Napoleon Perdis Ocean Review

25 December, 2010

This was the latest beneficiary of the ULTA 20% off everything coupon-since I spent so much between Christmas, the new MAC stuff, and the sale at work, I could only get one item. I figured this would be good, even if I wouldn’t use the lipgloss, and well…I struck gold. If you bought the set, you got a free lip balm (pot form, but a shell pot-way cute) and cosmetic bag. It was also 25% off the original $39 retail price-and then I had a coupon. I got the whole thing for just around $26-for an eye quad, a blush duo, and gloss. I love deals like that:)

This was part of the Swept Away collection, the summer collection for the brand (keep in mind, NP is based in Australia so it’s high summer there…lucky), and thus everything is beachy-themed. This set, the Ocean set, is packaged nicely in a little mirrored box that is perfect to be displayed on its own. Three pieces-I had high expectations, and I have to say that they were met!

Starting out with the eye quad, I was hoping for shimmery shades or at least nice mattes, because I have another NP quad that is all mattes and chalky would be a gross understatement to describe it. This? Four lovely shimmery shades, all with decent pigmentation. It’s a very complete quad-a nice white highlight shade, a pale green that is a kicked-up Aquavert, a midtone blue-green duochrome that I would love to see MAC release something similar to, and then a navy blue. You do need to prime with all these, bien sur-but it’s a great quad, especially considering that I am on a blue-green kick as of late. This is definitely one that I would buy on my own, but sadly it is exclusive to the set. Read the rest of this entry »

New Napoleon Perdis Stuff

4 November, 2010

Okay, I was totally browsing on Zappos-looking for some good vegetarian-friendly (leather-free) shoes, when I saw some NP stuff! Okay, sign me up right away. Not only that, but a lot of (seemingly) new stuff as well.

First up are the Tropical Heat boxes, which coincide with the fact that it’s summer soon in Australia, where the brand is king. These are a super-insane value. A Prismatic shadow quad? Normally $35-ish. These are $39, and you get a Lip Veil AND a Cheek to Chic duo in there also. I like the Ocean set, with the pink blush and blueish eyes, but it has a “sheer shine” lipgloss which promptly is throwaway for me. The Sand set is neutrals, while the Coral set is coral on cheeks and lips, while the eyes are pink, purple, silver, and gold. I’d take that one the most!

There’s also the Swept Away gift set, which is also $39, and it has a shimmery, coconutty body lotion and then a giant bronzer. Perfect for faking a glow, although my tan has already faded. Grr!

If you’re in the market for brushes, there’s a Great Escapes brush set for $79, and it pretty much runs the gamut. I’d go far enough to say that this is great for someone just starting in makeup-it has both eye and face brushes. You get a mascara spooly (also great for brows and for adding streaks to hair), a large powder brush, a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a slanted eyeliner brush, a blending brush, a crease brush, and then a shadow brush.

New Napoleon Perdis

18 September, 2010

Alrighty, there are a lot of great new things, and some of these look so awesome I’d almost put off getting the Book of Shadows 3 in order to get these! (Okay, not exactly)

First up are the new Colour Discs, a range of over 30 ultra-pigmented and paraben-free shadows, with a range (shimmer, glitter, matte, metallic) of finishes. Retailing for $25 and looking to be quite sizeable, I know that I already want Tequila Sunrise, Ruby Slippers, Pink Slink, Infinity Pool, and Wild Sunflowers. Tequila Sunrise especially…*drools* If it’s a brighter version of Rock & Republic Scorch, then we may have a New Best Orange Shadow.

Also in crazy bright pigmented things for $25 are Eye Dusts, and these are a loose powder in a jar. The interesting thing is that to get it out, you shake the container while it’s closed-open it up, and it dispenses enough powder for one application. I’ll have to see it, to see how it works, but the shade range is awesome as well. Contrary Canary and Jaded Genie will be MINE. Million Dollar Mermaid looks interesting as well, and Fuschia Shock is a given considering my love of neon pinks.

