Outlet Hauling (7 December)

7 December, 2011

Today, I hit the outlets for the first time in 7 months. It wasn’t intentional, not going for that long-it was just between vacation, work, youth group stuff, and not having a whole lot of time-the multiple busses to shop weren’t feasible.

But I got up there today, because I needed to do a little Christmas shopping-and that I did!

First off, at the Kate Spade store, I picked up one of the little piggy coinpurses for my best friend. I was pleased to hear that they are vinyl, and that there are quite a few things they do that have no leather on them whatsoever-the girl told me to just ask them the next time I come up. Definitely a fan; it’s hard finding a good bag that isn’t leather, and I quite like Kate Spade. I may have to come back and get myself a piggy coinpurse as well, since they have bright pink. It was under $20, also, which made it a great buy.

At the Juicy outlet, I treated myself to a charm. It was a little bottle of sunscreen, but it was $16 so I couldn’t resist. Ironic thing is that my bracelet is missing somewhere in my room, so I haven’t been able to put it on there yet. (That, and the pumpkin pie charm that I got several weeks ago) I could have bought way more, but I hate spending a ton of cash. They had a really cute charm that was a dog in a bubble bath though.

Finally, at the CCO I picked up a couple shadows for my friend-Her Alter Image and Sky Blue. I could have bought a lot for myself-they had Amazon Princess blush (from Wonder Woman), about 20 pigments/glitters (including Bright Fuschia, meaning I should come back and get it), as many if not more eyeshadows (Surf USA is one I almost got-that and Vibrant Grape. Also could have gone for a backup of Sky Blue), beauty powders…lots of good stuff. I got myself one beauty powder though-Light Sunshine. They had a bunch of Michael Kors Island Palm Beach, including a set for $50 that had a bonus. Definitely will have to get it; I’m halfway done with my bottle. Ah, the pains of Christmas shopping. Worst part is I still have quite a bit more to do.

I was happy though because the local nail supply had two bottles left of OPI DS Perfection. I picked up one, to go in the package down to California, and may have to get the other along with the last bottle of DS Original. Just to have backups, ya know?

This is a sort of brief review, as I am basing this on one testing-but with the Michael Kors, I need just one to tell typically what the important things are. Today was the trying day-and I have to say that I need it! Of course, any Island fragrance is automatically a must-have for me. But this one? It comes with a different intensity that none of the prior ones have had. Surprisingly it was not ULTA that had it, but rather Sephora inside a JcPenney.

Anyways, it’s $65, and the bottle this time has an indigo tint at the bottom.

The perfume itself, on first spray, smelled like an earthier, woodier version of Palm Beach. At least I thought so. I got a definite orange note, and then some creamy woods with a little jasmine mixed in. One spritz seemed on the lighter side to me, so I spritzed a second time. That’s the thing with some of the Michael Kors fragrances: you need to spritz twice just because it seems so light (especially with my body chemistry). It’s definitely something that may seem similar to stuff I already have, but this is not by any means fruity. It’s got the orange tang to it, which my nose certainly loves:)

The drydown though is quite amazing. I had my dad smell it and he said “Wow, that’s intense”. It’s a really nice sandalwood with a little musk in it, but you still get a tiny hint of the orange and rose in there as well. It’s definitely the sort of thing that makes this a unique fragrance, and one that will go for all seasons: it’s not too heavy for the summer, but the creaminess of it just screams “Bundle me up in a robe!”. A good 3 hours after the initial spray I am still getting the drydown on my wrist, so it’s definitely a good one to go with.

It isn’t a very complicated fragrance at all-and that’s one of the things I love about it: simplicity in that you’ll have a little floral in with the orangewood, and then it’ll be a musky sandalwood on the drydown. It’s one that I know I will be wearing a lot, and if I had one gripe, it would be to have a little more tropical floral notes in it. Otherwise, I think this is a good one to own! I do have to say, give it a try first, because I don’t think it will be everybody’s cup of tea.


Michael Kors Island Very Bali

25 November, 2011

So let me start this with a bit of a rant: I am obsessed with the Palm Beach Island perfume. I’ve used a significant portion of a bottle in a short period of time, and it’s the cat’s meow. It’s the one perfume that my dad actually likes of everything that I own-and yet for such fragrance gold, it was given a woefully small release. I guess that’s a good thing, though, because nobody else I know has it. I can be unique, and put it this way: it’s very me. Time to lay off it for awhile and get back to the Lolita Lempicka and Hypnose-the cool weather is calling for them.

