Holiday Nail Collections

16 October, 2010

Well, it’s officially the 15th of October, meaning that it’s open season for the holiday products to start releasing! For me, I wish they could do more for Halloween, but the collections this year are actually quite great and well, if Burlesque is any indication, I’m screwed royally:)

Let’s start with that one, shall we? I got to see a preview chipboard of it back in August, and now it is finally available at some locations (little beauty supply stores) as well as etailers. It is not at ULTA yet (I think they may be holding it til beginning of November) and it wasn’t at Beauty Works either. Boo. It is one of the best OPI collections in a long time though, and honestly there is not a colour that I can readily say “Skip it” on. Between 6 glitters and 6 chrome-y shimmers, it’s very on-trend, with the trend being nails with megawatt shine.
Simmer & Shimmer-Pale blue glitter
Show It & Glow It-Fuschia glitter
Sparkle-iscious-Multicoloured glitter
Glow Up Already-Green glitter
Bring On The Bling-Gold glitter
Extra-va-vaganza-Peachy orange glitter
Tease-y Does It-Burgundy shimmer
The Show Must Go On-Deep fuschia-pink shimmer
Rising Star-Shimmery gold
Take The Stage-Dark orange shimmer, and when I first saw this, the one I knew would be the standout of the collection.
Let Me Entertain You-Fuschia shimmer
Ali’s Big Break-Glowy red shimmer

The mini sets, though, do not have any of the glitters, although there are some duo sets with freebies. One of them has the two golds, along with a cosmetic bag. I know there were more at the beauty supply, but I didn’t pick them up since I’m waiting for a B2G1 free sale.

Onto Orly, where it’s a six colour collection that more than likely will be at Sally’s and other retailers by the first of November. The colours are as follows:
Candy Cane Lane-a red creme
Rockin’ Rocket-a red shimmer
Winter Wonderland-I’m guessing a pearly white shimmer.
Meet Me Under The Mistletoe-a green with silver shimmer. Definitely different from Emerald Sparkle.
Glitz & Glamour-a very metallic gold.
Naughty & Nice-I’m guessing a blackened burgundy.

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Alrighty, this is one of my favourite times of the year because this means beauty exclusives GALORE. It seems like all the big brands bring out the big guns, and this year is no exception. I’m going to do this by brand, so if you have a particular brand you’re looking for scroll down and you may (or may not) find it.

Perfect Eye/Skin Set-$125 (Full Size Shine Stop moisturizer and WW Eye Cream, plus travel sizes of Ultimate Lift cream, Perfect cleansing gel, Super H serum, and Perfect mask)

Mineral hand cream duo-$20

Eye Lift set-$68 (eyeshadow quad, mini of Lash Lifting mascara, and Line Erasing serum)
Ultimate Brows set-$36 (brow enhancing serum and shaper/highlighter duo)

Anthony Logistics for Men
32 ounce Glycolic Facial Cleanser-$35
Best Shave Cream Ever duo-$35

Pink Sugar Travel Bag-$35 (1 ounce EDT, and 1.7 ounce lotion, shower gel, and scrub)

Acqua di Gio set-$70 (3.4 ounce and .16 ounce EDT, 2.6 ounce deodorant, and 1.7 ounce body wash)
Armani Code set-$70 (2.5 ounce sizes of aftershave balm and EDT, 2.6 ounce deodorant)
Travel brush set-$75

Baby Quasar
Infared Light Therapy wand-$399 (This is the sort of thing that may just have to be a Christmas present to myself, because it looks amazing)

Balenciaga Paris set-$130 (has a 2.5 ounce EDP and 6.7 ounce lotion)

Bare Escentuals
Refillable Mineral Veil brush-$35
In Fashion collection-$49 (Gold Leaf and Steel shadows, Legit liner, Gala blush, Rose gloss, double-ended eye brush, angle brush, and a burgundy bag)

Beauty Society
Enormous Lashes & Beautiful Brows set-$99 (Enormous Lash, Enormous Mascara, Brow Doctor)

Fabulous Foaming Face Wash set-$34 (has a 15.5 ounce size of the cleanser, with a mini Best of Skintentions)

Bobbi Brown
Chocolate & Navy set-$75 (Brownie lipstick, Pink Blossom gloss, Caviar Ink gel liner, Everything mascara, and a 5-shadow palette with Navajo, Cement, Copper Cocoa, Gold Bar, and Royal Navy)

By MD Skincare
Double Peel Power Plus set-$120 (Has two 30-application sets of the peel, plus a half-ounce of vitamin C serum)

Carolina Herrera
CH fragrance gift set-$90 (3.4 ounce EDP and lotion, plus a lipgloss with leather case)

Quatuor Boutons quad-$65
Coco Mademoiselle Moisture Mist-$45 (also has a rollerball and a mini bag)

3 Indispensables set-$135 (Pure Rosewater, Rice & Geranium foaming cleanser, Vital Essence)

Christian Dior
Ready to Wear palette-$54 (four shadows, two glosses, a blush, a 3-shade bronzer, and mini applicators)
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Alrighty, so here’s some swatches of some notable things that I saw at ULTA today, as well as other general tidbits.

