I will definitely be at level 5 at the very least, though, between everything. Anyways, back to the ad. For $18, you can get an oh-so-cute little Bare Minerals lip palette, with five shades. Totally something that I’d get for my mum. There’s also a Jewel kit for $54, which has Citrine Radiance all-over colour, Yellow Sapphire and Smokey Amber eyecolours, Deep Amethyst liner/shadow, Pink Tourmaline blush, Cranberry Sorbet gloss, and three brushes-a flat-top buffer, a liner brush, and a shadow brush. Definitely the sort of thing I may have to eventually get, even though I wouldn’t use many of the eye colours (admittedly). Studio Gear has a free tote with $35 purchase, and that Carribean Sea shimmery powder looks quite lovely. Cargo has a $30 set with Paris shadow palette, Boogie Nights eye pencil, a Face/Body sparkle, and then a gloss quad. The quad actually looks quite pretty-a greyish-blue, a copper brown, a gold, and then a greyed lavender. Too Faced has the Queen For A Day kit which is not my sort of thing colour-wise, but a great value nonetheless. Benefit, meanwhile, has great deals galore. The Celebutante kit is $34, and has 2 mini lipsticks, a mini lipgloss, mini High Beam, mini Benetint, two of their Velvet shadows, a dual-ended Fluff/Talent eye brush, the Dallas powder, and their mini powder brush, all for $34. Totally cute, but I would get zero use out of it. There’s also a lipstick trio for $18-in full sizes, natch. The Powderazzi set is cute, with minis of Hoola, Dallas, and Coralista in one box for $30. Fnally, for $26, you can get a trio of dual-ended gloss wands.

Smashbox, for Christmas, is doing the Wish collection, with a portion of the proceeds from the items in this paragraph going to the Children’s Miracle Network. For $59, you can get their answer to cheapy blockbuster palettes. It has 64 eyeshadows (meep), 8 cream liners (and a damn good range of them, too), 6 Brow Tech powders, one Brow Tech wax, 8 lipglosses, 2 blushes, one “complexion brightener”, one bronzer, one highlighter (please be Softlights), and four brushes-a shadow, liner, brow, and lip. As much as I hate those sorts of things, I love the colour range, and it’s for a good cause. Anywhoo, the other sets include a $29 lipgloss set with six assorted glosses, a $44 Eye Wish palette with 16 shadows and an eye primer, a $39 Photo Finish set (full-size and mini), and a $20 set with a Softlights, Lash DNA, and something else that I can’t put my finger on. Grr.

Bourjois has some of their shadows in special packaging-and this is cool, it’s all vintage Paris-inspired stuff. You also get a free cosmetic bag with $25 purchase, which will come in handy when I have to rebuy my mascara. Napoleon Perdis has a free tote bag and Chandelier Shine lipgloss/nail polish duo with a $25 purchase from the holiday collection, which will get its own review here in due time. Pur Minerals has a Chisel brush free with 4/1 pressed powder purchase, too. Urban Decay, meanwhile, has the Book of Shadows Volume 2, which if you don’t already have it you have to buy, as well as the 24/7 Super Stash. Side note-the Super Stash liners are WAY smaller than even the minis in the other sets. Buy at your own risk.

LORAC has two sets-a Couture Shine gloss collection for $22.50 with 5 shades, and a $30 palette with 8 shadows, 2 blushes, a gloss (tube-form), and a dual-ended liner. It says the palette is a $180 value, but I dunno where they got that. Something I can understand more though is POP Beauty’s Cabaret Bouquet box, which is $29.50, and looks like a funky palette at first. You get a wavy eyeshadow quint, two different face powder things…but wait! Pull on the side drawers, and you get bronzer and then 8 lip shades. Totally buying this. Also there’s the Stila Lipglaze set for $25, which has 4 LE shades and 4 best-sellers. Need to go under $20? Too Faced has the Glamour to Go 3, with 8 shadows, 4 glosses, and a blush. Cargo has a 5-piece set of Boogie Nights eyeliners. Stila has a Kitten set with a mini Kitten glaze and then all-over shimmer, but most exciting is POP Beauty’s Pin-Up Pop set for $10, which is a 12-shadow palette.

Elizabeth Arden has a 7-piece gift with $24.50 purchase, including a giraffe-print tote, capsules, and more. Peter Thomas Roth has a free deluxe sample of Un-Wrinkle foundation with any purchase, and there’s plenty of value sets-a $45 Sue Devitt eye pencil trio, a $35 Anastasia brow/lash set (definer, highlighter, mascara), and a $99 Stri-Vectin set. Dermalogica, meanwhile, has five Try-Me kits (anti-aging, normal to dry, normal to oily, dry, and sensitive, plus you can get a Dermalogica treatment in the salon for only $30 if it’s your first time.