Anyways, while looking on the ULTA site I saw that they ALREADY have the new Island fragrance up. I can already say that I’m going to love this-and what I love even more is that they’re taking this in a completely different direction as opposed to the early ones. Capri, Fiji, and Hawaii all were variations of fruity-floral (at least from my recollection), and Hawaii is one that did NOT work for me. I still want Capri though… Bermuda was different in that it was unabashed floral, and that’s what I love. I’m still working my way through it, but to me it represents pure, unadulterated glamour. I literally could do a month with just Bermuda and Palm Beach. And we already know my thoughts on the latter…:)

The website, anyhow, says that it has rose and jasmine notes before drying down to orangewoods. I am hoping to get to ULTA today to not only Black Friday shop, but smell this-and I’m thinking this is going to be a smidge similar to Bermuda, but earthier and woodier. I also know this is available at Macy’s…my brother knows what to get me for Christmas:) It’s a higher price than usual-$65-but with all the varying factors that go into perfume pricing I am honestly not surprised one iota at that. A full review will come once I can, you know, actually smell it. But for now…at least we know that we have an Island awaiting.

As promised from weeks ago, here’s my review on the new Michael Kors!

In one word, AWESOME.

Let me explain. Typically, I am drawn to fruity-florals with something different. I don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing-I want something different. Big reason why I tend to like Lolita Lempicka fragrances. This? It’s not a fruity-floral. It’s a fruity green-and it’s amazing. I knew I wanted it from the time I heard there would be a new Island fragrance, and I debated whether or not to buy it, because the price tag is steep ($62). Eventually, I was on vacation, and I broke down and bought it because I had birthday money from my mum, and my dad and brother said no to buying it.

The perfume itself is quite simple, and that’s where I get the appeal: grapefruit and orange top notes, maybe a little lemon in there. There’s also a little green-I’d say verbena-and then a smidge of vanilla in the drydown. But it’s not overly synthetic! That’s the big thing, is that many perfumes can tend to smell very fake but this? Nope. It’s the perfect anytime fragrance, the fragrance I will wear in “no fragrance” zones, a fragrance my dad won’t complain about. It’s an ideal summer fragrance because of its freshness and relative lightness, but knowing the Michael Kors fragrances it has decent lasting power.

Like all the other Island fragrances, it comes in the rectangular, squat glass bottle with rectangular cap.

This has fairly limited availability, compared to other fragrances like Very Hollywood: Sephora and Nordstrom do NOT have it. ULTA has it, Bloomingdales has it, not sure about Saks or Neiman Marcus. Michael Kors stores do have it, though.

Final word? BUY IT.

More Vacation Hauling!

25 May, 2011

So as we speak, I am getting a rare moment on my computer! Fun, eh? Well, anyways, I’ve hauled a bit, and IT FEELS AMAZING!

First off, Inglot. I was in the mood for more gel liners, and I think I rounded it out quite well. I picked up 87, which is a sky blue, and 88, which is a peacocky teal. Both are AMAZING on the waterline, the sky blue especially for brightening the eyes. They’ve already taken quite a bit of a hit! I am planning to get more before I leave, too. I highly recommend them both.

Next up, MAC Pro. I finally bit the bullet and got myself Blue Calm, which is amazing. It’s completely different from Freshwater, or for that matter, any of the other royal blues I have. As always, it requires a good amount of primer. But it’s real pretty, and I’d almost say dump Freshwater and get this. I thought that I could suffice without it-I was wrong. Big-time. I also got my latest PRO pigment-Chartreuse. It’s one of those pearl-finish ones, meaning that it isn’t as fluffy, but it’s really easy to use. I actually prefer them to the frosts, believe it or not. I’m planning on getting at least one more before I leave, maybe Electric Coral or Acid Orange. To be honest…I don’t know why it’s not at counters. I don’t know why we are deprived of the pearl finish pigments in general, because I like them better. Oh well… I did restock on Violetta as well. 7 months and it’s nearly gone! I’m not B2M’ing the tube, though, cause I like it. I am more done on Full Fuschia, but I can suffice with Show Orchid and it could end up at the CCO sometime.

Finally was a quick pop inside the Urban at Fashion Island-and they had a Pop Beauty 3-pack on clearance for $10. Apparently it was affiliated with Rye Rye, a musician. The set had Violetta, Turquoise, and Yellow-all shades I had been wanting to get. I’m going to wait to open it until I get back to town next Thursday, but I saved myself a ton of cash. The availability really varies, the Fashion Island one is big while Brea, not as much.

