Escada Repromotes

19 December, 2011

While browsing the ULTA site this morning, I saw something very interesting indeed: 1-ounce sizes of Sexy Graffiti, Island Kiss, and Rockin’ Rio. They were in the new design bottles, and for $43, a hell of a deal if there ever was one. It shocked me a lot though, but it makes very good sense. Sexy Graffiti can command a pretty penny on the auction sites, and while I was able to get the latter two for half off retail a few years ago, I still use a lot of them so if I come close to running out, I may have to buy some more.

Now the one thing I don’t like is that they are in the new bottles. I’m such a huge fan of the older heart-style bottles, so seeing the smoother bottles is just…a downer. I almost would pay the $150 for a set (lotion, perfume, and bag) at a little perfume store at a mall south of me just so that I could have the awesome bottle.

It also is an interesting way to go about the holiday season, because it is typically when the new fragrance will be released. I know it’s when I bought my Moon Sparkle, and Taj Sunset came out right before the Christmas rush last year. Instead of launching a new one of these, they can bring back three VERY popular fragrances from the past, while also focusing on the “non-summer” ones, as they have been doing lately with a launch of at least one a year.

On that note, though-I have my ULTA coupon, and I’m getting my bottle of Sexy Graffiti today (hopefully). I also hope that they please, please, PLEASE bring back Ibiza Hippie. That and my Michael Kors fragrances are my signature ones. And my Lolita Lempicka, too…that’s a different story though.

This is a sort of brief review, as I am basing this on one testing-but with the Michael Kors, I need just one to tell typically what the important things are. Today was the trying day-and I have to say that I need it! Of course, any Island fragrance is automatically a must-have for me. But this one? It comes with a different intensity that none of the prior ones have had. Surprisingly it was not ULTA that had it, but rather Sephora inside a JcPenney.

Anyways, it’s $65, and the bottle this time has an indigo tint at the bottom.

The perfume itself, on first spray, smelled like an earthier, woodier version of Palm Beach. At least I thought so. I got a definite orange note, and then some creamy woods with a little jasmine mixed in. One spritz seemed on the lighter side to me, so I spritzed a second time. That’s the thing with some of the Michael Kors fragrances: you need to spritz twice just because it seems so light (especially with my body chemistry). It’s definitely something that may seem similar to stuff I already have, but this is not by any means fruity. It’s got the orange tang to it, which my nose certainly loves:)

The drydown though is quite amazing. I had my dad smell it and he said “Wow, that’s intense”. It’s a really nice sandalwood with a little musk in it, but you still get a tiny hint of the orange and rose in there as well. It’s definitely the sort of thing that makes this a unique fragrance, and one that will go for all seasons: it’s not too heavy for the summer, but the creaminess of it just screams “Bundle me up in a robe!”. A good 3 hours after the initial spray I am still getting the drydown on my wrist, so it’s definitely a good one to go with.

It isn’t a very complicated fragrance at all-and that’s one of the things I love about it: simplicity in that you’ll have a little floral in with the orangewood, and then it’ll be a musky sandalwood on the drydown. It’s one that I know I will be wearing a lot, and if I had one gripe, it would be to have a little more tropical floral notes in it. Otherwise, I think this is a good one to own! I do have to say, give it a try first, because I don’t think it will be everybody’s cup of tea.


Michael Kors Island Very Bali

25 November, 2011

So let me start this with a bit of a rant: I am obsessed with the Palm Beach Island perfume. I’ve used a significant portion of a bottle in a short period of time, and it’s the cat’s meow. It’s the one perfume that my dad actually likes of everything that I own-and yet for such fragrance gold, it was given a woefully small release. I guess that’s a good thing, though, because nobody else I know has it. I can be unique, and put it this way: it’s very me. Time to lay off it for awhile and get back to the Lolita Lempicka and Hypnose-the cool weather is calling for them.

