Beauty Sans Cruelty

26 August, 2009

One of the most important things in my life has been trying to be a more animal-friendly person. I’ve been a vegetarian for many years, I’m not a leather-wearer (except a few pairs of old shoes), and when it comes to beauty products, I like things that are not animal-tested. It’s a way for me to not only have the beauty items I require, but to know that the animals can sleep better at night, too. It’s hard sometimes, though, finding items that are not tested-but luckily, I’m compiling a list of some brands that do not, based on their websites! This is not a list of vegan brands-it’s mainly a list of brands that do not animal-test. However, if there are vegan items I do note them.

If you talk cruelty-free beauty, we have to obviously mention Urban Decay, which has evolved into being an edgy, trend-based line for the young and young at heart known for its high-performance products that have become bonafide sensations (Primer Potions, 24/7 liners, Deluxe eyeshadows). Their motto is “We don’t test on animals. How could anyone?”, which is amazing to have from the brand, but the thing that makes Urban Decay go above and beyond, especially in a mass retail environment, is their wide range of vegan products. Every product that is a vegan product has a little paw print by its name on the displayer, so you can know before you go what the vegan products are. We’re not talking one or two isolated products here-we’re talking a significant portion of their line! Apparently the eye primer potion has been reformulated to be vegan friendly, and the new eyelash primer is as well. I had used Lancome’s but I’ve given up their products (for the most part) as they do animal-test, so to have a cruelty-free one that is also vegan makes it even better for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Alrighty, Nordstrom is now letting you pre-order the exclusive items for the Anniversary sale. If you are uninitiated to it, the anniversary sale is HUGE. We’re talking exclusive collections, value sizes, you name it! This post is going to be dedicated to cosmetics.

First up, Bobbi Brown has her “Best of Bobbi” set. It retails for $75, and features a 7-colour lip palette, a two pan shadow palette, a full-size gel eyeliner, a mini mascara, and a mini double-ended brush (eyeliner/eyeshadow fluff). While not a palette for people who like brights, this is a very good Christmas present for someone who prefers more neutral colours, or needs makeup that can go from day to night very easily. All the lip shades are muted roses and pinks, and the eye shades are a champagne and then a grey.

Trish McEvoy has a few things. First up is the Simplicity Little Black Card-a double-decker full-face palette. I normally hate full-face palettes, however the cream products are on one and the powder on another. This has a bronzer, a blush, a lilac eyeshadow, a nude highlight shade, and a navy liner on top, and then on the bottom, a concealer, two lipglosses, and a lip colour. This retails for $58, and it’s the perfect thing for when you are cramped for time and/or space. She also has a brush set that retails for $65, and you get a blush brush, a tapered eyeliner, a fluff eyeshadow, and a lip, all in a cutesy pink quilted case. Finally, there’s the Petite Makeup Planner. I actually like the idea of having makeup in a sort of planner page, and with this, you get a lip colour, an all-over shimmer powder, a blush, a bronzer, three eye colours, and an eye definer, along with a mini lip liner and a mini eye primer. This retails for $75, and again, is a great gift idea. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Half-Yearly time…which means it’s GWP time for Clinique! We’ve got a Trina Turk-designed bag again, but this time it is a bright floral print on white with yellow trim. It also has her favourites for a well-polished look, and it’s free with a $25 purchase!

Of course, you get the usual skincare trials-Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Take The Day Off makeup remover. You get a half-ounce, so 1/2 size, of Superfit makeup, although I do not know which shade. You also get an eye duo-specially, Colour Surge duo in Sunburst. It looks to be close to full size, albeit in the old slider-style packaging that I saw so many eyeshadows of my mum’s in. Read the rest of this entry »

Clinique: Holiday 2008

7 November, 2008

Now I don’t use a ton of Clinique products. However, for many people, these are the best option, as they are relatively well-priced, as well as being allergy-tested and fragrance free, which is very important in this day and age. The skincare ain’t bad, and the mascaras are amazing! Anyways, they have trotted out a ton of great giftsets for Christmas.

The first big one is the clutch. It’s $36, and it is packaged as everything needed for on-the-go touchups. You get little sizes of the eye makeup remover and All About Eyes, as well as a small size of High Impact mascara, a mini lipstick, and then a 6-shadow palette. Colour-wise, I like these shades better than MAC’s palettes this Christmas! It’s very well priced, you get a lot of product for your money, and if you are buying at Nordstrom right now, you can also get the GWP-so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Read the rest of this entry »

Clinique GWP!

5 November, 2008

Nordstrom has started the new Clinique gift, just in time for Christmas! It’s a really good gift, trust me. The main point of it for me is that it comes with a Trina Turk-designed bag, but there’s actually good contents this time. It has:

Lipstick-Blush Coral
Glosswear-Bamboo Pink
Lash Doubling mascara
Compact-Beach Plum shadow duo, and New Clover blush
Samples of the firming cream and the foaming cleanser
Lipstick case

It’s yours free with a $25 purchase, which isn’t that bad-two tubes of mascara will definitely cover it, or if you are needing to get skincare this is good to stock up on it.

Over the short course of time that I have been buying makeup, I have found out that the makeup bag-the necessity for the toting of your goodies-is sold in many places for insane prices. I don’t exactly have $50 to spend on a makeup bag. I’d spend $10, tops. I dunno, call me cheap. However there are several different ways that you can get a makeup bag-at little or no cost to you.

1. GWP. Every so often, one of the “Big 3” (Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique) will do their big GWP. Clinique’s usually has multiple bags, while Lancome’s tend to be more of the traincase style. Estee Lauder can go either way. And every year at the Bon (Macy’s to you uncivilized non-Seattleites…heh heh heh), both Lancome and EL will have a tote bag GWP (Lancome for Memorial Day, EL for July 4th). The whole concept of the GWP was conceived by Estee Lauder herself, and I remember ones where nail polish and a loaf of baguette were among the items.

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