Hauling, Hauling.

12 February, 2012

Yesterday (well, two days ago, since it’s now Sunday on the West Coast), I got my stuff from the new MAC collections-and I have to say, I’m in love with all of it.

Let me first give my impressions on the stuff: from the Vera side of things, the Pearlglides are amazing and full of win. The Plushglasses are all very sheer. The Aloha stack is really pretty, as is Strawberry Patch, but the latter is so similar to the pinks in the Stacked 1 set from two years ago. That being said, I may have to get it IF it gets to the CCO…the Pearlmattes are bleh. Not a fan. For an all-over powder, I either go with Lightscapade or Refined-Refined gives me a really nice, tanned look. I seriously need another. Oh, I can’t forget the polishes-the peachy polish is really pretty and I highly recommend it.

Now for what I did buy: Butterfly Party, the blue/purple stack. It’s so full of win, it isn’t funny. The silvery-green is very much like the one in Surf The Ocean from last year (at least that’s what I think it was), but the other three? Very nice. The blurple is just gorgeous, with the multidimensional pearl. I wish it was sold as a pigment, because I would literally buy stock in it. Speaking of which, MAC needs a good blurple, and I’m not heading anywhere near an Inglot stockist anytime soon for comparing. Read the rest of this entry »

The Experiment…

29 November, 2011

Two years ago, I had accumulated an insane amount of nail polishes in a very short period of time. So many, so, that I actually had to plan out a calendar of what polishes would be worn on which days, with new finger polish daily and new toenail polish twice a week. And while I think that would be a good idea for me to do now (especially since my attitude towards nails has become a bit more lazy-ie some days I’ll skip changing my polish), there’s one thing I need to do it for: my clothes.

See, I suffer from the results of two years working in fashion: an overstuffed closet. As in, the load of laundry that dried right before I left on vacation was just tossed on the bed, hangers and all, because there was no room. And the haul of clothes that I bought-that’s the other thing. And before anyone tells me to clean out my closet, I do once a year-and I’ve just done the first round (getting the stuff ready to go to the charity shops). The second round is taking some of my dresses that I know are too big for me and sticking them in my mum’s closet (as she is a size up above me). Still, at that point, I have no idea what I have sometimes, and other times I get stuck in a rut. I want to pull out the harlequin dress/geometric print pencil skirt/pink shorts/navy blue blouse even if it just got finished drying, because I love them so much. (In a closet my size, some pieces are loved more than others-even though everything is loved and everything has a story)

So for the month of December (and last couple days of November), I am trying an experiment: at the beginning of the month, planning out what my outfits for every day will be. It is subject to change based on a) the weather, and b) any activities that may come up. My shift at work will also be a key deciding factor in it, as if I have a move in my department, it’s best to wear shorts with leggings because I have a LOT of reaching high and don’t want anything riding up. But for the most part, it’s a way of getting everything planned out at once (so no having to think about what to pull on in the morning), as well as making room for stuff (a lot of which is taken up by my obsession-a good blazer).

Black Friday Hauling

25 November, 2011

This year, I kept my hauling at a minimum. I’m running on smaller-than-normal checks, and also I don’t need to be buying a ton of things on the sales. But I still was able to make my money work for me in a very good fashion-and get a few things I actually needed!

First up was the Fred Meyer sock sale-and I limited myself to a single pair of slipper socks (which are so cozy on my feet right now), a two-pack of knee-high fuzzy socks, and then a pair of metallic tights. Total damage? Around $16 with tax. I could have bought way more, but I don’t need to. I almost got the faux fur legwarmers, but it’s a little too Jersey Shore for me. On the socks, though-many of my old sleep socks were getting seriously worn out after years and years of useage. It’s time to start replacing them-so it’s time to get new ones. It’s a gradual thing, but I’ll have plenty of time.

Then at my store, I was able to get something else I truly needed: pajama pants. Most all my pajama pants are way too big for me now, due to the sheer amount of weight that I have lost. What was once a medium is now a small-I never thought I would be a small in anything, let alone bottoms! We had a good sale on the pajamas, anyways, so I got the only two flannel pairs in a small. I also got two of a little kimono-inspired cardigan and three different little dresses-an A-line t-shirt dress, a black velvet-top dress with pleated bottom, and then an orange half-sleeve dress that is straight out of the 1970’s. I was so happy that we got our discount on top of the deals, which we didn’t get last year. I only spent around $36 after tax, which was way less than what I got out of there last year for.