Urban Decay had a lot of the new summer stuff-the tinted moisturizers, the setting spray, the Summer of Love shadow box, and the new Pocket Rockets and Primer Potion. The Primer Potion coating on the bottle-that matte nude paint-chips off easily, for what it’s worth. I also finally got to swatch Eldorado and it’s one gold liner that I could see myself actually using a bit. The Pocket Rockets? Meh. Not a huge fan of the nude men, and don’t like the colours either.

Smashbox had their summer collection, and the lipglosses in the set are TINY. Maybe about an inch long tube, as far as the part that holds the liploss goes. I have heels that are higher than these tubes are long. The eye primer is awesome, though, and the cheek duo can’t be missed-very natural looking, with lasting power as well. I’m a huge fan.

Napoleon Perdis apparently has a bronze set for $39 with a bronzer, a brush, and something else. Couldn’t see the Astro Girl quads, else I would have swatched them for you all.

The new Essies and OPIs are out-we’re talking the Essie Summer collection, and OPI Summer Flutter. The Summer Flutters will be done in another post:) Also, they had some CHI polishes on clearance for $5-nothing particularly exciting, but still looks decent.

They also had the new Too Faced stuff, but I didn’t get to try it. The new Benefit Pore Fessional was up at the registers.

Finally, the grill/cooler set? The grill is tiny-you could maybe fit four burgers on there, if that. It’s also coated to prevent rusting, meaning be very careful with it as it could stain (their disclaimer, not mine). The cooler is decent sized though-I think it’s an unusual yet fun set for the beach.

Now for the swatches!

Top: The Smashbox set of glosses
Below that: Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer, Smashbox High Lights/Creamy Cheek duo, Urban Decay Eden primer potion

The Cargo Swimmables set, UD Eldorado liner, UD Colin and Max Pocket Rocket glosses

So it’s the Dad’s Day edition, and of course you know there’s going to be a gift offer-and this one, it’s cool: a free cooler with mini grill with a fragrance purchase of $30 or more. Look at it this way: if they have the Juicy rollerballs, that’s essentially two of those, and you get the grill for free. Very nice.

We start off with the good makeup, as Bare Minerals has a starter kit for $20 that has the original and matte foundations, plus Warmth all-over colour and a mineral veil and a mini brush. There’s six shades to choose from. Inside, there’s a few new things. Urban Decay now has rolled out the Eden Primer Potion-a matte nude. OPI has a duo of Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot! plus topcoat as well as a mini purse for $6, while Stila has a new 6-shade Artist palette for $28. Lorac has new Multiplex glosses, including ULTA-Glam, an ULTA exclusive colour, for $22. They supposedly have holographic pigments, so I am definitely interested in putting these to the test. Essie has rolled out the new Summer collection, and they are B2G1 free. Benefit has a new primer product, The Pore-Fessional, which is supposed to be a pore minimizer. It retails for the typical price point (for Benefit) of $28. The ULTA Professional nail line has a free base or top coat with purchase of colour polish, also.

There’s a deal, also, at ULTA’s that have the Benefit Brow Bars-get a brow arch for $20, and you get your choice of Fishnets or Low Profile eyeshadows free. Too bad we don’t have a brow bar near here…

Smashbox has their summer collection, Naked Beauty, which I will do a more in-depth piece on in the coming days. There’s Golden Nude in the Photo Finish Lid Primer, a duo of High Lights and a Creamy Cheek colour, a Halo bronzer, and a little coffret of 8 lipglosses. On the note of sun stuff, Pur Minerals has a self-tanning lotion that is 2/$25-normally $22 EACH, and Cargo still has the Get Wet kit, which is a full-size mascara, a waterproof bronzer, and three eyeliners in bright shades for the summer for $32. I am a huge fan of Cargo products, and this is one that to me is a can’t miss. Read the rest of this entry »

Essie Summer 2010

1 May, 2010

Alrighty kiddos, I have seen a teaser of what the new Essies for summer will look like! Yes, the Resorts just came out. These, though, are coming out in early June, so I hope they don’t replace the neons (even though they probably will:().

The colours are:
Miss Matched-It looks, from the pic, to be a pale lilac, a grey with a hint of lavender in it.
Haute as Hello-A pale, pale coral.
Knockout Pout-A thinner, slightly more subtle version of Mod Squad?
Vermillionaire-Dark coral, almost a terracotta colour.
Demure Vixen-A plummy grey, potentially with frost.
Pretty Edgy-A midtone green.

Follow the link here to see for yourself!

