Review: Chanel Mimosa

25 May, 2011

I had never really gotten into the hype of the Chanel LE polishes. For the first part, they’re harder to find-and here in Seattle, we have Macy’s (which never gets it), Nordstrom (which rarely gets it), and one Neiman Marcus that is WAY out of my way. But down here in California…put it this way: South Coast Plaza saw me going there four times over 10 days. And put it this way: I’m not one to want to come back empty-handed. I had seen it at Bloomingdale’s a week ago, but didn’t get it because I was getting paid in a couple days. I nearly forgot about it, and then I remembered-so I bought it. And boy, am I glad I did!

Does anyone remember Bright Future eyeshadow from MAC? This is VERY reminiscent of it, just maybe a smidge lighter. It’s darker than Bright Sunshine, though, if that makes any sense. Anyways, it’s that sort of yellow. Not quite a primary yellow-there is some gold in there-but still bright without being garish. There is a very faint shimmer in there, but not a ton. I have to say that with all my yellows, I don’t have anything like it. Happy-go-Lucky is a cream and brighter, and all my others are brighter, lighter, or darker.

There is the factor that it’s an LE Chanel polish-but I surprisingly found a ton of them. Both the Bloomingdale’s that I went to had them in stock, which shocked me as we all know what happened with Jade and other polishes like that. The average price on the Fleabay right now is $30, not shipped. We all know though that that will go up FAST. Read the rest of this entry »

Alrighty, this is one of my favourite times of the year because this means beauty exclusives GALORE. It seems like all the big brands bring out the big guns, and this year is no exception. I’m going to do this by brand, so if you have a particular brand you’re looking for scroll down and you may (or may not) find it.

Perfect Eye/Skin Set-$125 (Full Size Shine Stop moisturizer and WW Eye Cream, plus travel sizes of Ultimate Lift cream, Perfect cleansing gel, Super H serum, and Perfect mask)

Mineral hand cream duo-$20

Eye Lift set-$68 (eyeshadow quad, mini of Lash Lifting mascara, and Line Erasing serum)
Ultimate Brows set-$36 (brow enhancing serum and shaper/highlighter duo)

Anthony Logistics for Men
32 ounce Glycolic Facial Cleanser-$35
Best Shave Cream Ever duo-$35

Pink Sugar Travel Bag-$35 (1 ounce EDT, and 1.7 ounce lotion, shower gel, and scrub)

Acqua di Gio set-$70 (3.4 ounce and .16 ounce EDT, 2.6 ounce deodorant, and 1.7 ounce body wash)
Armani Code set-$70 (2.5 ounce sizes of aftershave balm and EDT, 2.6 ounce deodorant)
Travel brush set-$75

Baby Quasar
Infared Light Therapy wand-$399 (This is the sort of thing that may just have to be a Christmas present to myself, because it looks amazing)

Balenciaga Paris set-$130 (has a 2.5 ounce EDP and 6.7 ounce lotion)

Bare Escentuals
Refillable Mineral Veil brush-$35
In Fashion collection-$49 (Gold Leaf and Steel shadows, Legit liner, Gala blush, Rose gloss, double-ended eye brush, angle brush, and a burgundy bag)

Beauty Society
Enormous Lashes & Beautiful Brows set-$99 (Enormous Lash, Enormous Mascara, Brow Doctor)

Fabulous Foaming Face Wash set-$34 (has a 15.5 ounce size of the cleanser, with a mini Best of Skintentions)

Bobbi Brown
Chocolate & Navy set-$75 (Brownie lipstick, Pink Blossom gloss, Caviar Ink gel liner, Everything mascara, and a 5-shadow palette with Navajo, Cement, Copper Cocoa, Gold Bar, and Royal Navy)

By MD Skincare
Double Peel Power Plus set-$120 (Has two 30-application sets of the peel, plus a half-ounce of vitamin C serum)

Carolina Herrera
CH fragrance gift set-$90 (3.4 ounce EDP and lotion, plus a lipgloss with leather case)

Quatuor Boutons quad-$65
Coco Mademoiselle Moisture Mist-$45 (also has a rollerball and a mini bag)

3 Indispensables set-$135 (Pure Rosewater, Rice & Geranium foaming cleanser, Vital Essence)

Christian Dior
Ready to Wear palette-$54 (four shadows, two glosses, a blush, a 3-shade bronzer, and mini applicators)
Intimate Bronze Dior Addict gloss-$25 Read the rest of this entry »

Beauty Sans Cruelty

26 August, 2009

One of the most important things in my life has been trying to be a more animal-friendly person. I’ve been a vegetarian for many years, I’m not a leather-wearer (except a few pairs of old shoes), and when it comes to beauty products, I like things that are not animal-tested. It’s a way for me to not only have the beauty items I require, but to know that the animals can sleep better at night, too. It’s hard sometimes, though, finding items that are not tested-but luckily, I’m compiling a list of some brands that do not, based on their websites! This is not a list of vegan brands-it’s mainly a list of brands that do not animal-test. However, if there are vegan items I do note them.