There’s a $50 anniversary palette with 15 lipglosses, however it isn’t available (yet). Since I am beyond gloss, this is skippable however you never know.

It’s no secret that I love me some gel liners-and Napoleon Perdis, thankfully, has just released some new ones that have piqued my interest in the best way. Featuring seven shades, they run $25 a pop, so definitely not the cheapest ones out there (Fluidlines are $10 cheaper apiece), but I have high hopes because after all, it is NP.

There are seven shades in this, and they are:
Heaven-I’m guessing navy.
Equinox-Probably black.
Silver-A silver-grey
Teal-A dark teal
Copper-A rich bronzey shade

These are available on the Napoleon Perdis website right now, so pick them up! I hope they arrive in ULTA stores soon, cause I want to test them out.

Well this is the big Mum’s Day ad, with all sorts of fun exclusives! Also, if you’re a club member, it has your rewards certificate. I was only level 3 this time, but I’m gonna use it to get myself a nail polish. Hello, new Essie’s! My no-buy continues for two more weeks, though, but no worries!

Starting out, it’s the free tote with fragrance purchase-get a free faux-croc tote in one of 5 colours: pink, lime, sky blue, goldenrod, or white. I have to admit, I kinda like this-but these do tend to get marked down a few months later, so I can definitely wait. Heck, one of the local ones STILL has those hurricane jars from the winter. Anyways, the new ones featured are Beyonce’s Heat, Versace’s Versus, Bebe’s new self-titled EDP, Givenchy’s Ange ou Demon Le Secret, Bvlgari’s Blv II, and Escada’s Marine Groove. Marc Jacobs Lola isn’t technically new-it’s been out for almost a year. Sarah Jessica Parker also has her new SJP NYC, with fairly affordable prices (2 ounce is $49). Ralph Lauren has a summer edition of the Romance fragrance, at $78 for a 3.4 ounce jug-and with a $75 Romance purchase, you get a free tote and rollerball/lipgloss trio.

Of course, there are a lot of sets, and I will list them here:

Calvin Klein Euphoria: 3.4 ounce and .5 ounce EDP, 3.4 ounce lotion, $80
Christian Dior J’Adore: 1.7 ounce EDP, 1.7 ounce lotion, and a little purse, $79
Clinique Happy: 1.7 ounce perfume and 2.5 ounce body lotion and body wash with a matching bag, $49.50
Clinique Happy Heart: 1.7 ounce perfume and 2.5 ounce body lotion and body wash with a matching bag, $49.50
DKNY Be Delicious: 1.7 ounce EDP and 3.4 ounce lotion, $55
Donna Karan Cashmere Mist: 1.7 ounce EDT and 3.4 ounce lotion, $60
Ed Hardy Ed Hardy: 3.4 and .25 ounce EDP, 3 ounce lotion and shower gel, $75
Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers: 3.4 and .25 ounce EDP, 3 ounce lotion and shower gel, $75
Elizabeth Arden Red Door: 1.7 ounce EDT, 3.3 ounce body lotion, 3.3 ounce body wash, and .33 ounce parfum, $49.50
Jessica Simpson Fancy Love: 3.4 ounce EDP, 6 ounce body lotion, $59
Juicy Couture Couture Couture: 1.7 ounce EDP, 4.2 ounce lotion and body wash, $75
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy: 1.7 ounce EDP, 4.2 ounce lotion and body wash, $75
Marc Jacobs Daisy: 3.4 ounce EDP, 5 ounce lotion, and two bath fizzies, $80
Prada L’eau Ambree: 1 ounce EDP and 1.7 ounce lotion, $58
SJP NYC: 2 ounce EDT, 6.7 ounce lotion, and a reversible tote, $54
Vera Wang Glam Princess: 1.7 ounce EDP, 5 ounce lotion, and a coordinating clutch, $65
Vera Wang Princess: 3.4 ounce EDT, 2.5 ounce lotion, rollerball/lipgloss duo, coin purse, $78