I wanted to get the Benefit duo at ULTA, but they were gone:( I did, however, pick up a couple of the China Glaze polishes that were on clearance-Cha Cha Cha and Blue Iguana. I presume they were from the summer collection, but I got out of polish for quite awhile (fatigue and malaise, so to speak). I am loving Cha Cha Cha though; it’s very much like MAC’s Lucky Green eyeshadow, but in polish form. They had a few others that I may pick up next payday too, because I have to send some polish to California as well as hit the dusty for other polish gifts.

I very nearly plunked down the $28 for CARGO Laguna blush, but my headpiece was hurting my head a lot (basically a St. Lucia-inspired wreath, with greenery, LED tealights, and fake birds), so I had to mosey on home.

Oh, and at Macy’s I had my mum pick me up one of those old-style popcorn makers. I’ve always wanted one, and I can bring it to the church for youth events. Maybe even sell popcorn on Wednesday nights for a fundraiser, perhaps?

Sale Time!

15 June, 2011

Well, it’s my favourite time of the year-summer sales! I am a summer clothes person through and through, and saving money on all that? Yes please! But it’s not just that.
Victoria’s Secret started their Half-Yearly sale yesterday, and while I did not go and check it out (and I don’t intend to, unless I can get some of the old Heavenly LE fragrances), it is definitely worth a check twice: now, and in two weeks. I have so much bodycare, I’m skipping all the sales so that I can maybe use the equivalent of a bin or two of stuff before I start buying more.

Anthro has a 25% additional off sale items in stores, at least that’s what I thought I read. This weekend is the Sidewalk Sale at the mall that I work at, and I know for that they have Managers Specials ($10 and $20 items).

Nordstrom doesn’t have theirs for awhile-a month, to be exact. I haven’t even heard about any of the beauty specials yet but I hopefully will soon. I just hope for specials on my facial sunscreen (the Clarins one) because I’m running very low.

I forgot to do this the last few times out…but I got some good stuff! This weekend, the shopping center that I work at has been having a big sidewalk sale. Very few places are totally skipping it-for some, it’s as small as just putting a table out with existing sale items. Other places, they get transfers just for the sale, such as a drugstore that gets tons of seasonal merch. We just started our sale, and we put about 10 racks outside of various pieces. VS also had a table with some of the 6/$20 bodycare-and they don’t typically take part in any of the mall events.

Speaking of which, I hit there really good, since the lingerie shop that has my size had no good bras on sale:( But it freed up some cash to spend, and I got:
Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine EDP
Chiffon Peony Freesia EDP
Heavenly Flowers Angel Mist
Heavenly Flowers lotion
A Beauty Rush gloss
A Beauty Rush cassette gloss palette
A mini Acai Berry/Magnolia shower gel
A yellow “LOVE PINK” V-neck tee
Appletini shampoo

Total for all of that, with tax, was $72. The glosses are for the girls at church-gotta stock up on things for them, after all! I am loving the perfumes-anything peony appeals to me, and two of the three fragrances have that. If I am really good, I am going to go back for the jumbo-size of Dream Angels Wish, which I have loved ever since it came out. I will eventually get around to doing separate reviews for the two of the Parfums Intimes that I bought-let’s just say that they are worth the money and then some.

