VS Secret Moments

22 May, 2010

When I popped into VS today (sale lured me), I saw these by the register-a collection of fragrances that are designed to correspond with various moments in life/days. To put it succinctly, these are designed SPECIFICALLY to bring up memories, regardless of whether or not you have actually had them. There’s┬áseveral different ones, and each one comes in four forms: body lotion, body cream, fragrance mist, and body wash.

The fragrances are:
At First Sight (violet and bergamot)-Designed to emulate the freshness of first love.
Island Escape (coconut and sugarcane)-Designed to emulate that beach getaway.
Room 504 (amber and passionfruit)-Designed to emulate those “Do Not Disturb” sort of nights.
Good Day Sunshine (peach and blue freesia)-Designed to emulate those sunny, optimistic days.
Kissing in Paris (iris and fresh dew)-Designed to emulate those romantic days.
Girls’ Night (peony and waterlily)-Designed to be uber-girly, like a night on the town.

I tried out the Girls’ Night, and it’s really, really nice and crisp and fresh. I got a mini of the body cream and well, this is one I may have to purchase in the full size. It absorbs in fast and the smell is perfect for summer-crisp, fresh, and not overly strong. Oh yeah, and I love peony and waterlily. The only other one I might wear would be Kissing in Paris, and maybe Island Escape or At First Sight, because there are just things in the others that I can’t/don’t really do.

Currently, these are 3/$21 on the website, and I think it’s similar in-store, if not a little more.


New VS Beauty Rush

23 April, 2010

Alrighty, I am a huge Beauty Rush fanatic, and there’s a few new products that I will not only be checking out, but potentially buying as well!

First off, there are new Hypergloss shampoos and conditioners. I am definitely needing some new shampoo, and these come in three fragrances: Appletini, Juiced Berry, and Coconut Craze. They are $10 each, but 3/$25, so definitely a considerable bargain! My hair also does tend to stink, so the fragrance is something that appeals very greatly to me.

Second, there are three new psychadelic-themed fragrances in the bodycare: Punchadelic, Purple Hazeberry, and Watermelon Daze. Each comes in the Double Mist, Body Drink lotion, and Body Twirl shimmer lotion and are also a part of the 3/$25 deal. I would wait, though, til the sale-because more likely than not, these will hit the sale in June. The shampoos, though? Want.

So I was finally able to get my hands on a few minis of these yesterday, and all I have to say is that this bodycare is absolutely amazing. I have tried the lotion and the body cream, so I think that gives me good reason to review it, right?

The fragrance is something that is totally unique-it’s a rhubarb vanilla blend, so it is definitely very sophisticated. It’s a fragrance that can work for a variety of age groups, as the vanilla gives it creaminess but at the same time, it’s not overly sweet or overly tart. The rhubarb gives a nice fruity note to it, but again, not overly sweet. It’s one that can go day or evening with ease, so this is a good one to slather up with before going out. It’s not overpowering, but it’s definitely there.

The body lotion is a really interesting sort of lotion-it has a sort of dry feeling to it. Creamy, yes, but it doesn’t feel runny in the least. It absorbs in way faster than my Bath & Body Works stuff, and my skin feels hydrated for longer. It’s not super-long hydrating, but it gets the job done and my skin feels super soft.

The body/hand cream, meanwhile, is delightfully thick but at the same time, not overwhelmingly heavy. These are absolutely amazing for the summer with how fast they absorb into the skin for a product that thick. It’s like a butter almost, consistency-wise-it reminds me of these little body butters we used to get at the great local pharmacy (that was displaced when Big Bad Bartell’s wanted to move up the road, which is precisely one of the reasons I will never shop Bartell’s again as long as I live) that were like buttercream frosting for the skin.

Pricing is decent-the body lotion full size (8.4 ounces) is $12, body wash (8.4) $10, and the hand/body cream (6.7) and body spray (8.4) are $14, but it’s 3/$15 so it’s an absolutely insane deal. As far as other scents go, they recently got rid of Silver Shell and Satin Bellow, so if you see these snap them up.

Availability? There are only 15 Gilly Hicks stores so far, and only three on the West Coast. That’s the one downside-but if you’re in the neighbourhood, pop into a GH and pick some of this up ASAP.

So today’s edition of the Shop-a-HAULic Diaries deals with what this most recent check has gotten me! I got wants AND needs, and yeah, I did significant damage but I feel good:) First of all, from work, I got quite a bit of stuff. All wants, of course, but still good nonetheless.

Here’s what I got:
A striped 3/4 sleeved sweater that hits about mid-thigh-I got it in the three colours I didn’t already own: black, aqua, and red. (I owned the royal blue).
A pink wrap cardigan with ruffle detail
A green sequinned cardigan
A black dress that is jersey on the top and then ruffles on the bottom
A pair of black peep-toe stiletto ankle boots with diamond cutouts on the side
A pair of reddish-coral coloured shell disc earrings
A black sequinned pillbox hat (I had one already, but this is for embellishments)
A pair of black velvety shoulder-length gloves
A set of goldtone bangles
Two flower hair clips
A brown sequinned bikini top
A brown blazer
Two heart sweaters-black and a purple-ish colour with sequinned heart in the middle.

