BBW Hauling

24 June, 2011


Yes, I actually bought stuff from there! I honestly haven’t shopped there a ton since I left the company-but I figured, why not? They don’t know me, and I can gab with the associates about the era I came from (ie red sale buckets, the debut of Fresh Lemonade, and so forth) so that they know that I can shop in peace. But I was down at a mall in the south end of Seattle today (I had gone down to visit the southernmost of my company’s stores in the state, and I know a lot of the folks who work there) and as I left, I figured it’d be good for me to check it out. And so I did-and ended up coming away with quite a bit for not a lot.

They had the Butterfly Flower stuff all 75% off. It was the first fragrance that launched after I left the company, and I actually quite liked it! I picked up a bottle of the lotion because I have been using quite a bit of lotion recently, and I figured for that, I’d break my no-buy. I may have to go back and try and get an EDT of it, too.

Then there was the White Citrus, which I had never tried but I knew I’d love it. I loved Pearberry, Rich Citrus Cream, and all those sorts of things-and this is definitely heavy on the citrus, but a smidge creamy. I liked it so much, I picked up the lotion, shower gel, and EDT. I have a feeling it may be either a) discontinued, or b) special packaging, because they had Moonlight Path and Japanese Cherry Blossom in those bins as well, but in special packs also.

Finally, I picked up a bottle of Blueberry Pancake foam soap. I love the foam soaps-they’re all that I use! Plus they make a great makeup brush cleaner-and it was 75% off, to boot. I may have to buy a couple additional ones:)

Hooray Summer!

22 June, 2011

So summer has finally arrived, and yesterday the sun and heat were in full force here (if only for two days before more clouds/mid 60 temps). And with all that-time to change some beauty things around!

First up, my leg makeup tricks. This is what works for me, because I have a good deal of a tan already-but I like to accent it. People ask me if I spray-tanned or what I use, and it’s quite simple: you just need three different shimmery powders (I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish), and then you use a lotion to mix it and seal it all in. Personally, I use So Ceylon, Shimpagne, and Northern Lights in that order: So Ceylon gets the bronze, Shimpagne for the shimmer, and Northern Lights has a good blend of bronze and reddish tones to really amp up the tan. I then use Gilly Hicks lotion and it makes my legs not only butter-soft, but it allows me to get it so that it isn’t streaky. If I really want more shimmer, I’ll add a little bit of Glissade or Light Flush. I do that because it is much more fine of a shimmer, even moreso than the most finely-milled shimmer in shimmer lotions. Figure if it works for the face, it works for the legs-so it doesn’t SCREAM shimmer, it just reflects the light and looks shimmery if you look closely enough. For the lighter colours, I like to use a buffer brush like a 181, but for the darker ones I’d use something like a 168.

Second, for the hair, I have to start deep-conditioning it! My hair has lightened up significantly, due to a) the vacation, and b) the fact that our mall had an outdoor event, and I was outside in the sun for two days. It looks like I spent a fortune getting it highlighted…but I thank the sun! But with all that, and my love of my hairdryer…it’s time for the shea butter hair mask.

For my face, I’m struggling because with my stress-and my love of Menchie’s and Yogurtland, I am getting many more zits. One thing that I have tried, though, is to do an olive oil cleanse at night. I just get some on the washcloth and wipe my makeup off. Sure, it takes work, especially with all the makeup that I wear, but I like how it lightly moisturizes. And since I hate getting the washcloth right up in my eye, once my face has been oiled I can just use my fingers to rub any excess eye makeup off. Bad, I know, but it’s all slick so it isn’t AS bad, I don’t think.

Finally, it’s always good for new fragrances…but I have my Michael Kors, so I am happy:)

When I was preparing for my first of two California vacations this year, I needed to get some tanning stuff. Problem was, since it was out-of-season there weren’t a ton of deals! But one day, at ULTA, I found what I needed-in the impulse bins for just a couple bucks: a 2-ounce bottle of this. It was a total win-win: it took up zero space-in fact, I chucked it in my quart-sized bag-and if I didn’t like it, it wasn’t that much of an investment. If I did, I had a small bottle and could buy a big one in order to decant into it.

For years-since I was 16-I’ve used oils. I still miss this oil that Hawaiian tropic used to do, and for a couple years I was trying some really bad, greasy things that would stain my clothes like crazy. It’s my first foray into lotions-and I love it!

The first thing I love is the fact that it not only is NOT greasy, but it’s very water-resistant as well. And by very, I mean it stays on AFTER swimming a few laps in the pool. Doesn’t grease it up, either-but it washes off easily! The not greasing is very important, though. I’ve had a few things ruined by bad oils-and this does not transfer. I mean sure, when I’m on my stomach some of it may sweat off, but that happens. I’m used to it by now. I don’t even have to shower it off-although for good measure, I always apply lotion and then makeup. Yes, I put makeup on my legs. That will be the subject of my next post.

The second thing that I love about it? IT WORKS. I am lucky in that I maintain a good amount of colour throughout the year, thanks to a) heavy tanning in the summer with oils and lotions, and b) moisturizing like a fiend. Some summers, I get really tan. Others, it’s harder. With the help of this-and of course, a couple days tanning on vacation-I have more of a tan now than I did at this time last year. So, it works. But here’s the more miraculous thing: I had my friend try a little bit of it. She does NOT tan. She burns, but does not tan. This is something that I’m going to have her use, because it worked! Albeit a little bit-but still.

So, long-story short…if you are wanting a good tan, this is an essential product.