Then it was the usual bunch of stuff at my store, and I got:
4 pairs of underwear
A cropped blazer with beaded button
A black lace-top dress with ruffle bottom
A purple sleeveless ruffled dress, almost a flapper dress
A new purse
2 reusable shoppers
Black linen shorts
A houndstooth T-shirt dress
A black skirt

I am loving the purse-it’s almost like a messenger bag, with two front pockets, two inside pockets, and all in a lovely faux leather. The shorts are awesome as well-I love a nice longer short, it makes me feel more put-together. Sure, it may age me, but they’re a great cut. The purple dress is awesome, with a fedora it’s very much a mafia girl sort of look. Read the rest of this entry »

I was going to try and do an early reminder post, but um…I forgot. I was going to a pub to watch Cote d’Ivoire vs Portugal, so I had to be out of the house no later than 5:05 AM. But it has started-and the sales are great! Some things to look for:

Swimwear-I went to two locations today, and one of them had sale bins of swimwear that for the most part were $15 and up, although there may have been some exceptions.
Bras-Most of them were more than the $20 price point, but still great deals. Unfortunately, I am sized out of VS bras now-I still wear the ones I have, only since full replacement will be close to $1000 in my new size. Sure, the bras are online-but it’s not as easy.
Panties-Most are $4 and up, which is nice but I have no need:)
Sleepwear-Most is around $20-$25, including Lacie pieces.
PINK-Didn’t check as much. One store had very little, the other had a lot, but the sales are not as great as ones before, to put it bluntly.
Beauty-This is the good one. There’s many gift sets for 40% off, a lot of Beauty Rush and other cosmetics 75% off, some of the discontinued/classic Garden stuff at a 6/$20 price point, and then quite a few 50 and 75% off selections.

What did I get this time around?
Dream Angels Heavenly Flowers EDP. For 75% off, can’t go wrong. Almost got the other pieces, but I prefer the EDP the most.
So Sexy mini hairspray-It was $1. Can’t beat it.
PINK Warm & Cozy splash and lotion-They were in a labeled 75% off basket, but only rang up for 50% off-but I pointed it out and I still got them at that price! I’m a peony fanatic, and this is a good one.
A white bandeau bikini top

Honestly, there are a couple really good days to shop: the first day or two, while there is still a ton of selection, and then the last few, because some items do get marked down further. Other items of note-the Satin and another one of the Parfums Intimes are 75% off, while Chiffon, Velvet, and another are 50% off. Dream Angels Wish, SLT Ooh La La, Heavenly Bloom, and a few others are 50% off as well. Also, selection really varies from store to store, so it’s worth hitting a few if possible. (Thankfully, there’s a very high concentration in the area to the point of being able to hit one PINK store and at least 5 regular stores in an afternoon, if needed)

I’m not used to having to control myself so much financially-speaking, but this is definitely one where I do. Why? Mum’s Day, of course! And because I didn’t really get to do anything for her all of last year-or really most of the time-I went big this year and got us matching Tiffany mini bow necklaces. It’s a nice everyday style, it’s small, and it looks beautiful. Of course, because I got us both necklaces it puts me on a sort of austerity hold for the next two weeks, but whatever. Some people I work with said that the entire paycheck went towards their credit cards, so I feel lucky that I have a little bit of wiggle room.

Admittedly, I had never even set foot in T&Co before, but it was really friendly, if not a little intimidating.

Sephora had my birthday thing in-all Beauty Insiders get a little freebie on their birthday, and they really stepped it up. This year, it’s an eye set-a mini Volume Mascara, a Nano Liner in Silver Green, and a mini eyeshadow in Aspen Summit. In addition to that, I also bought a new atomizer. Didn’t realize it was a rollerball, but it may actually work better for the summer because I like the roll-on. Also helps to avoid startling the people at work, but I don’t care about that really. Learn to deal with my perfume, and stop whining. Back to the shadow, though-it may seem small, but it’s actually the same size as a MAC shadow. Read the rest of this entry »

Birthday Hauling

3 May, 2010

One thing that has become a birthday tradition for me? Hitting the outlets. I normally try to go at least every other month, but that hasn’t happened due to crazy work schedules! This time, it was nice because the whole family got to go along, so all was well.

First off, let’s start out with the big thing: my diamond ring. I actually got two rings-one from my boyfriend, one from my parents. The one from my boyfriend is a three-stone tanzanite ring, and it’s got an impact (it is tanzanite after all) without being too much as I can’t do a big ring at all. The other one-the one from the parents-is insane. It’s blue and white diamonds, I think 18 little pave-set ones of each, and it’s a looping pattern of sorts. I had the choice of that or one with channel-set rubies-and I may get the rubies eventually, but I loved the blue diamonds. It’s also something that I have never had, and I’ve only seen blues in real life ONCE. I don’t typically do diamonds-so this is insane. Best of all? It was a great clearance deal, marked down from $700 to just under $200.

