ULTA Black Friday Ad

25 November, 2011

So, looks like I found something for Black Friday after all! I don’t know how much of this is just for the weekend or not-but there’s some really good stuff! In list form, shall we?

Benefit powder duo (Thrrrob and Georgia)-$19
Urban Decay deluxe mini duo (Pore Perfection primer and All Nighter spray)-$14
Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer minis-$9
Bare Minerals face powder/gloss duo-$10
Free 1 oz Hope in a Jar with $50 Philosophy purchase
ULTA Artist Blockbuster-$16.99
Conair curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer-$9.99
Tarte trio (Lights Camera Lashes mascara, plus a full-size lipstain and mini cheekstain)-$19
ULTA mini blockbuster-$9.99
Oscar Blandi dry shampoo duo-$15
ULTA Professional travel brush set-$9.99
Free Dermalogica mini set with $50 purchase
Selected TIGI Tweens-$6.99
JP Pet holiday set-$14.99
OPI holiday minis-$7.50
BOGO Organix haircare
Smashbox Be Discovered blockbuster palette-$45
Ultra CHI Holiday flat irons-$80
Stila Smudge Stick liner duo (gold and silver)-$9.99
Benefit duo (Eye Bright and BadGal Lash)-$29
L’Oreal Lash Boosting kit-$6.99
20% off all Fekkai haircare
ULTA Bath holiday sets-$7.99
Selected Profusion kits-$4.99
Earth Theraputics pedicure kit-$9.99
ULTA mini nail quads-$2.99
LORAC Cream Shadows-$12 (if it really does contain 6, then I’m getting this as a Christmas present for my friend)
5/$5 on select stocking stuffer things
B2G2 on ULTA Bath, Candles, Smoothies, Anti-Bac, Brushes, Cosmetics, Beauty Tools/Implements
Free ice bucket/glasses with $30 fragrance purchase
Free bag with large Calvin Klein fragrance purchase
Free red croc tote with $39.50 Elizabeth Arden fragrance purchase
Free bag with $75 Ed Hardy fragrance purchase

I’m hoping that the Benefit powder duo is around by the end of the day-that for me, and the LORAC for my friend.

Sephora Black Friday Deals

25 November, 2011

Okay so first off-no sighting of an ULTA ad yet, and no word on WHAT is in the VS GWP tote. I’m skipping as it’s a $65 buy-in, and I could use the money instead on Blacklist items at work, or Christmas presents.

Anywhoo, Sephora has the 10 for $10 today, and it’s a doozy. The deals are the following:

Kat Von D Adora perfume
Stila Glitz & Glam palette, with Raisin lip glaze
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara and mini MultiplEYE primer
Korres Guava lip butter (full-size) and mini body butter
Sephora Collection mini brush set
Bare Minerals trio-Glee all-over colour, a tapered blush brush, and full-size Rouge gloss
Art of Shaving 4 Elements gift set (pre-shave oil, shave cream, after-shave balm, and shaving brush) in the Lavender variety
Josie Maran Petal Pink Argan Colour Stick
Buxom Lash mascara/Chocolate Citrine eyeliner
Tokidoki Cromatico eyeshadow palettes

I’m definitely interested in the perfume; I’ll have to mosey three doors down on my lunch to see if it’s worth me buying! I’m also maybe getting one of the shadow palettes. I need more shadow like I need a hole in the head-but Adieu looks up my alley.

Good news: I have swatches for this! Quality isn’t the greatest, but my camera is working again so I got it all set:)

Tonight was the Glitter & Ice event, and the official kick-off (well early) for MAC’s Holiday collections! There is a LOT to digest in this-and the collection will set the tone for the rest of the holiday. Last year, it was the tartans. This year, it’s glitter and ice as the name implies-sparkly and silver. Quite fun, and could be more than just a holiday collection.

It’s a sizeable collection in and of itself-but since it’s white with silver accent packaging, no B2M on it.

First up we have the eye stuff-and let’s start with the Paint Pots! I am not someone whom has used these, in fact there was one time I nearly bought one and didn’t-and I don’t regret it. Put it this way: they’re the only thing that smudged as I was in the process of swatching (by bumping into the fringe curtain). Yes, I actually did all my swatching and so forth early. The perks of working in the mall! Nonetheless, there are some good colours in there.