What will I be getting? Probably nothing. Recently it has been in the news that Essie was bought by L’Oreal-and I do not use products by that company, due to their animal testing and so forth. I know many earlier looks and so forth had me using Lancome, but I have given away all of that stuff. If I were to get any, though, I would probably get Vermillionaire and Pretty Edgy.

So this review is going to be based on the three that I purchased: Lapis of Luxury, Splash of Grenadine, and Turquoise and Caicos.

All in all, this is a fun little capsule collection that is perfect for summer. I really wish I had been on board for the North Forks from last year, because I got Sag Harbour and I loved it. These have more range, but still fun. The one big sticking point for me, though, was the fact that they are THIN and WATERY. All of them require at least three coats, a fourth wouldn’t hurt. I haven’t tried it with base coat, because I don’t use them (no point when I do my nails daily) but that may help if you intend to wear this for a few days at the very least.

Lapis of Luxury is a gorgeous mid-tone blue. It looks to be a bit periwinkle in the bottle, a few steps down from OPI No Room For The Blues. When I did it, I did three coats and went to sleep an hour later. Yep, holy sheetmarks. However a coat of Sephora OPI Just a Fairy-Tail helped remedy that bad look, and as a bonus, I got an iridescent topping.

Splash of Grenadine, when I swatched it, actually went 95% opague in two coats. Not bad. It’s not the sort of colour that we haven’t really seen before, but it’s still gorgeous and extremely wearable. It’s a definite lavender-toned pink, which is something my collection lacked (purples and greens are not a huge part of it).

Turquoise & Caicos required three coats, but it is gorgeous! Think of a stepsister or cousin to Mint Candy Apple and you have this. Are they dupey? Not in the slightest. It’s like they took MCA and added more green and less white to it. If you looked hard enough, you could probably dupe it but this is really pretty on the nail.

These are now available at ULTA, along with the fourth (Playa del Platinum). Currently they’re B2G1 free!

So another day, another paycheck-and there are some smart buys in here, believe me!

Let’s start out from the treasures at work. I picked up:
A pair of camel high-waisted shorts
Three sweaters and two dress shirts for my boyfriend-they’d been marked to $5 each!
A sequinned jacket
A feathered earring and necklace pairing
Two packs of white flower hairclips
A floral short-sleeve puff-shoulder shirt
Leopard-print flats

Total damage, between all that? Under $80.

But I wasn’t done with shoes yet! I went Payless-hunting for Champion’s offshoot of the FitFlop, which is priced at $25-I went all the way to Burien for them! And since it was BOGO, I got a pair of jewel-detail flats for a whopping $4. I’m replacing all my shoes for the most part, so it’s nice to fill the closets for cheap. Hopefully the Champion flats work as well as the others I own…

Beauty-wise, I did damage. I broke my NP no-buy a week and change early, with several polishes, and added EVEN MORE!:
OPI Crimson Carol
OPI Bronzed to Perfection
Essie Splash of Grenadine
Essie Lapis of Luxury
Essie Turquoise & Caicos
Essie Sexy Divide
Sephora OPI Just A Fairy-Tail
Sephora OPI It’s Bouquet With Me
Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond
China Glaze Watermelon Rind
China Glaze Sexy in the City
China Glaze Frostbite

All of that was just under $60, however I’ve been blessed with more hours and more hours=more money. I also picked up two little bottles for mixing polishes to get my own shades-so far, I have a lovely creamy yellow with a hint of frost. I also just made up a gorgeous orange, mixing OPI In My Back Pocket, Atomic Orange, and DS Treasure. I may add a little bit more of Treasure, as it’s not great on its own but with polishes like this it rocks.

At MAC, I did NOT get the glosses or blushes, like how I intended! Shocker, I know. I did pick up Luscious Spark Dazzleglass Creme (which I absolutely love-it turns Show Orchid into a gorgeous red, and on its own it is so non-sticky and lovely), as well as pans of Goldenrod and Parfait Amour. I need a new palette, though-I have run out of space on my current pair of quads. My 15-pan is still lost (aka somewhere in my bottomless pit), but I’m trying to find it as of NOW.

I hit TJ Maxx also in search of some great newbies, but nothing cosmetic wise or nail wise. I did, though, find a bottle of Sexy Hair’s Flip It Over for $9, and then for $20 I finally got a bottle of Lolita Lempicka Fleur de Corail. It’s definitely different than L, in a good way. It’s more summery, more floral. I’m a Lolita Lempicka fanatic, though, so of course I would love it!

Nordstrom Rack led me to leave with two things. First up was a totally-rhinestoned Betsey Johnson headband for $11. Score! The other was a set of three Stila mini smudge pots, with a brush, for $13. Can’t complain there, now can we?

I am saving money though, as my birthday is a week from Sunday and I need money to buy my fancy meals, hit the outlets, and more. Woot!