If you talk cruelty-free beauty, we have to obviously mention Urban Decay, which has evolved into being an edgy, trend-based line for the young and young at heart known for its high-performance products that have become bonafide sensations (Primer Potions, 24/7 liners, Deluxe eyeshadows). Their motto is “We don’t test on animals. How could anyone?”, which is amazing to have from the brand, but the thing that makes Urban Decay go above and beyond, especially in a mass retail environment, is their wide range of vegan products. Every product that is a vegan product has a little paw print by its name on the displayer, so you can know before you go what the vegan products are. We’re not talking one or two isolated products here-we’re talking a significant portion of their line! Apparently the eye primer potion has been reformulated to be vegan friendly, and the new eyelash primer is as well. I had used Lancome’s but I’ve given up their products (for the most part) as they do animal-test, so to have a cruelty-free one that is also vegan makes it even better for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Our next fall collection comes to us courtesy of Chanel, and the inspiration comes from Mlle Chanel’s love of Venice. This is quite the large and interesting collection, so let’s dive in!

First up is the exclusive Eye Gloss palette. This features four shades of a glossy cream shadow-pearl, soft gold, black, and blackened-red. One of the things for fall is that it’s not only going to be about what shades you are wearing, but the various different textures. MAC, for example, is doing Grease Paintsticks and is heavily promoting the Gloss texture. This palette is $65, however I honestly think that this would be a wise investment if you are a fan of different sorts of textures. It says that it is a unique gel-cream formulation, which piques my interest because normally I avoid creams due to creasing, but I love gels to death. Read the rest of this entry »

Alrighty, Nordstrom is now letting you pre-order the exclusive items for the Anniversary sale. If you are uninitiated to it, the anniversary sale is HUGE. We’re talking exclusive collections, value sizes, you name it! This post is going to be dedicated to cosmetics.

First up, Bobbi Brown has her “Best of Bobbi” set. It retails for $75, and features a 7-colour lip palette, a two pan shadow palette, a full-size gel eyeliner, a mini mascara, and a mini double-ended brush (eyeliner/eyeshadow fluff). While not a palette for people who like brights, this is a very good Christmas present for someone who prefers more neutral colours, or needs makeup that can go from day to night very easily. All the lip shades are muted roses and pinks, and the eye shades are a champagne and then a grey.

Trish McEvoy has a few things. First up is the Simplicity Little Black Card-a double-decker full-face palette. I normally hate full-face palettes, however the cream products are on one and the powder on another. This has a bronzer, a blush, a lilac eyeshadow, a nude highlight shade, and a navy liner on top, and then on the bottom, a concealer, two lipglosses, and a lip colour. This retails for $58, and it’s the perfect thing for when you are cramped for time and/or space. She also has a brush set that retails for $65, and you get a blush brush, a tapered eyeliner, a fluff eyeshadow, and a lip, all in a cutesy pink quilted case. Finally, there’s the Petite Makeup Planner. I actually like the idea of having makeup in a sort of planner page, and with this, you get a lip colour, an all-over shimmer powder, a blush, a bronzer, three eye colours, and an eye definer, along with a mini lip liner and a mini eye primer. This retails for $75, and again, is a great gift idea. Read the rest of this entry »

Katie’s Collection, Part 1

23 February, 2009

So here is part one of my collection. It’s quite random-shadows, palettes, face powders, glosses. I was going to do nails but I forgot which was which:( At the bottom of each picture there will be listings of what each shade is.

