China Glaze/Hunger Games

15 December, 2011

So coming from, of all places, Perez Hilton…we have the news that China Glaze is doing a 12-polish set based on the wildly-popular (supposedly) trilogy of books (and movies, with the first installment scheduled for release in 2012). All the colours are based on what they look like on my computer screen.
Mauve creme (Dress Me Up)
Gunmetal grey shimmer (Stone Cold)
Golden orange glitter or shimmer (Harvest Moon)
Dark pinky brown (Foie Gras?)
Black, looks to be either a shimmer or a duochrome (Smoke & Ashes)
Yellow-orange duochrome or shimmer (Riveting)
Neutral silver shimmer (Fast Track)
Acid green shimmer (Acid?)
Golden-orange glitter (Electrify)
Silver-grey shimmer (Hook & Line)
Warm brown creme (Mahogany Music? Mahogany Magic? I dunno, my eyesight is failing)
White glitter with what looks like holographic or iridescent pieces (couldn’t get the name on this one)

I couldn’t get a release date on this, sadly-there was nothing on the article. But at least we now know what is coming soon!

Black Friday Hauling

25 November, 2011

This year, I kept my hauling at a minimum. I’m running on smaller-than-normal checks, and also I don’t need to be buying a ton of things on the sales. But I still was able to make my money work for me in a very good fashion-and get a few things I actually needed!

First up was the Fred Meyer sock sale-and I limited myself to a single pair of slipper socks (which are so cozy on my feet right now), a two-pack of knee-high fuzzy socks, and then a pair of metallic tights. Total damage? Around $16 with tax. I could have bought way more, but I don’t need to. I almost got the faux fur legwarmers, but it’s a little too Jersey Shore for me. On the socks, though-many of my old sleep socks were getting seriously worn out after years and years of useage. It’s time to start replacing them-so it’s time to get new ones. It’s a gradual thing, but I’ll have plenty of time.

Then at my store, I was able to get something else I truly needed: pajama pants. Most all my pajama pants are way too big for me now, due to the sheer amount of weight that I have lost. What was once a medium is now a small-I never thought I would be a small in anything, let alone bottoms! We had a good sale on the pajamas, anyways, so I got the only two flannel pairs in a small. I also got two of a little kimono-inspired cardigan and three different little dresses-an A-line t-shirt dress, a black velvet-top dress with pleated bottom, and then an orange half-sleeve dress that is straight out of the 1970’s. I was so happy that we got our discount on top of the deals, which we didn’t get last year. I only spent around $36 after tax, which was way less than what I got out of there last year for.

I wanted to get the Benefit duo at ULTA, but they were gone:( I did, however, pick up a couple of the China Glaze polishes that were on clearance-Cha Cha Cha and Blue Iguana. I presume they were from the summer collection, but I got out of polish for quite awhile (fatigue and malaise, so to speak). I am loving Cha Cha Cha though; it’s very much like MAC’s Lucky Green eyeshadow, but in polish form. They had a few others that I may pick up next payday too, because I have to send some polish to California as well as hit the dusty for other polish gifts.

I very nearly plunked down the $28 for CARGO Laguna blush, but my headpiece was hurting my head a lot (basically a St. Lucia-inspired wreath, with greenery, LED tealights, and fake birds), so I had to mosey on home.

Oh, and at Macy’s I had my mum pick me up one of those old-style popcorn makers. I’ve always wanted one, and I can bring it to the church for youth events. Maybe even sell popcorn on Wednesday nights for a fundraiser, perhaps?

Today, with time to kill, I wandered into the nearest Sally’s to me (it just opened a few months ago, and naturally I’ve ignored it:() Anyways, I was hoping for some good clearance-but instead? Lots and lots of crackle. Now, when it had first come out it was going like crazy. But it looks like they are planning on either making it permanent, or they made a ton more, because I saw a ton of all six of the originals.

