22 February, 2012

So I finally got around to an update on the brush list. There hasn’t been much since I updated it last but 2 years IS a long time. Time flies, I suppose! Who knows, maybe I can get around to the product list sooner or later.

Recently, I decided to do a bit of an experiment-in that for a full month, I would try and plan out my outfits at the beginning of the month. After 7 days, I can already say: it isn’t feasible.

Sure, planning a week in advance? Totally fine, and not only that but it’s smart too. It allows me to take the time on a Sunday, when I may have more time, to really get everything worked out. I know my schedule, I generally know what I will be doing. But a month in advance, especially in a business where things can change at the drop of a hat-no. Can’t do.

In the week so far, I had planned all but two days-and those were days off. The caveats on those days were that they were for things that I normally don’t wear to work because it’s too long of a sleeve. Sleeves are not something I can do often at work-I’m jealous of people who can wear blazers and still do everything, because many times I am sweltering in a short-sleeve.

Additionally, one of the days that had something planned had a change-because I couldn’t find the shirt! It wasn’t a loss, as I found a dress that I hadn’t worn in months and wore that-and all worked fine.

The plans that I had were:
Wednesday: Jumpsuit with faux fur waistcoat-which changed to a kimono jacket for church.
Thursday: No plans, and I honestly can’t remember WHAT I wore.
Friday: Brown dress with epaulettes/shoulder detail.
Saturday: Had planned on sequin pencil skirt and grey V-neck blouse, but it ended up being a black sequin dress and white faux fur waistcoat (I have two).
Sunday: No plans-it ended up being a yellow sweater and black skirt with butterfly print.
Monday: Kimono dress.
Tuesday (today): Black floral-applique crop top with high-waisted skirt. I almost had to do it over a little romper, but I found a tank for underneath the top so that no stomach shows. I had several skirts I could do it with, but I grabbed one that I’ve never worn since buying over a year ago thanks to weight fluctuations. Even though it’s gone up by a few pounds, I figured today would be a good day for the skirt.

The next week only features one day off, but a few days where I can do two different outfits. It’s times like this when the planning is absolutely imperative. But can I plan much further in advance? No.

Merry Christmas!

25 December, 2010

Hopefully Santa was nice to all of you-he was definitely nice to me! Here’s what Santa brought:

OPI Teasey Does It and Simmer & Shimmer
A midtone pink Juicy velour hoodie, with snowflake zipper pull
Viva la Juicy roll-on
Plaid rain boots and high socks for inside (the boots were way too small though, as in cutting off circulation)
$50 MAC giftcard
A silvertone bracelet brought back from Morocco (my relatives, who had not been the greatest in their gifting towards me in the past, hit it way out of the park with this one-I am a sucker for accessories and am just starting to get into bracelets)

I’m to the point though where I honestly don’t need a ton of gifts, since I end up buying myself most of the things I want anyways-and the Juicy hoodie was the main thing I really wanted! The rain boots were a definite need, as living in Seattle with our torrential rain you have to have rain-equipped shoes. Everything else was just a bonus, and besides, everyone in the family is still alive, we had a relative get married, I’ve kept my job, and I’ve started to think about goals for next year.

Black Friday 2010

19 November, 2010

It’s a week away-and I’m so excited! I mean, call me a crazy silly American, but I love getting up early to get bargains before going to work to sell other people bargains. It’s tradition!

Not all the ads are out-many of them don’t leak til Thanksgiving, but I honestly like it when they leak faster: it allows my mum and I to set up a game plan of where to go when, and I can compare prices and figure out what I want. Let’s face it: there isn’t much I NEED at this time that goes on sale, as I haven’t moved out of my parents’ place yet and I’m doing just fine without a television. Sure, a TV is nice, but it’s not a necessity. I do, however, always look for DVDs. When you can get a movie for the price of my normal morning coffee at Starbucks, it’s definitely worth it to stock up. Plus, I fill my movie library for a small investment. If I need something to do, I just pop one in. I don’t buy a ton of movies, but I buy ones I know I can get some enjoyment out of (a few popcorn flicks) and then some more serious movies, just to keep my mind going.

