I know this one is a week late, but I lost the ad and just finally found it today kicking around at the bottom of my purse!

If you like Neutrogena, then you’ll want to hit ULTA, as it’s all B2G1 free. Ditto on all “salon styling/finishing products”, which equates to brands like Bed Head, Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell, and so forth. Good times. Dermalogica is also B2G1 free, except for kits-which makes it a darn good way to get stocked up on what you need. I actually work at a shopping center with a store where I get 20% off Dermalogica, and the main thing I need is the facial sunscreen so that I don’t totally age my face this next summer when I inevitably am at the beach all the time with my friends.

On the note of skincare, there’s plenty of new stuff. Murad has an anti-aging acne regimen, which looks really interesting. I am a HUGE Murad fan, and the line is broken into three easy steps: cleanse/tone, treat/repair, hydrate/protect. I still am waiting a bit to review my Murad cleanser and moisturizer, but so far, the results are showing and my face is loving it. Anywhoo, Strivectin has a new Got Wrinkles? set for $99 which has the SD treatment, the hand cream, and the new eye cream. Kinerase also has new stuff, in this case two new firming products (face cream and eye cream) that go “beyond collagen”. Hmm… Exuviance CoverBlend is 10% off, which looks to be good for the one spot on my face I need to cover but I don’t need as much else. Mario Badescu has a sample of the Herbal Hydrating Serum with any purchase, DDF has a sample of the Advanced Micro-Exfoliation cleanser with purchase, and Peter Thomas Roth has a sample of the Mega-Rich eye cream with purchase. Read the rest of this entry »

New ULTA Ad (8-21 Feb)

4 February, 2009

Well I am at the library-so I have a lot to share! First, because I always check the mail before I leave the house…I have a new ULTA ad!

Because it is the doomsday known as the 14th of February coming up, there is quite the emphasis on fragrance-and on the back cover, you can get a free sterling silver heart necklace with a fragrance purchase of $30 or more. There are two new ULTA exclusive fragrances-Jil Sander #4 and DKNY Fresh Blossom. The DKNY sounds like it might be an apple blossom fragrance, while Jil Sander is probably an amber-y fragrance. That’s just my hunch though. Also featured is Island Bermuda, which is an absolute must-have if you love florals, and Daisy’s spring edition, which has stickers as well as green flowers on the cap.

The cover itself features the Smashbox Muse collection, which apparently has sold out in some areas! The best deal to me seems to be the eyeshadow palette, which has 10 shades for $48, including a few pastels. Read the rest of this entry »

Merry MACmas!

25 December, 2008

Merry Christmas to all! I hope everybody is having a good Christmas, and that it’s been full of food, fun, family, and so forth!

So last night, I wasn’t able to get to church for Christmas Eve. All makeup done and everything-but the roads in the area SUCK. It was definitely a lot more effective to stay home and keep a car off the roads at this hour. But life goes on and figure many people would have stayed home.

But this morning was a different story-as Christmas brings beauty stuff! My brother gave me three of the MAC items on my list. I got two Reflects glitters-Purple Duo and Bronze. Purple Duo is an unusual glitter as there seems to be a pigment base in there. It also isn’t a violet as much as it is an indigo. With a primer, this could be used as a shadow. Then there is Bronze, which not only came pleasantly fully packed, or damn close to, but has amazing staying power, is smooth as hell, and is subtle but still gives a good pop of colour. I did not put Blackened Red on the list, because it comes and goes quite often…but I am seriously thisclose to getting Transparent Teal. Finally, I got Vegas Volt lipstick which is GORGEOUS. It’s an amplified creme, so the colour is rich on the lips, and the colour is a lovely coral. It is intense, but I love a good coral, so it is very welcome.

Then my mum got me a 181 brush and I am IN LOVE. It is soft like silk, and amazing for my brighter blushes as well as for skinfinishes. It is my first MAC face brush-I am holding off for the Hello Kitty brush set for the 187 and 109-and I have to say it was a good choice. Read the rest of this entry »

ULTA Black Friday Ad

27 November, 2008

UPDATE: The 2009 ad can be found here.

So I see that people have been wanting this ad-and while I did not get it in the mail, I did get an email about it waiting for me! So here goes.

Every year, Smashbox does a mini value set. This one is $20, and it has two cosmetic bags, an eye trio, a lip gloss, and then a lip pencil. I have the set from last year and while I don’t use it often, it was great. This is definitely the one that brings people into the store, especially since many don’t normally use Smashbox and use this as a way to give it a try.

There looks to be another Smashbox set too-a $12.99 set-but I can’t access all of the details on it.

A set that I did see in store today was a little Bourjois set. It’s $25, and has four of the little eyeshadows (I believe loose powder form), a mini mascara (that can be clipped onto your phone), and then a mini eyeshadow brush. The nice thing is that the brush looks to be decent quality, so it could be great for travel. I personally have not tried Bourjois but this, I will definitely be short-listing for Christmas. Read the rest of this entry »

ULTA Coupons!

25 October, 2008

So I got some coupons for ULTA in the mail, and I figured why not use them today? You know, make use of the “cushion time” that I give myself if I work on a Saturday. One was $5 off a purchase of $10 or more, but I can’t use it on prestige makeup. The other was 20% off a total purchase, and while I could have combined, why would I want to?

So I ended up getting 5 things, and I have to say, it was a very good outing.

First up, with the $5 off, were some Pixie lashes. They’re by the Fright Night brand, and they have glitter tips. I was going to get some MUFE lashes, but I completely forgot yesterday when I was downtown, so I got these for $5.79. As far as my lashes go, since they’re not for everyday wear, I’m willing to spend a little bit less on them. I haven’t tried them on yet, but I am going to do a trial run or two with them before Halloween, so that I can apply them properly and not look like an idiot. Read the rest of this entry »