Anyways, while looking on the ULTA site I saw that they ALREADY have the new Island fragrance up. I can already say that I’m going to love this-and what I love even more is that they’re taking this in a completely different direction as opposed to the early ones. Capri, Fiji, and Hawaii all were variations of fruity-floral (at least from my recollection), and Hawaii is one that did NOT work for me. I still want Capri though… Bermuda was different in that it was unabashed floral, and that’s what I love. I’m still working my way through it, but to me it represents pure, unadulterated glamour. I literally could do a month with just Bermuda and Palm Beach. And we already know my thoughts on the latter…:)

The website, anyhow, says that it has rose and jasmine notes before drying down to orangewoods. I am hoping to get to ULTA today to not only Black Friday shop, but smell this-and I’m thinking this is going to be a smidge similar to Bermuda, but earthier and woodier. I also know this is available at Macy’s…my brother knows what to get me for Christmas:) It’s a higher price than usual-$65-but with all the varying factors that go into perfume pricing I am honestly not surprised one iota at that. A full review will come once I can, you know, actually smell it. But for now…at least we know that we have an Island awaiting.

ULTA Black Friday Ad

25 November, 2011

So, looks like I found something for Black Friday after all! I don’t know how much of this is just for the weekend or not-but there’s some really good stuff! In list form, shall we?

Benefit powder duo (Thrrrob and Georgia)-$19
Urban Decay deluxe mini duo (Pore Perfection primer and All Nighter spray)-$14
Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer minis-$9
Bare Minerals face powder/gloss duo-$10
Free 1 oz Hope in a Jar with $50 Philosophy purchase
ULTA Artist Blockbuster-$16.99
Conair curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer-$9.99
Tarte trio (Lights Camera Lashes mascara, plus a full-size lipstain and mini cheekstain)-$19
ULTA mini blockbuster-$9.99
Oscar Blandi dry shampoo duo-$15
ULTA Professional travel brush set-$9.99
Free Dermalogica mini set with $50 purchase
Selected TIGI Tweens-$6.99
JP Pet holiday set-$14.99
OPI holiday minis-$7.50
BOGO Organix haircare
Smashbox Be Discovered blockbuster palette-$45
Ultra CHI Holiday flat irons-$80
Stila Smudge Stick liner duo (gold and silver)-$9.99
Benefit duo (Eye Bright and BadGal Lash)-$29
L’Oreal Lash Boosting kit-$6.99
20% off all Fekkai haircare
ULTA Bath holiday sets-$7.99
Selected Profusion kits-$4.99
Earth Theraputics pedicure kit-$9.99
ULTA mini nail quads-$2.99
LORAC Cream Shadows-$12 (if it really does contain 6, then I’m getting this as a Christmas present for my friend)
5/$5 on select stocking stuffer things
B2G2 on ULTA Bath, Candles, Smoothies, Anti-Bac, Brushes, Cosmetics, Beauty Tools/Implements
Free ice bucket/glasses with $30 fragrance purchase
Free bag with large Calvin Klein fragrance purchase
Free red croc tote with $39.50 Elizabeth Arden fragrance purchase
Free bag with $75 Ed Hardy fragrance purchase

I’m hoping that the Benefit powder duo is around by the end of the day-that for me, and the LORAC for my friend.

BBW Hauling

24 June, 2011


Yes, I actually bought stuff from there! I honestly haven’t shopped there a ton since I left the company-but I figured, why not? They don’t know me, and I can gab with the associates about the era I came from (ie red sale buckets, the debut of Fresh Lemonade, and so forth) so that they know that I can shop in peace. But I was down at a mall in the south end of Seattle today (I had gone down to visit the southernmost of my company’s stores in the state, and I know a lot of the folks who work there) and as I left, I figured it’d be good for me to check it out. And so I did-and ended up coming away with quite a bit for not a lot.

They had the Butterfly Flower stuff all 75% off. It was the first fragrance that launched after I left the company, and I actually quite liked it! I picked up a bottle of the lotion because I have been using quite a bit of lotion recently, and I figured for that, I’d break my no-buy. I may have to go back and try and get an EDT of it, too.