Also I may or may not be looking for a new digital camera. I might just see about getting someplace to fix it for me, but if they can’t I can just get a new one. Which would sadden me, because my camera is the same shade of blue as the Chelsea FC uniforms. Coincidental, because Samsung sponsors them.

I also stock up on clothes, being that I am a total clotheshorse-because the deals simply can’t be beat. Taking one peek in my overstuffed closet is further evidence of that, as I have so many dresses that I need a separate dress bag. When we moved into our house, we never really thought that a) I would still be living at home at 22, and b) I would end up working at a clothing retailer. Speaking of which, we have insane deals coming, which I cannot divulge. They are definitely worth getting there early for, although my mall is awesome: holiday hours are 9-9, no earlier or later. None of this “open til 11” crap. Also, though, besides me I have tons of people to buy for. My dad already has enough clothes, and he has one preferred retailer (Jos. A Banks) so a gift card would definitely suffice. I already have the bulk of stuff done for my mum, although I may get a few things here or there for her because our store’s winter sale starts BEFORE Christmas. Yes, before.  And for my brother? I’m definitely waiting for the sale, however when you have $10 everyday value jeans (that being one of the things he needs) it’s also good stock-up time.

We typically will do it this way when it comes to our shopping: leave at 5 AM, go up to the Best Buy. Right around there we have that, Old Navy, ULTA, Barnes/Noble, Nordstrom Rack (which doesn’t have special deals, but I need brassieres badly and maybe sunglasses-maybe), plus we’re a short drive to JcPenney and a fairly large mall. We then hit the store a mile from our house for their sock sale (50% off all socks until 11 AM), and then we hit my store. We may or may not hit Target also. Work til 11, off at 8-and I could very feasibly hit the other mall close to me on my way home, since they start extended hours that day also and I might need to get a few things.

My goal of being done with Christmas shopping before Black Friday isn’t going to happen-but a gift card is the perfect gift, my brother isn’t picky, and a lot of what I have to buy is small stuff.

Bad News…

15 November, 2010

My camera is broken. Thus, no swatches for awhile:(

50,000-Can We Do It?

8 November, 2010

So, right now I am around 44000 total views for this here blog. Crazy, I know! But I’m thinking…let’s push it to 50000 by the end of this year! If we can do that…



More specifically, I will be giving away, to one lucky person, your choice of FOUR China Glaze polishes from the OMG collection, as well as the following Kaleidoscopes:

Let’s Do It In 3D
He’s Going In Circles
How About A Tumble

This contest will only take place, though, if I hit 50000 views by the end of the year!

So time has come and gone, and there are many things out that, well, let’s face it: I want! Here are some of the things I am obsessing over right now.

H&M By Night collection
It’s no secret: I love party dresses. I wear them every day to work (albeit with black leggings, every woman’s BFF), and they’re fun to have. As I always say, “life is my special occasion, so I dress for it accordingly”. This fits the bill, and it’s not just good to buy dresses for winter parties-it’s conveniently timed for homecoming, for fall formals, and weddings. There’s about 15 different pieces, mainly dresses but a couple tops, a couple skirts, and a jacket as well. Pricing ranges from $34.95 (the tops, the skirts, and a couple dresses) to $59.95 (a ruffle dress seen on Kelly Osbourne)-buy now, and save the money around New Year’s.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows: NYC
Again, another total must-have. I’m just scared I won’t be able to get it, although I did get it in November of last year after it had been out for awhile. The range of shades is good-they made sure to put in a good number of exclusives, as well as some of the new Sephora exclusive shades. For that alone, the $54 is more than justified-but it’s highly portable, it stores nicely, and it’s a status symbol in a way amongst us makeup fanatics.