The Mineralize eyeshadows are-dare I say it-quite nice! In fact, the one item I bought (so far) is Shimmermint, a pale green one. I did not try them wet in store, but once home I gave Shimmermint a try wet and honestly, it’s the way to go (as always). The ONE MES that I have never had to do wet, actually, is Fresh Green Mix. Over UDPP, the blueish undertones really come out to play. I then swatched it alongside the green from the Surf the Ocean Crush Metal stack and there is DEFINITE difference in the swatches. The green from the stack is way more seafoam green, while Shimmermint, next to the green, pulls VERY blue. It’s a great colour and one that I feel I will be getting a lot of use of. For an Ice Queen look? PERFECTION. I might consider Frozen Blue as well.

The Technakohls are not something that I particularly like. I rarely use pencil liners anymore (the exception being UD Flipside, aka Best Eyeshadow Ever), and my experience with these was that they just drag. They’re so stiff and not creamy that it’s impossible to get anything good. Granted, the ones I had were Full of Fuschia and Colour Matters. I don’t touch them well, ever, anymore. That being said-this is a decent selection of colours, with the one that actually seems worthy of the money being Practice Makes Perfect, a beautiful teal. Read the rest of this entry »

Urban Decay Holiday 2011

13 September, 2011

I know, it may seem like it’s slow on the beauty front, but admittedly, I haven’t been paying as much attention. All that changes with the latest Urban Decay email…the holiday stuff is online, and it is full of win. I know, it’s over 100 shopping days til Christmas, but this is great to a) buy now to take care of little things, or b) stock up for numero uno-yourself.

First up is the Book of Shadows 4, retailing at $64. 16 shadows (10 of them neutral-ish, 11 if gunmetal is neutral to you-it is to me), a 24/7 liquid liner, the curling mascara, UDPP (in a tube, thank you very much), and the mini speaker/USB cord. I have to say, my mini speaker would be used for my iPod and that’s it. Am I buying this? No. After buying three iterations of the BoS, I’ve come to realize that nobody needs that much neutral. I certainly don’t, as the most neutral I get is Half Baked and occasionally, Twice Baked for a lower liner.

Something exponentially more appealing? Professional Size Primer Potion, in a tube, for $30. Yes please!

The stashes are back with a venegance this year-starting out with the 24/7 shadow pencil stash. It features minis of Clash, Rehab, Sin, Juju, and Delinquent, which makes it a great gift. Can’t say I’d be buying it, as I am not into the chubby pencils anymore. I was before I really got into makeup-but things change. This retails for $34-so it’s a pretty safe bet.

Also we have two new 24/7 liner stashes, Naked and Electric. Naked features Zero (black), Underground (plummy brown), Bourbon (the ubiquitous brown), Demolition (chocolate brown), and Stray Dog (greyish-looking brown). Electric, meanwhile, features Perversion (dark black), Woodstock (bright pink), Junkie (cool green), Radium (royal blue), and Ransom (Parfait Amour’s UD version, but brighter and more purple-y). These have gone up in price to $32, but who cares-I want them. Specifically, two of the Electric, unless Woodstock gets made individually. One will be for my best friend, as part of her Christmas present. Read the rest of this entry »

Sure, I thought the 15th Anniversary set was going to be the big kahuna this fall for Urban Decay-but nope, tradition is tradition, and so this fall we’re getting the fifth Book of Shadows. It was recently sold at presales in San Francisco, New York, and a couple other big-city Sephoras (Seattle doesn’t count…:() and the sticker price this time? $64.

Honestly, though, I don’t know if it’s rush-buy worthy for me. There’s many reasons for that. First off, vacation time-as in getting to buy Inglot in-store. I would rather, honestly, work on a Freedom System or get a few more of their awesome gel liners. Second, the Cindy Sherman/MAC collaboration is exciting, to say the least. Granted, I have a lot already because of how much of the PRO stuff I already own. As far as the lipsticks go, I just need to be more diligent at hitting the CCO’s because I am over halfway done with my latest tube of Show Orchid (after less than three months) and I have only one tube left. (Even for Cindy Sherman, I am limiting myself to Lightscapade, Plum Bright, and Three Ring Circus. I have backups for both Violetta and Neon Orange, which I wear a lot but not as much as Show Orchid.)

