Lancome GWP at Macy’s!

18 August, 2009

Yep, it’s their GWP time again! This is probably one of the most insane GWP’s I’ve seen them do, so you may want to pay attention.

This time, it’s all about choices. Your bag? You get to choose between red, black, and blue-a vinyl oval-shaped bag with a special Lancome print on it. It’s also got a handle, so it could double as a purse in a pinch. Your lipstick? Apparently you get to pick two. Yes, two. It does not say the shade names, however this is one that would be good as the lipsticks make great stocking stuffers. Your compact? You can choose between the ubiquitous eye quad…OR get a blush duo! The blush duo, unfortunately, has little stripes of blusher which to me are absolutely useless. However if you don’t need another eye quad, this is a good way to go!

You also can choose your “beauty essential” which is either the Nutrix¬†Royal body creme, or the Bifacil eye makeup remover. I like having the eye makeup remover handy, as I can get lazy about makeup removal sometimes…but the body cream is a good way to go if you don’t need any eye makeup remover. Read the rest of this entry »

This has been out for awhile, so I’m a bit off the ball here. This is the big GWP tote and boy, is it gorgeous! The tote itself is a navy and white patent stripey tote, very beach-inspired, with hot pink patent trim, to break it up. You also get a little pink pouch/wallet thingy, which is very good to have if you are using the tote for its intended purchase.

Before I get too much further, I must mention that this is free with a $32.50 purchase. Specifically, FOUNDATION or SKINCARE. That’s right. If you buy one of the new eye quads, no GWP. Honestly I am not a huge fan of that, but that’s business.

Anywhoo, you don’t get a whole lot on the colour front. You do get two lipsticks-Nectarine and Sugar Honey. The former of the two actually looks like a nice¬†lipstick to have! It’s definitely a case of having items that anyone can use, so that no choice is necessary. Then you get their “10 day supply” of Projectionist mascara. I haven’t tried that one, and I’m definitely interested to try it out.

Finally, you get your two skincare samples-Take It Away makeup remover and DayWear SPF 15 day cream.

Yes, it’s the tote gift! Every year, around Memorial Day, Macy’s and Lancome do a GWP that involves a tote. I have my tote from two years ago and totally love it. This year, the GWP is yours with a $29.50 purchase, and the tote itself, in your choice of blue or white, is a nautical-inspired tote with contrasting colour trim and totally cute.

Of course, you get the usual samples-eyeshadow quad, mascara, and eye makeup remover. The eyeshadow quad this time has Daylight, Dirty Pink, Bikini Golden, and Couture-a great quad for the summer. Bikini Golden is a really lovely shade, and Daylight is a great matte white highlight that isn’t too chalky. The eye makeup remover is also great, and this time the mascara is Hypnose-a great one to have if you get the GWP’s and want something besides Hypnose to try. Read the rest of this entry »

(or The Bon, as us true Seattleites call it…)

As I was walking through the mall yesterday, I saw that Estee Lauder has a really nice GWP going on right now! It’s free with a $27.50 purchase, meaning that you can get all the swag for free if you buy, say, the illuminating powder.

The contents are pretty decent. You get two makeup bags-a large coral-orange and then a smaller light pink. I posted a piece awhile back about how you should never HAVE to pay for a makeup bag on its own, or at least not that much, and here you get two of the bags. Every set will include what they call the “10-day supply” of their new Sumptuous Bold Volume mascara, as well as a travel-sized thingy of eye makeup remover. Read the rest of this entry »