Then there was the White Citrus, which I had never tried but I knew I’d love it. I loved Pearberry, Rich Citrus Cream, and all those sorts of things-and this is definitely heavy on the citrus, but a smidge creamy. I liked it so much, I picked up the lotion, shower gel, and EDT. I have a feeling it may be either a) discontinued, or b) special packaging, because they had Moonlight Path and Japanese Cherry Blossom in those bins as well, but in special packs also.

Finally, I picked up a bottle of Blueberry Pancake foam soap. I love the foam soaps-they’re all that I use! Plus they make a great makeup brush cleaner-and it was 75% off, to boot. I may have to buy a couple additional ones:)

So for my latest perfume pick up…this! I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so when I saw this I had to buy it immediately! (Well, the next day, when I got paid). Of course, I have to like the scent-which I do!

This is, if I recall correctly, the fifth Sexy Little Things fragrance, after the original, Ooh La La, Noir, and Tease. I do have to say though-this is the one that appeals to me. First of all, I like a great fragrance that can work for the summer. This is one of those. It’s a fairly non-offensive one, with apple blossom and freesia to open it before becoming a typical musky vanilla. And the vanilla comes on fast to make it creamy and delicious. The freesia stays like it always does-light and airy. Is it anything unique? Not really. The freesia does give it a bit of sophistication, though-it smells very mature, from what I can pick up after constant wrist-sniffs.

It isn’t terribly long-lasting, either-but sometimes that’s okay. It’s a perfect at-home, errand fragrance for me (one that I wear when I am just going out and about), since work is pretty much the Michael Kors. (Best. Money. Ever. Spent.)

The packaging is what sold me, though. It’s an atomizer-style bottle with hot pink metallic squeeze ball, and the glass itself fades from a bright purple to the bright pink. I am a sucker for atomizers, but they have to be stored carefully-ie my atomizer of Aquolina Tweety spilled once, into my knicker drawer…after I realized that I am not so keen in the scent. Too much patchouli, but that’s me. I hate patchouli. I just wanted the bottle.

All in all, I have to say that for the $12 I paid for it, it was worth it. Full-price worthy? Not really. But still nice.

VS Sale Update

18 June, 2011

So I finally got a chance to go into a couple different VS stores in the last few days…and here are my observations!

First off, the big thing is that all the Secret Garden bodycare is being repackaged…AGAIN. Meaning that the old stuff is the typical 6/$20-and hopefully meaning that it will go 75% off in a few weeks. Hence, why I am holding out. For now.

I noticed that Supermodel was on 50% off-so I have a feeling it’s going bye-bye. Hopefully it goes 75% off, so I can get myself a few bottles. (On the website, it is…so I may be making a few trips to other VS stores in the near future.) On that note, I am glad I stocked up on Wish, because it’s not back this sale.

On the 75% off, there wasn’t much interesting-but the one good thing was Sexy Little Things Vixen, which isn’t that bad of a scent. Of course, the packaging won me over, because it’s got an atomizer! The bottle is a purple-to-pink gradient as well-so definitely a vanity display piece, one that I will be refilling with other stuff once it’s done. As far as the scent goes-it’s a different review. I quite like it though. At the other store I went to, the only thing on the 75% were the Attractions. The Wild One is decent, but I don’t need anything. The downtown Seattle store is getting completely redone-and it’s about time, since while it was charming it was still back in the late 90’s look of the pink boudoir. It had some fun things though…but I’m excited for there to be more.

As promised from weeks ago, here’s my review on the new Michael Kors!

In one word, AWESOME.

Let me explain. Typically, I am drawn to fruity-florals with something different. I don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing-I want something different. Big reason why I tend to like Lolita Lempicka fragrances. This? It’s not a fruity-floral. It’s a fruity green-and it’s amazing. I knew I wanted it from the time I heard there would be a new Island fragrance, and I debated whether or not to buy it, because the price tag is steep ($62). Eventually, I was on vacation, and I broke down and bought it because I had birthday money from my mum, and my dad and brother said no to buying it.