Moving into the makeup, Eco Tools, ULTA brand, ULTA Professional, and Japonesque all have their brushes B1G1 50% off. Also all ULTA brand makeup-the cosmetics, tools, and minerals-are B1G1 free. Obviously not including the professional brushes or clearance, ditto on colour kits. L’Oreal mascaras and eyeshadows are 2/$10, L’Oreal lip colours and lipliners are 2/$12, and foundations and primers by them are 2/$16. Read the rest of this entry »

Now we have seen makeup companies doing collections based on hair colour, on skin tone, and nail companies doing astrological collections-but this may be one of the first times I can recall that a makeup company has done an astrological collection! This is a small collection featuring four of the Prismatic Eye Quads, in Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. I have one of the quads, although not an Astro Girl one-and it’s definitely quite nice. I really wish more people could get to know the NP brand, as it is one of my favourites. Plus, you have to love the man himself! Please note that while there are the signs for each one, anyone can wear any of them.

The first quad, Fire, is the Aries, the Leo, and the Sagittarius. The shades featured are a reddish copper, a dark gold, an indigo purple, and then representing the moon, a soft pink to highlight and blend. This is a really unusual looking blend of shades-but it could be perfect if somebody typically just wears neutrals as all of these can amp a look like that up like nothing else.

The second quad, Earth, is also really unusual. Representing the Taurus (me!), Virgo, and Capricorn, it features a brilliant royal blue, a metallic olive green, a lighter, more grassy green (think two steps up from Aquavert), and then…a coral. Yes, you read right. A coral, which is supposed to represent the sun. No complaints there, though, because I love the corals.

The third quad, Air, is the one I am lemming the most. Representing Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, there’s a bright yellow, a salmon pink, a bright lilac purple, and then a gunmetal grey definer, representing the moon. This is a quad that has shades that I normally wouldn’t pair together, but it’s actually really good inspiration for me. I may have to do an online order for this one!

Finally, there is the Water quad, representing Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. This is probably the most demure of the bunch-featuring a silver-tinged white, a charcoal grey, and a turquoise, with a soft midtone pink as the sun shade. This is the one I would use the least if I bought it, even though it is beautiful.

The thing I love about the NP quads is not only the value, but the workability. The quad I have is all mattes and yes, a bit tricky at times (you need to prime with these, no matter what), but you can very easily blend. For the artist in me, I love these quads-and $35 is not that bad, considering other brands charge way more. The order of must-haves for me is Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, and there is a great deal on the NP website until the 13th of March: order an Astro Girl quad, and get a Luminous Lip Veil for free, limit one per client.

The one and only beauty-related Christmas present I got, this is something I had been hardcore lemming for a good 5-6 months-and it is now mine. To be honest? THIS ROCKS!

First off, the quad is all matte shades. I don’t typically like mattes, but a lot of people do, and it’s nice. There is some chalkiness, yes, but using a primer helps alleviate a whole lot of that. You’re also getting a lot of product for your money-each shadow is about 2 and a half TIMES the fill weight of a MAC shadow. Granted, MAC shadows are a harder shadow as opposed to a softie like a Chanel, but these are a great value.

The four shades in the quad are a white, a bright purple (think MAC’s Purple Shower), a royal blue (similar to the base colour of Freshwater), and a canary yellow. It seems like an odd mix at first, but the beauty of this quad is that you can do a lot of blending and mixing to come up with way more colours. The white is also good for doing gradients-you can put the white down on half the lid and then blend the colour, or you can make awesome greens and indigos. The yellow is clearly the standout shade, but the rest are great, too.

The one thing I am not as much a fan of is the fact that it has sponge-tip applicators. Many people love them, I don’t. I never let that deter me though from a great product, and you get four shadows for $35 that are fairly easy to work with. If you have a primer, that will make things better and as Mr. Perdis himself says, “to not prime is a crime”.

This is one product that I am definitely going to get more quads of in the future-there are neutrals, lights, smokeys-a little something for everybody. I have my something, and it’s the brights. This is a must-have if you love brights, mattes, or both. No questions asked.

You can find it at pretty much any of your local ULTA stores.