EyeshadowsRow 1: Lancome Contrast, Lancome SlideRow 2: Pagan (McQueen), Engaging (Antiquitease), Fresh Green Mix (Electroflash), Sea/Sky (Electroflash), Lancome SlideRow 3: Sunset B. (Starflash), Sushi Flower, Star Violet, Moon's Reflection, Cool Heat (Cool Heat), Aquadisiac, UD Jones, UD Eldorado, Napoleon Perdis Private OceanRow 4: Solar White (Cool Heat), Pink Freeze, Angelcake (High Tea), In Living Pink (Rebelrock), Beautiful Iris, Stars 'n Rockets, Lancome Style Section, Lancome Best Dressed, Lancome Personal Style, UD Midnight Cowboy Rides AgainBottom: Crystal Avalanche, Rose Blanc, Claire de Lune (Moonbathe), Bright Sunshine (PRO), Goldmine, Amber Lights, Lancome Gaze, Lancome Kitten Heel, Lancome Luring, Lancome Makeover(Not pictured: Lancome The Pink Carpet, MUFE #2, Estee Lauder Butter, a couple Clinique ones, and some more random broken Lancome shadows, ie Montage and Strobe)Powders/Blushes

Top: Smashbox Aglow (Soft Lights)
Row 2: Petticoat MSF, Belightful IPP (Fafi), Alpha Girl Beauty Powder (Heatherette)
Row 3: (all MSF’s) Light Flush, Glissade, Northern Light, So Ceylon
Bottom: Spaced Out (Neo Sci-Fi), Lune Blushcreme (Lure), Pink Swoon, Devil (both in Manish Arora packaging)

Palettes, part 1

Palettes, part 1

 Top: Mark Flip-For-It kits: New York, Milan
Row 2: Eyes on Manish, Colour Forms Warm Lips, Mark Paris Flip-For-It kit, my palette (Crystal Avalanche, Juiced, Creme de Violet)
Row 3: Rock It Prom Kit, Heatherette Trio 1, UD Deluxe shadow box (Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace, Shag, Scratch, Underground)
Bottom: Gem Eyes, Face Dazzle


I had to shift things a bit…
Top: Rock It Prom Kit: Shimmerene Glitter Creme, Up The Beat, Pretty Fab, Berry Rush
Colour Forms Warm Lips: Flash of Flesh, Fresh & Fun, Oh Garnet!
Row 2: Gem Eyes: Seedy Pearl, Crystal, Shale, Trax, Beauty Marked, Parfait Amour
Face Dazzle: Shell CCB, Dreamy, Mod-de-Mauve, Plumful
Bottom: Eyes on Manish: Nylon, Going Bananas, Bitter, Playful, Electric Eel, Deep Truth
Heatherette Trio 1: Hoppin’, Mood Ring, Cloudburst



Top: Assorted Mark Hook-Ups, inc. Orchid Luxe Glow Baby Glow Luxe, Wexler Lip Plumpers (Red, Sand, Berry, and another one), Smashbox Fame, Wexler Petal, Avon Metallic Garnet, Funtabulous, Pleasure Principle, Date Night, Glamour OD, Ms. Fizz, Love Alert, some random LORAC lip polish mini, Mark mini Glow Baby Glow set, Mark Honey

Bottom: VS Wet, Fleur de Light, Ola Mango!, Wonderstruck, Underage, Song & Dance, Flashmode, Magnetique, Pink Grapefruit, Budding, Little VI (all 2008 Little Darlings), Shine Manish (Manish Arora), Silly Girl (Balloonacy), Rich & Ripe (Cult of Cherry), Orangedescence (C-Squeeze), Pink Grapefruit (Neo Sci-Fi), Cult of Cherry (Cult of Cherry), Totally It (Fafi), Style Minx (Heatherette), Pink Manish (Manish Arora), Chanel Spark, Witty (Stylistics), Black Amethyst lacquer, Clinique Mystic, VS Passion, VS Hot Pants, Goldie lip plump, Superfill Red plumper, Goldie Baby


All my Beauty Rush, CO Bigelow, Liplicious glosses…if you’re wondering what a particular one is, ask!

Lip Backups

Lip Backups

A couple Wexler plumpers, Hollywood Nights, Style Minx, Tropic Glow, Flash-n-Dash, and a few assorted COB/Beauty Rush squeezetubes.


That’s part 1-still got glitters, pigments, liners, and nail polishes, among things!

Seven Days of Purple: Day 2

31 December, 2008

So today, I mainly got my inspiration from a dress that I have from Express. It’s gold and has a lot of sequins-it’s very opulent, at least in my humble and always-correct opinion (heh). So I decided to use my rarely-touched Amber Lights and Goldmine shadows along with some purples to create a look, and honestly, I’m actually not that disappointed with it. It’s definitely a look that I could have gone brighter on, but if you were to use more of a matte shadow, it would also be a lot less wild, so perfect for more professional things.

The products used: Read the rest of this entry »