But the main reason I will hold off at least til December is because I have three of them (all but the original), and honestly half the stuff doesn’t get used because it’s so totally neutral with a few brights thrown in. I have to force myself to use a neutral every time just because I hate having stuff that I won’t use. Now, the LE shades sometimes are worth it-but when I have to be careful with my makeup dollars (since they are becoming clothing dollars, and hanger dollars, and vacation dollars), I can’t just buy willy-nilly. Also, with a defined look and a collection like mine, I don’t need crap I won’t use. The $64 can buy me two Pro pigments and two Inglot liners.

I’ve also heard a few reviews and from what I hear, it’s not up to the standard of many of the other UD products, even. Tricky-to-use shadows with lots of fallout, plus instead of the traditional two pencil liners they have a mini mascara and liquid liner (hey, gotta promote the new stuff right) along with a mini speaker. I could definitely use the speaker for my iPod, I’ve been wanting a little one-but if I want a little one, I can go to the little gift shop at my mall that sells all sorts of quirky novelties and get it. Besides, I rarely use my Juicy Couture speaker, and I paid quite a bit for it.

Post-Christmas Hauling

26 December, 2010

At the mall that I work at, the sales are absolutely insane. Yes, it’s the Boxing Day rush, although many places here have sales that are extending!

For example, Juicy Couture has additional 50% off all sale items. I didn’t see much I liked, since I go for either charms or a plain hoodie, but there are tons of deals to be had. Lucky Brand had additional 40% off selected sale items, Anthro had a sale, (not at my mall, but close by) Urban Outfitters had 50% off sale items…so it goes on.

I hit ULTA at the mall I used to work at today, and the clearance was not what I hoped for-but in many ways, it was better! I picked up my first Barielle polish, Elle’s Spell, which is a red flaky glitter in a blackened red base. I also got China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, all of them $3 each. Then I looked down-and saw three of the China Glaze Party Hearty sets! I had been dying to get Party Hearty, and I got the set of three (that, plus Phat Santa and Jolly Holly) for $5. It was such a deal, I bought two!

Then at MAC, I picked up my preorder-Chez Chez Lame, New Fixation, Follow Your Fancy, and two of Neon Orange. I used my giftcard towards that but I will be doing an online order this week, since Fusion Pink is on the website as well as a few other PRO items I have been jonesing for. (Sadly, I have to do an ACTUAL PRO order, because I need pans of Bright Sunshine in the worst way) I already am obsessed with Neon Orange-it stays on like crazy. All Amplifieds should be like that!

Finally, there’s a little home store right by mine that is having their retirement sale-and all Christmas stuff was half off. For $13, I got a cute little snowflake teapot to pack away.

Napoleon Perdis Ocean Review

25 December, 2010

This was the latest beneficiary of the ULTA 20% off everything coupon-since I spent so much between Christmas, the new MAC stuff, and the sale at work, I could only get one item. I figured this would be good, even if I wouldn’t use the lipgloss, and well…I struck gold. If you bought the set, you got a free lip balm (pot form, but a shell pot-way cute) and cosmetic bag. It was also 25% off the original $39 retail price-and then I had a coupon. I got the whole thing for just around $26-for an eye quad, a blush duo, and gloss. I love deals like that:)

This was part of the Swept Away collection, the summer collection for the brand (keep in mind, NP is based in Australia so it’s high summer there…lucky), and thus everything is beachy-themed. This set, the Ocean set, is packaged nicely in a little mirrored box that is perfect to be displayed on its own. Three pieces-I had high expectations, and I have to say that they were met!

Starting out with the eye quad, I was hoping for shimmery shades or at least nice mattes, because I have another NP quad that is all mattes and chalky would be a gross understatement to describe it. This? Four lovely shimmery shades, all with decent pigmentation. It’s a very complete quad-a nice white highlight shade, a pale green that is a kicked-up Aquavert, a midtone blue-green duochrome that I would love to see MAC release something similar to, and then a navy blue. You do need to prime with all these, bien sur-but it’s a great quad, especially considering that I am on a blue-green kick as of late. This is definitely one that I would buy on my own, but sadly it is exclusive to the set. Read the rest of this entry »