But perfect for me, there are metallics-which I like a lot more. I got Cracked Medallion which is absolutely beautiful. I mean, how can you stick to one? YOU CAN’T. They’re that pretty. Here are the shades:
Cracked Medallion-A pretty coppery-gold
Tarnished Metal-A more true gold
Oxidized Aqua-A metallic aqua
Haute Metal-A metallic midtone pink
Platinum Pieces-Platinum silver
Latticed Lilac-Metallic lilac

All of these are not just shiny-they’re sparkly, too, so perfect for the summer. They had quite a few there, but I imagine that either a) they’re new, or b) people may be on crackle overload. I hope it’s the latter-more for me that way! (haha, I kid)

I’ve been under a rock, polish-wise, as of late-and I come out from hibernating to see that the etailers already have the China Glaze summer polishes out! Thankfully, they aren’t neons like last year. I mean, I love neons, but even with base, topcoat, and white underneath, they don’t stand a half hour at my job:( These, though, are a mix of shimmers and brights. In the collection, we have:

Blue Iguana-A bright blue with blue shimmer. It looks to be more cornflower-y than Frostbite or Sexy in the City-not as royal blue as either of those.
Cha Cha Cha-Bright green with yellow shimmer. It looks to be quite similar to MAC’s Lucky Green eyeshadow, but in polish form of course:)
108 Degrees-Bright pink with pink shimmer. This is the sort of colour I have a ton of, but you never know-it could be quite pretty. I hope it’s a brighter version of OPI It’s All Greek To Me.
Senorita Bonita-Bright purple with pink shimmer. This I can totally get behind. I am definitely down for the contrasting shimmers!
Electric Pineapple-Bright yellow creme. This is the one I am most anxious to road-test, because we all know how yellows can be a picky mess sometimes, and hopefully this is NOT the case.
Papaya Punch-Bright orange creme. I am hoping this is a creme version of Sun Worshipper, because if it is-it may take a place of honour in my collection. Chips and all, people went GAGA over it when I wore it the other day-so a better formula? I’ll take a couple notches less bright.

I haven’t been into Sally’s recently, but I may make a visit in the next few days to see if they have these yet. More than likely ULTA will also have them, since they get the bigger collections.

A couple weeks ago, I felt I was lucky to get the OPI Black Shatter-then I go around last payday and two places had plentiful amounts of them! No matter, I was able to pick one up for a friend so that she could have some crackle in her life, as well. I also was right by a Sally’s and I picked up two of their Crackle polishes-Broken Hearted (a candy pink crackle) and Crushed Candy (almost a Tiffany blue crackle). I have now had the opportunity to test the crackles multiple times each-and here are my thoughts!

Black Shatter was the original-and I find the polish itself to be thinner, making it easier to get a more subtle look, but also easy to glop on if wanted to have a more severe chunky look. It shatters nicely, as well as very quickly-I find that I can put a non-quickdry topcoat on within five minutes. (I love Orly Prisma Gloss with these, because of the holo) Removal is fairly easy, provided you have acetone. It’s a very striking look, and no wonder why they sold out so fast!

The China Glazes, on the other hand, have three advantages: first, they aren’t from a company that is owned by a conglomerate that tests on animals. (Full disclosure: the first Serena Williams set and the Katy Perry’s are the final OPI’s, chronologically, that I can buy, because they were announced before the buyout and many people had samples before it was announced. I can buy older ones, because my nail supply has a lot of black labels, and most of the ones I want are from before 2005. Anything else-the Pirates of the Carribean, the future Serena Williams sets, the Texas-no buying. I did the same thing with Essie, where the summer ones were the last ones I bought since they were announced before the buyout by L’Oreal. Hence, they were produced before being bought out. It may sound hypocritical or confusing, but that’s how I work)

Second, there are six colours for the Crackles-Crushed Candy and Broken Hearted (which I have), plus Fault Line (a light purple), Black Mesh, White Lightning, and a grey. While I had heard OPI may have more colours in the future, the fact that there are the six colours at launch is what I like (although ironically, the black and white sold first at the Sally’s that I went to). Finally, they are cheaper than the OPI’s, at around $6 compared to the $8.50-$9 that you’ll pay for the OPI’s.