In skincare, you can get a Cosmedicine Normal or Oily skincare set for $25, featuring cleanser/toner in one, an exfoliator, and a moisturizer. Kinerase has a $90 set with Extreme Lift Face, Intensive Eye Cream, and Ultimate Day Moisturizer. Murad has a 30 Day Acne Complex kit for $36 with cleanser, spot treatment, exfoliating gel, and perfecting lotion, plus you can get a mini Pomegranate lip cream with any Murad purchase. Boscia has a $45 travel set, plus a free sample of the Vital Daily Moisture SPF 15 with purchase. Exuviance has a free sample of Evening Restorative Complex with purchase, while Mario Badescu has a free sample of Hyaluronic Eye Cream with purchase. There is also a new Vitamin C serum for $45, but I’m happy with my Avon (which I’ve forgotten completely about, oops). Perricone, meanwhile, has a Youthful Skin Prescription set for $75, with face wash, toner, face firmer, and moisturizer, plus a packet of the ceramic skin smoother with any Perricone purchase.

Onto haircare (this is a 64-page ad, and we’re only at 48 folks), duos and trios from Redken, Matrix, Nioxin, Biosilk, Chi, and Paul Mitchell are B1G1 50% off, as are Rusk, Joico, and Bed Head gift sets. Blow has a free travel kit with $30 purchase, Alterna has a free 1.5 ounce Caviar working spray with full-sized product purchase, Kenra has a hairspray duo for $15, and Oscar Blandi has a dry shampoo and dry shampoo spray duo for $22. The last one, I am actually interested in, because I have been wanting to see if dry shampoos are really all that they are cracked up to be.

John Frieda and L’Oreal Vive Pro haircare is B1G1 50% off, and Nexxus liter duos are $30. Pantene is 3/$10, and L’Oreal Excellence to Go haircolour is $7.50. Selected hair accessories are 25% off, as are the Hairdo by Jessica Simpson bands and wrap-around ponytail.

Selected grooming tools and mirrors are 20% off…including electric razors. Yum. I do need to get a lighted mirror, though, bcause if I get my actual vanity working, I won’t have access to my power strip, so no light:( On a better note, ULTA is now carring the InStyler, which is a styling tool that “does it all”. Doesn’t do my dishes, so it can’t do it all…okay, all joking aside, it says it straightens, curls, smooths, or flips in just minutes. Zoe has a 1″ flat iron or a dryer in the polka-dot pattern for only $30, and the coordinating brushes 25% off. CHI has the 1″ ceramic flat iron for $100, the FHI 1″ black flat iron for $80, the Ken Paves 1′ digital flat iron or hairdryer for $80, and Rusk has their Speed Freak dryers, Go Green dryer, and 1″ flat iron for $80 as well. Hot Tools has the Tourmaline Lite hairdryer for $60, and the Ceramic Ti flat irons are $40. Sedu has a 1″ Revolution flat iron for $140, but you get a free mini styler. Hot Tools has the Pinkie mini flat iron (1/2″) for $25, and Revlon has their 1″ Perfect Heat straightener, with bonus 1/2″ straightener, for $20. All Revlon hot air stylers are $40 as well. The Perfect Heat Ceramic Straightener by them is $25, but this is the pink one. Remington has the Wet 2 Straight and Wet 2 Style irons for $25, and Conair has the Infiniti You (a straightening/curling iron) for $30. FHI has their Go 1″ flat iron for $50, in many colours. Oh yeah, more Zoe stuff…pink/white dryer, flat iron, or slim flat iron for the $30. Ultra CHI 1″ flat irons are $120, and they come with a free nail polish, base coat, and thermal pouch. Seven colours to choose from-a turquoise or pink polka-dot, a red damask, a pink leopard, a gold dot, a black/red dot on white, and a fuschia dot.

On the back cover there’s a 5/$5 mix/match-some ULTA Bath stuff, some mini CHI/Biosilk silk therapy poducts, some hair accessories, some ULTA Cosmetics, some fun nail clippers, and more. In a nutshell, stocking stuffers, and for the most part, stuff I would not use. Except for the bath fizzies, cause those are awesome.

Me? I’m sticking to my OPI’s and Essies.