The perfume itself is quite simple, and that’s where I get the appeal: grapefruit and orange top notes, maybe a little lemon in there. There’s also a little green-I’d say verbena-and then a smidge of vanilla in the drydown. But it’s not overly synthetic! That’s the big thing, is that many perfumes can tend to smell very fake but this? Nope. It’s the perfect anytime fragrance, the fragrance I will wear in “no fragrance” zones, a fragrance my dad won’t complain about. It’s an ideal summer fragrance because of its freshness and relative lightness, but knowing the Michael Kors fragrances it has decent lasting power.

Like all the other Island fragrances, it comes in the rectangular, squat glass bottle with rectangular cap.

This has fairly limited availability, compared to other fragrances like Very Hollywood: Sephora and Nordstrom do NOT have it. ULTA has it, Bloomingdales has it, not sure about Saks or Neiman Marcus. Michael Kors stores do have it, though.

Final word? BUY IT.

Another VS Sale Haul

17 January, 2011

…and just above $40, with tax, for all of it!

Yes, with the sale winding down, more and more stuff goes on sale, and I definitely was able to reap the rewards of it. Here’s what I got:

Wish Pink and Hope Pink EDTs
Very Sexy Now EDT (the leopard one)
Girls Night Out gift set
Secret Charm gift set
Secret Charm shimmer lotion

The EDTs have the cutest packaging ever-as a packaging junkie, I have to say I love them to death! They’re definitely display-worthy, as I have my entire windowsill lined with perfumes. The VS Now is a really good one that I love for the frangipani and the orchid, but it’s quite fruity as well. Very tropical-I’m a huge fan. I used quite a bit yesterday at work, in fact.

The two gift sets are nice, as I am planning on traveling and I gave away a lot of my BBW stuff (and plan to give away/use even more). I had already used a full travel thing of the Girls Night Out (a peony/waterlily blend), so this is a good way to keep it on hand. And Secret Charm is a very light blend of honeysuckle and apple. The shimmer lotion, however, disappointed me greatly, as instead of a nice, even shimmer I got a gritty shimmer that I could feel. It felt more like a sugar scrub, to be honest.

Who knows, I may do one more haul to try and get a bottle of Heavenly Stardust. Maybe a second bottle of Dream Angels Wish, and some lotion too (I’m in love with that fragrance, I got the 4 ounce bottle and have put a dent in it already). There is one interesting piece of news, though: Halo is back permanently, or so it seems. It was on the shelves right next to Heavenly and Divine, so yeah. Good times.

VS “Wish Pink” Review

17 January, 2011

As part of my most recent haul at the VS sale, I picked up a bottle of this. Figured that for around $7.50, it wouldn’t be a bad one to own, and plus I really liked the bottle. I get it home? It is very similar to a lot that I already have, but I still love it. In fact, the main notes (peony and vanilla) were in one of the PINK bodycare fragrances that I picked up at the previous Half-Yearly sale. Still though, you can’t beat it.

The perfume (EDT) is 1.7 ounces, but the packaging is really interesting: it’s a heart shape with the sprayer at the bottom, and the cap is the base for it. There’s a funky peace sign on the bottle, too, but the look alone makes it stand out amongst my collection. I’m considering getting the peach/tiare flower one and dumping the fragrance (I can’t do peach) just so I have the funky bottle.

The perfume itself, though, is very similar as I said before to a lot that I already have. That one other PINK one, Warm Vanilla Sugar from BBW, and even the Cashmere Parfums Intimes one that I got last time-all of them are similar to this. It is a very non-offensive fragrance, though, that would be designed to appeal to the younger audiences that tend to lap up PINK as a whole, and the price point seems to reflect that.

All in all, it’s a nice one to have for just at home, but it’s nothing really spectacular or out of the ordinary. Very comfortable, though-so it’s definitely a pajama fragrance for me.