Juicy Couture Fireplace Charm
I recently started on a Juicy charm bracelet, and the charms are my way of treating myself when something special happens. My first one-a tiki drink-was when I got my added responsibility at work. My next thing, whatever it is-it will be recognized with this charm, which is literally a tiny fireplace with three stockings hanging from it. I also love the turkey dinner charm, while I may be a vegetarian I still find it to be hilarious. You can always count on Juicy for some fun, irreverent charms-and it’s better than some other charm bracelets out there price-wise.

Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita
I have been a fan of Lolita Lempicka fragrances for quite a few years now-quality, quirk, and most of all, not everyone’s going to be wearing it. This is another one to fall into that category-a spicy fruity-floral with a definite woody drydown that apparently is quite similar to that of many of the other fragrances, but at the same time different due to my least favourite fragrance note, patchouli. It comes in a cute clover-shaped bottle adorned with a mini scarf-very chic, to say the least.

Alrighty, so here’s some swatches of some notable things that I saw at ULTA today, as well as other general tidbits.

Urban Decay had a lot of the new summer stuff-the tinted moisturizers, the setting spray, the Summer of Love shadow box, and the new Pocket Rockets and Primer Potion. The Primer Potion coating on the bottle-that matte nude paint-chips off easily, for what it’s worth. I also finally got to swatch Eldorado and it’s one gold liner that I could see myself actually using a bit. The Pocket Rockets? Meh. Not a huge fan of the nude men, and don’t like the colours either.

Smashbox had their summer collection, and the lipglosses in the set are TINY. Maybe about an inch long tube, as far as the part that holds the liploss goes. I have heels that are higher than these tubes are long. The eye primer is awesome, though, and the cheek duo can’t be missed-very natural looking, with lasting power as well. I’m a huge fan.

Napoleon Perdis apparently has a bronze set for $39 with a bronzer, a brush, and something else. Couldn’t see the Astro Girl quads, else I would have swatched them for you all.

The new Essies and OPIs are out-we’re talking the Essie Summer collection, and OPI Summer Flutter. The Summer Flutters will be done in another post:) Also, they had some CHI polishes on clearance for $5-nothing particularly exciting, but still looks decent.

They also had the new Too Faced stuff, but I didn’t get to try it. The new Benefit Pore Fessional was up at the registers.

Finally, the grill/cooler set? The grill is tiny-you could maybe fit four burgers on there, if that. It’s also coated to prevent rusting, meaning be very careful with it as it could stain (their disclaimer, not mine). The cooler is decent sized though-I think it’s an unusual yet fun set for the beach.

Now for the swatches!

Top: The Smashbox set of glosses
Below that: Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer, Smashbox High Lights/Creamy Cheek duo, Urban Decay Eden primer potion

The Cargo Swimmables set, UD Eldorado liner, UD Colin and Max Pocket Rocket glosses

New Stuff

10 June, 2010

Okay, so this is totally just site-related, but I have some new things! First up, I have a nicer, cleaner layout. Hope you like this one-I find it simpler and easier to follow.

Second, I will be starting a new category JUST for nail-related posts. Figure since it’s such a focus of mine, why not have it be separate from the makeup?

Finally, when I get time (which is rare) I am going to try and do some updates for the swatches, however I haven’t really gotten a whole lot of new stuff but still! Nail swatches, unfortunately, will be even more hit or miss as with a broken toe, I can’t use my desk (thus forcing me to use my laptop on my bed).

Well, it’s finally here-however, with some sellouts! Apparently Easy Lounger and Marine Life are already sold out, so this is definitely a collection where you have to get what you want when you want it. About the lipsticks-I thought that all but Beachbound were frosts. Turns out that Lazy Day is a Lustre and Funbathing is a Cremesheen-shows how much I know!

Also in MAC freestanding stores you can get the To The Beach bag for $50. I don’t spend that much for a bag, ever, however if I see it at the outlet I will for sure be picking it up.