By the way: The Hawaiian Tropic website has some great sun tips, and I’m going to pass along what I think is the best: if you’re just starting tanning, or if you are trying to build melanin, start at 30 minutes a day, and add a few more each day so long as you aren’t getting red. Make sure to do sunscreen as well, especially if you have the UV index to deal with. (We don’t really, here in Seattle)

I completely forgot to post this one-I had it done for awhile, but here you are. Better late than never, I suppose?

The big thing I have found, and I may or may not have touched on this already: you run through this stuff FAST. After two weeks, I have less than a quarter of the $29 size jar left. Consequently, to make it last through my next paycheck, I am down to once a day, which is seeing some adverse effects.

I do notice a bit more firmness on my thighs, as well as my stomach, although still nowhere near where it needs to be. I also notice a bit of softening on some of the dimpling, but again, nowhere near where it needs to be. I do intend, still, to get FatGirlSleep for at night, as well as the Slimulator, because I suck at massaging and I figure that something like that will help out.

Because of the fact that I have run so low already, I am going to be extending this to be 6 to 8 weeks, so that I can get better ideas of what it will be.

Today, I was going to buy the FatGirlSleep by Bliss at Sephora-however, there was what looked to be a better deal: the original FatGirlSlim plus the FatGirlScrub, in a pack together for $45-a $74 value. Can’t pass that up-and what better way to get to know the products? So I bought it, and for the next four weeks I am putting them to the test: using them twice daily on my legs, stomach, bum, and arms to see how they actually work.

The scrub is formulated with Himalayan pink salt-60%, to be exact-and it’s very pepperminty. Nice and invigorating, although it is a mighty small jar. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts. It says to rub it on wet skin, and they even have a diagram for how to rub it in (upwards and in circles). So far, it just feels like any ol’ salt scrub, although I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I just have the wrong technique.

The cream, on the other hand, is lightweight and absorbs in nicely, so no greasy residue. I definitely don’t expect results fast, but with my first usage of the combo-scrub then cream-I notice a little more of the lumpies and imperfections-which I will chalk up to the products and the massaging bringing to the surface.

The goal is to have my legs looking way better, as swimsuit season is here! Anything will help, and I am potentially going to replace one usage of FatGirlSlim with FatGirlSleep once I get paid next. I will keep posted on the progress, so stay tuned.

VS Secret Moments

22 May, 2010

When I popped into VS today (sale lured me), I saw these by the register-a collection of fragrances that are designed to correspond with various moments in life/days. To put it succinctly, these are designed SPECIFICALLY to bring up memories, regardless of whether or not you have actually had them. There’s┬áseveral different ones, and each one comes in four forms: body lotion, body cream, fragrance mist, and body wash.

The fragrances are:
At First Sight (violet and bergamot)-Designed to emulate the freshness of first love.
Island Escape (coconut and sugarcane)-Designed to emulate that beach getaway.
Room 504 (amber and passionfruit)-Designed to emulate those “Do Not Disturb” sort of nights.
Good Day Sunshine (peach and blue freesia)-Designed to emulate those sunny, optimistic days.
Kissing in Paris (iris and fresh dew)-Designed to emulate those romantic days.
Girls’ Night (peony and waterlily)-Designed to be uber-girly, like a night on the town.

I tried out the Girls’ Night, and it’s really, really nice and crisp and fresh. I got a mini of the body cream and well, this is one I may have to purchase in the full size. It absorbs in fast and the smell is perfect for summer-crisp, fresh, and not overly strong. Oh yeah, and I love peony and waterlily. The only other one I might wear would be Kissing in Paris, and maybe Island Escape or At First Sight, because there are just things in the others that I can’t/don’t really do.

Currently, these are 3/$21 on the website, and I think it’s similar in-store, if not a little more.

VS Half-Yearly Sale Report

3 January, 2010

Well folks, we are in the midst of the big ol’ winter sale season, and of course you can’t have the sales without the granddaddy to me: the VS sale! I’m practically a pro at this sale by now so I know how to shop it-you always want to go the first day, and then at the very end or better yet, after the sale officially ends as they tend to keep some stuff out (although not as much).

First up, the beauty. There was a LOT of both 50% off and 75% off stuff. The 50% stuff included fragrances like the fall edition of Heavenly, Desire, Wish, Ooh La La, and several others-and it was EVERYTHING in those, for the most part-so it included lotions and so forth. I also saw some of the original PINK bodycare, some PINK candles, and much, much more. Then on to the 75% off-all of the new PINK bodycare, the Dream Angels Heavenly Bloom, some Bare Bronze stuff, some older Beauty Rush bodycare, a good bucket each or so of Beauty Rush and VS makeup, hand sanitizers, travel sizes, room sprays-all sorts of things. It’s truly a crapshoot though so you have to check out all the stores in your area if you want something. Also, sales may vary-one thing I got for 75% off at one store was in the 50% off bins at another. Just be careful and watch for the best deals.

PINK is a normal obsession-but not anymore! Once you hit 18 hoodies, it’s time to stop. I’m just bored with a lot of the stuff, I’m branching into Juicy, and not to mention that I need more shirts that I can actually wear to work. In a nutshell, buy clothes from my store. Nonetheless, there was some decent stuff on the sale. Tees were as low as $11, although there really weren’t a ton of accessories. Lots of random hoodies and pants and so forth, though-it’s worth a look but I was just bored to tears, and that’s saying something. Read the rest of this entry »