Holiday Nail Collections

16 October, 2010

Well, it’s officially the 15th of October, meaning that it’s open season for the holiday products to start releasing! For me, I wish they could do more for Halloween, but the collections this year are actually quite great and well, if Burlesque is any indication, I’m screwed royally:)

Let’s start with that one, shall we? I got to see a preview chipboard of it back in August, and now it is finally available at some locations (little beauty supply stores) as well as etailers. It is not at ULTA yet (I think they may be holding it til beginning of November) and it wasn’t at Beauty Works either. Boo. It is one of the best OPI collections in a long time though, and honestly there is not a colour that I can readily say “Skip it” on. Between 6 glitters and 6 chrome-y shimmers, it’s very on-trend, with the trend being nails with megawatt shine.
Simmer & Shimmer-Pale blue glitter
Show It & Glow It-Fuschia glitter
Sparkle-iscious-Multicoloured glitter
Glow Up Already-Green glitter
Bring On The Bling-Gold glitter
Extra-va-vaganza-Peachy orange glitter
Tease-y Does It-Burgundy shimmer
The Show Must Go On-Deep fuschia-pink shimmer
Rising Star-Shimmery gold
Take The Stage-Dark orange shimmer, and when I first saw this, the one I knew would be the standout of the collection.
Let Me Entertain You-Fuschia shimmer
Ali’s Big Break-Glowy red shimmer

The mini sets, though, do not have any of the glitters, although there are some duo sets with freebies. One of them has the two golds, along with a cosmetic bag. I know there were more at the beauty supply, but I didn’t pick them up since I’m waiting for a B2G1 free sale.

Onto Orly, where it’s a six colour collection that more than likely will be at Sally’s and other retailers by the first of November. The colours are as follows:
Candy Cane Lane-a red creme
Rockin’ Rocket-a red shimmer
Winter Wonderland-I’m guessing a pearly white shimmer.
Meet Me Under The Mistletoe-a green with silver shimmer. Definitely different from Emerald Sparkle.
Glitz & Glamour-a very metallic gold.
Naughty & Nice-I’m guessing a blackened burgundy.

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So another day, another paycheck-and there are some smart buys in here, believe me!

Let’s start out from the treasures at work. I picked up:
A pair of camel high-waisted shorts
Three sweaters and two dress shirts for my boyfriend-they’d been marked to $5 each!
A sequinned jacket
A feathered earring and necklace pairing
Two packs of white flower hairclips
A floral short-sleeve puff-shoulder shirt
Leopard-print flats

Total damage, between all that? Under $80.

But I wasn’t done with shoes yet! I went Payless-hunting for Champion’s offshoot of the FitFlop, which is priced at $25-I went all the way to Burien for them! And since it was BOGO, I got a pair of jewel-detail flats for a whopping $4. I’m replacing all my shoes for the most part, so it’s nice to fill the closets for cheap. Hopefully the Champion flats work as well as the others I own…

Beauty-wise, I did damage. I broke my NP no-buy a week and change early, with several polishes, and added EVEN MORE!:
OPI Crimson Carol
OPI Bronzed to Perfection
Essie Splash of Grenadine
Essie Lapis of Luxury
Essie Turquoise & Caicos
Essie Sexy Divide
Sephora OPI Just A Fairy-Tail
Sephora OPI It’s Bouquet With Me
Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond
China Glaze Watermelon Rind
China Glaze Sexy in the City
China Glaze Frostbite

All of that was just under $60, however I’ve been blessed with more hours and more hours=more money. I also picked up two little bottles for mixing polishes to get my own shades-so far, I have a lovely creamy yellow with a hint of frost. I also just made up a gorgeous orange, mixing OPI In My Back Pocket, Atomic Orange, and DS Treasure. I may add a little bit more of Treasure, as it’s not great on its own but with polishes like this it rocks.

At MAC, I did NOT get the glosses or blushes, like how I intended! Shocker, I know. I did pick up Luscious Spark Dazzleglass Creme (which I absolutely love-it turns Show Orchid into a gorgeous red, and on its own it is so non-sticky and lovely), as well as pans of Goldenrod and Parfait Amour. I need a new palette, though-I have run out of space on my current pair of quads. My 15-pan is still lost (aka somewhere in my bottomless pit), but I’m trying to find it as of NOW.

I hit TJ Maxx also in search of some great newbies, but nothing cosmetic wise or nail wise. I did, though, find a bottle of Sexy Hair’s Flip It Over for $9, and then for $20 I finally got a bottle of Lolita Lempicka Fleur de Corail. It’s definitely different than L, in a good way. It’s more summery, more floral. I’m a Lolita Lempicka fanatic, though, so of course I would love it!

Nordstrom Rack led me to leave with two things. First up was a totally-rhinestoned Betsey Johnson headband for $11. Score! The other was a set of three Stila mini smudge pots, with a brush, for $13. Can’t complain there, now can we?

I am saving money though, as my birthday is a week from Sunday and I need money to buy my fancy meals, hit the outlets, and more. Woot!