Total damage on that? Just under $140. Scratch the wants part-the bikini top was a need, because I don’t have one that will work, and the blazer is something I did not already own. Next up was at the MAC store, where I dropped just over $50 on two eyeliners and a brush. The eyeliners? Awesome. I will be doing a review of the Art Supplies collection, so you’ll hear my thoughts there, and the brush already has its own review:) Picked up a book as well at B&N-namely Laura Bennett’s “Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?”. The wit and anecdotes made it easily relatable, even though I’m 21, childfree, and a Seattleite. I highly recommend it. Read the rest of this entry »

New VS Beauty Rush!

17 January, 2010

I am not really talking about the makeup here; although the makeup line has expanded enough to where you could say that it’s its own entity. No, I am talking about the bodycare-one of my fun favourite things. Admittedly, while I do love my exotic florals (hello tuberose anyone?), I also like really sweet, almost candy-like scents-and Beauty Rush delivers in droves. This Valentine’s Day, there are three of those sweet-themed scents, available in four forms: Body Drink Lotion, Body Double Mist, Moisture Cream, and 3/1.

The scents? Berry Rush, Cherry Bomb, and Cupquake. Now, I was in two different VS locations over the last two days-actually, three over three-and I did not see these. However, Cupquake was one of my favourite Beauty Rush glosses-it actually tasted kind of buttercream-y. If the lotion is anything like the lipgloss, then this is going to be a treat and a half. As far as the berry goes, I’m hoping for a sweet but not tart berry-like a raspberry creme brulee. And finally, please make the cherry smell like pie and not cough syrup:)

They are $12 each or 3/$25, however I’m waiting til the sale when they inevitably go on sale. By then, I may have used up some of my Romantic Wish as well as my other BBW stuff:)

Saturday’s Hauling!

17 January, 2010

So since I got paid yesterday, I figured it was time for me to haul these sales! It’s good in a way that I work more during the holidays, it’s more money towards buying stuff for cheap and I succeeded today. Can’t share my fashion hauls for obvious reasons, but I did well for both the boy and I:)

Now first stop was VS where I wanted more bras and/or lace nightslips, but instead they had nothing really in a 34DD bra and only nightslips in the yellow, which I already own. However, they had a metric crapton of beauty for 75% off-and we’re talking some nice Garden Collection stuff. They had the three scents that were the LE ones-Passionate Kisses, Honeysuckle Belle, and Midnight Mimosa, but they also had Romantic Wish (pomegranate, freesia, and cucumber? So there), as well as the three holiday ones (Sparkling Sugared Pear, Gilded Ginger Creme, Merry Vanilla Twist) and then some Honey Do (Beauty Rush) as well as the BR coconutty scent. For under $25 (with WA. state 9.5% sales tax, not like I’m complaining as it helps fund transit), I got the Vanilla Twist in lotion, shimmer cream, and body spray, the Honey Do in both glimmer creme and body drink lotion, the Romantic Wish in both spray and lotion, the Sugared Pear in spray, and Ginger Creme in shimmer lotion. Not bad, even though I don’t need more lotion, but I am really trying to get rid of some of this BBW stuff that I know I’ll probably never use and replace it with scents I like.

There’s also, at some locations, still some PINK bodycare and Beauty Rush makeup on sale, but at two locations I went to the only sale Beauty items were giftsets, and finding a 34DD bra was next to impossible sometimes. Blame the economy, I know I am. There’s new stuff as well but that is a whole separate kettle of fish, dearies. Read the rest of this entry »

I know this one is a week late, but I lost the ad and just finally found it today kicking around at the bottom of my purse!

If you like Neutrogena, then you’ll want to hit ULTA, as it’s all B2G1 free. Ditto on all “salon styling/finishing products”, which equates to brands like Bed Head, Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell, and so forth. Good times. Dermalogica is also B2G1 free, except for kits-which makes it a darn good way to get stocked up on what you need. I actually work at a shopping center with a store where I get 20% off Dermalogica, and the main thing I need is the facial sunscreen so that I don’t totally age my face this next summer when I inevitably am at the beach all the time with my friends.

On the note of skincare, there’s plenty of new stuff. Murad has an anti-aging acne regimen, which looks really interesting. I am a HUGE Murad fan, and the line is broken into three easy steps: cleanse/tone, treat/repair, hydrate/protect. I still am waiting a bit to review my Murad cleanser and moisturizer, but so far, the results are showing and my face is loving it. Anywhoo, Strivectin has a new Got Wrinkles? set for $99 which has the SD treatment, the hand cream, and the new eye cream. Kinerase also has new stuff, in this case two new firming products (face cream and eye cream) that go “beyond collagen”. Hmm… Exuviance CoverBlend is 10% off, which looks to be good for the one spot on my face I need to cover but I don’t need as much else. Mario Badescu has a sample of the Herbal Hydrating Serum with any purchase, DDF has a sample of the Advanced Micro-Exfoliation cleanser with purchase, and Peter Thomas Roth has a sample of the Mega-Rich eye cream with purchase. Read the rest of this entry »