However, I liked the Shatter more when it came to actual performance. First, the Crackles run very thick. Sure, a drop or two of thinner might work, but I hope it doesn’t ruin the crackle effect. Thus, it makes it harder for it to crackle nicely, and it means that it takes longer to crack. And by crackle nicely, it’s a lot of chunks. Some nails are nice, but it is more of a learning curve that doesn’t always work.

So which way to go? I still say the China Glaze for the first main advantage.

OPI Serena Williams Set

14 February, 2011

So this was definitely not as publicized as the Katy Perry, but I think it’s a very good thing to watch out for and this is why: if there is one person in the public eye who is passionate about nails, it’s Serena Williams. So much so that she even was in the process of becoming a certified nail tech! It’s only natural, then, that she teams up with a company for polishes, and she’s teamed up with OPI for what I believe are several pairs of a polish and then a crackle.

The first one is the Black Shatter-the one that is impossible to find-and then Simply Smash-Ing. I’ll talk first about the colour. It’s very much along the lines of the Burlesque polishes, or many of the sparkly Zoyas. It looks like a bright lime green in the bottle, but it really is more golden. It’s a pretty colour that is completely unique to my collection, which makes my owning it all the more imperative. With OPI having been bought out, the SW and KP collections are the very last ones I can buy, since they were announced before the buyout. Anyways, it’s three coats, as it can be on the sheerer side. Once on, though, it’s blindingly sparkly. Do not miss out on this.

Now, to the Shatter. There is very good reason why it sold out so fast: crackles are fascinating. I mean, you paint on a layer and then it shrinks to little islands? Totally cool. It’s very fitting that we’re getting crazier and crazier things, because nails have become a big thing in general lately. Blame the economic downtown, because doing your own nails is cheaper than a manicure, and nail polish is cheaper than lipstick (typically). Cover Girl actually had a lot of crackle polishes many years ago, and Halloween sometimes sees crackles making a reappearance. But to have something like this become so much of an everyday thing is definitely a plus in my book. This is how crazy it was: I went to places 40 miles away, BY BUS, just to see if they had it-when in reality, I could have just skipped it all and headed to the nail supply first thing.

How the crackle works is there are chemicals in it that do not like dry nail polish. The reaction causes the layer of polish to shrink to the little islands-leaving the base colour to poke through. The first one is a black-goes with everything-but I believe I heard that there will be a white. China Glaze will have 6, unfortunately they already are OOS on Transdesign. Once I get those, I’ll be able to compare them. At the same time, though, there isn’t much to compare between crackles. It’s a case of awesome or not-and these definitely are.

Post-Christmas Hauling

26 December, 2010

At the mall that I work at, the sales are absolutely insane. Yes, it’s the Boxing Day rush, although many places here have sales that are extending!

For example, Juicy Couture has additional 50% off all sale items. I didn’t see much I liked, since I go for either charms or a plain hoodie, but there are tons of deals to be had. Lucky Brand had additional 40% off selected sale items, Anthro had a sale, (not at my mall, but close by) Urban Outfitters had 50% off sale items…so it goes on.

I hit ULTA at the mall I used to work at today, and the clearance was not what I hoped for-but in many ways, it was better! I picked up my first Barielle polish, Elle’s Spell, which is a red flaky glitter in a blackened red base. I also got China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, all of them $3 each. Then I looked down-and saw three of the China Glaze Party Hearty sets! I had been dying to get Party Hearty, and I got the set of three (that, plus Phat Santa and Jolly Holly) for $5. It was such a deal, I bought two!

Then at MAC, I picked up my preorder-Chez Chez Lame, New Fixation, Follow Your Fancy, and two of Neon Orange. I used my giftcard towards that but I will be doing an online order this week, since Fusion Pink is on the website as well as a few other PRO items I have been jonesing for. (Sadly, I have to do an ACTUAL PRO order, because I need pans of Bright Sunshine in the worst way) I already am obsessed with Neon Orange-it stays on like crazy. All Amplifieds should be like that!

Finally, there’s a little home store right by mine that is having their retirement sale-and all Christmas stuff was half off. For $13, I got a cute little snowflake teapot to pack away.