VS Half-Yearly Sale!

1 January, 2011

So the sale doesn’t start til either tomorrow or Monday-not exactly sure which. The timing was a bit difficult with this one, but that’s life! However, when I went today to the one in downtown (I needed to kill some time), they had all the beauty sale up and ready, as well as a little bit of the lingerie sale.

So what went on sale? There’s a ton of Beauty Rush makeup, including some glitter eye gels and the denim lipglosses, for 75% off. All Dream Angels Wish, aka my favourite Dream Angels, is 75% off as well (I bought the four ounce bottle). Very Sexy Now, Very Sexy Dare, and SLT Ooh La La are all 75% off as well, as is whatever was left of that Naturals line. I almost got a second bottle of my beloved Cashmere, but I think I’ll be fine.

I know in the 50% off area, there’s the Heavenly Stardust or whatever it was, the Christmas version for this year. I didn’t see what else, but I think some of the Pink frags might be in there as well. A lot of the gift sets were 40% off, and then the discontinued Garden/Beauty Rush bodycare is 3/$12 or 6/$20. I need to avoid as I have boxes and boxes of stuff-literally. I may stock up at the 75% off sale, but for now I think I am fine. I do have to say, though, the Pretty in Pink that I stocked up on last time is one I am loving to death-I keep a bottle of the splash on my desk for whenever I need to fragrance myself and it’s such a nice, light, girly fragrance.

As for what I bought? I bought the giant bottle of Wish (almost bought a second, but that’ll last me ages considering how much perfume I have), as well as a bottle of Very Sexy Dare. Blood orange and freesia? Yes please.

New VS Beauty Rush

23 April, 2010

Alrighty, I am a huge Beauty Rush fanatic, and there’s a few new products that I will not only be checking out, but potentially buying as well!

First off, there are new Hypergloss shampoos and conditioners. I am definitely needing some new shampoo, and these come in three fragrances: Appletini, Juiced Berry, and Coconut Craze. They are $10 each, but 3/$25, so definitely a considerable bargain! My hair also does tend to stink, so the fragrance is something that appeals very greatly to me.

Second, there are three new psychadelic-themed fragrances in the bodycare: Punchadelic, Purple Hazeberry, and Watermelon Daze. Each comes in the Double Mist, Body Drink lotion, and Body Twirl shimmer lotion and are also a part of the 3/$25 deal. I would wait, though, til the sale-because more likely than not, these will hit the sale in June. The shampoos, though? Want.

New VS Beauty Rush!

17 January, 2010

I am not really talking about the makeup here; although the makeup line has expanded enough to where you could say that it’s its own entity. No, I am talking about the bodycare-one of my fun favourite things. Admittedly, while I do love my exotic florals (hello tuberose anyone?), I also like really sweet, almost candy-like scents-and Beauty Rush delivers in droves. This Valentine’s Day, there are three of those sweet-themed scents, available in four forms: Body Drink Lotion, Body Double Mist, Moisture Cream, and 3/1.

The scents? Berry Rush, Cherry Bomb, and Cupquake. Now, I was in two different VS locations over the last two days-actually, three over three-and I did not see these. However, Cupquake was one of my favourite Beauty Rush glosses-it actually tasted kind of buttercream-y. If the lotion is anything like the lipgloss, then this is going to be a treat and a half. As far as the berry goes, I’m hoping for a sweet but not tart berry-like a raspberry creme brulee. And finally, please make the cherry smell like pie and not cough syrup:)

They are $12 each or 3/$25, however I’m waiting til the sale when they inevitably go on sale. By then, I may have used up some of my Romantic Wish as well as my other BBW stuff:)

Today, I happened to be at VS shopping their Half-Yearly Sale, and in addition to all the great things, I found this gem in the 75% off bins of beauty stuff. I figured that anything with “lemon” in the name would attract me like flies to stink, and trust me, it was worth it!

Now at many VS stores, they will continue to have some of the beauty and fashion clearance items out for awhile, in order to help increase sales. I only buy VS stuff that is on sale, so it’s good for somebody like myself. The three items that I got were the Body Glimmer Creme, the Body Drink Lotion, and the Fragrance Mist. Each retails for $12, but I got them for $3 each. You can get the body drink lotion online still for 3/$25, which is a darn good deal in and of itself. Read the rest of this entry »