Oh yeah, I bit the bullet and got myself the Michael Kors Island Palm Beach. It’s definitely one that you want to get if you see it, because NOT EVEN SEPHORA HAS IT. Ulta has had it, and Bloomingdales has it. I know that the Michael Kors store at South Coast Plaza had it, but not many. I got a mini bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid as well, which is quite pricey so hooray for a mini. It’s a really fun one! I will be doing a review of the Michael Kors when I get back.

Alrighty, this is one of my favourite times of the year because this means beauty exclusives GALORE. It seems like all the big brands bring out the big guns, and this year is no exception. I’m going to do this by brand, so if you have a particular brand you’re looking for scroll down and you may (or may not) find it.

Perfect Eye/Skin Set-$125 (Full Size Shine Stop moisturizer and WW Eye Cream, plus travel sizes of Ultimate Lift cream, Perfect cleansing gel, Super H serum, and Perfect mask)

Mineral hand cream duo-$20

Eye Lift set-$68 (eyeshadow quad, mini of Lash Lifting mascara, and Line Erasing serum)
Ultimate Brows set-$36 (brow enhancing serum and shaper/highlighter duo)

Anthony Logistics for Men
32 ounce Glycolic Facial Cleanser-$35
Best Shave Cream Ever duo-$35

Pink Sugar Travel Bag-$35 (1 ounce EDT, and 1.7 ounce lotion, shower gel, and scrub)

Acqua di Gio set-$70 (3.4 ounce and .16 ounce EDT, 2.6 ounce deodorant, and 1.7 ounce body wash)
Armani Code set-$70 (2.5 ounce sizes of aftershave balm and EDT, 2.6 ounce deodorant)
Travel brush set-$75

Baby Quasar
Infared Light Therapy wand-$399 (This is the sort of thing that may just have to be a Christmas present to myself, because it looks amazing)

Balenciaga Paris set-$130 (has a 2.5 ounce EDP and 6.7 ounce lotion)

Bare Escentuals
Refillable Mineral Veil brush-$35
In Fashion collection-$49 (Gold Leaf and Steel shadows, Legit liner, Gala blush, Rose gloss, double-ended eye brush, angle brush, and a burgundy bag)

Beauty Society
Enormous Lashes & Beautiful Brows set-$99 (Enormous Lash, Enormous Mascara, Brow Doctor)

Fabulous Foaming Face Wash set-$34 (has a 15.5 ounce size of the cleanser, with a mini Best of Skintentions)

Bobbi Brown
Chocolate & Navy set-$75 (Brownie lipstick, Pink Blossom gloss, Caviar Ink gel liner, Everything mascara, and a 5-shadow palette with Navajo, Cement, Copper Cocoa, Gold Bar, and Royal Navy)

By MD Skincare
Double Peel Power Plus set-$120 (Has two 30-application sets of the peel, plus a half-ounce of vitamin C serum)

Carolina Herrera
CH fragrance gift set-$90 (3.4 ounce EDP and lotion, plus a lipgloss with leather case)

Quatuor Boutons quad-$65
Coco Mademoiselle Moisture Mist-$45 (also has a rollerball and a mini bag)

3 Indispensables set-$135 (Pure Rosewater, Rice & Geranium foaming cleanser, Vital Essence)

Christian Dior
Ready to Wear palette-$54 (four shadows, two glosses, a blush, a 3-shade bronzer, and mini applicators)
Intimate Bronze Dior Addict gloss-$25 Read the rest of this entry »

Nordstrom Fragrance Festival

30 November, 2008

So today, before work, I had the chance to go to the Nordie’s fragrance event-and it is definitely something one should not miss. I’m talking save up money, do whatever you need to in order to get your perfumes. I only buy two full-priced perfumes a year and one is at this time.

So with my ticket booked a couple weeks in advance, I not only got a free lunch at the cafe (you get a little menu, and then free coffee), but the $10 I paid could be used towards my purchase. I knew I was not going to be going for the atomizer, but I would have loved it.

Then comes smelling. I had been meaning to try Angel for awhile…and let me just say, NO. Patchouli, chocolate, and tobacco together are a huge NO. The lady at the Thierry Mugler section then dragged me over to try Elle, and let me just say that I played along like a good sport because I want to be nice, and I lurve the Peony. But you get patchouli right off the bat. Elle is simply an abomination to perfumes.

The Harajuku Lovers fragrances are nice, and I would definitely buy one or two for the figurines. The fragrances are all very fruity, which is nice…but G is the worst. Ocean Lounge is what I was going to get, but I wanted to take a look around. Read the rest of this entry »