The CCO is a natural place to hit-but the one thing I wanted (the MAC Brush with Style set) was not there. However, I did get a backup for Aquavert (as I am close to hitting pan on it), as well as Porcelain Pink MSF and then the Fun in the Sun mineralize kit. I was excited about the Mineralize kit as I had wanted it for Christmas-it has a 181SE, a Play on Plums MES (which I already have and admittedly never use), a Nuance MB, and a Shimpagne MSF. That brings my total MSF count up to 8, and I could have gotten a couple more Colour Craft ones but I held off. The funny thing was that there wasn’t a ton of stuff there that I actually would have bought, but there were many things that I would totally buy backups of (On A Mission blush, Stop Look Dazzleglass, Luscious Spark Dazzleglass Creme).

There also is one of those little perfume stores, and while they didn’t have any deals on perfumes I wanted, they did have a rack of testers that they were selling. I got a small bottle of Moschino Funny that is about 65% full for 8, and then a bottle of Fendi Palazzo that is about 85% full for $30. I’m liking them both-they’ve both got some citrus to them-and at the prices I paid, it’s okay if I don’t use it a ton. The bottles are also nice also, so I may be getting more testers in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Think of this as my own version of the 10 Commandments, but these are things that you should do, beauty-wise.

Commandment 1: Thou shalt use SPF.
I mean, this is definitely a given. Not only do you protect against damage now, you protect against damage later. While many moisturizers have SPF, I would definitely take the plunge on a facial sunscreen, like the Clarins one. Sure, having a moisturizer with SPF is better than nothing, but the moisturizer kind of dilutes the SPF. A makeup primer is also good, as you’d put it on post-moisturizing. And while we’re at it, use it for your body, even for limited sun or indoors-I have developed numerous moles on my back just from being near glass windows or the low backs on some dresses that I wear.

Commandment 2: Thou shalt line your waterline.
I know that this may seem controversial, and some people say “NO WATERLINE!”. I do not tightline (lining the upper inner rim, that is below your lashes), but for the waterline it’s not only easy but it’s an easy way to add definition to your eyes and create a more finished look. Nowadays I feel like I look sickly if my waterline is not lined.

Commandment 3: Thou shalt get matched.
We’re talking about foundation and concealer here, folks! Something that is very helpful, and I’m not necessarily saying to buy, is to go to a salon or place that does makeup artistry, and ask for a consultation. There, they can work with your skintone, colouring, and concerns (be it acne, dryness, or aging) to get the right matches for you-which is important. I suggest having them set up something for your summer skin-have your summer shade, and then your winter shade. That way you don’t look pasty pale or overbronzed when you don’t need to be.

Commandment 4: Thou shalt not bronze so much.
If there is anything that certain unnamed television shows have taught us, it is that too much of the tanner can be a bad thing. But we’re not just talking about Fake Baking it or slathering up in self-tanners. We’re talking about all over the face as well! The only places where bronzes work in high quantities are on the eyes and on the nails, both fingers and toes. You only need a little bit for the face, and as for the body? That smears everywhere-and trust me, I know: I sell fashion. If there is one thing that Twilight has showed people, it’s that pale can be sexy, too. I am still going to hit the beaches, admittedly, but please do not overbronze. On some people, too much of a tan just looks unnatural.

Commandment 5: Thou shalt find your scent.
I am guilty of owning many perfumes-why, I just bought my latest one last night! However, is it worth it to have so many? No. It’s much better to spend a day just sampling various scents, and then build your fragrance wardrobe. I suggest a fragrance for each season, plus a nighttime scent or two, and then a nice, everyday scent that is a fallback. That way you actually use stuff, plus you get stuff that works with you. (spritzes two spritzes of Fleur de Corail)

Commandment 6: Thou shalt eat right.
In the summer, sometimes I like to pig out-but really, it’s a time to eat well. Why, with all the produce that is available, it’s almost crazy to NOT take advantage of it! I find that it’s not only really easy to get the recommended 8-12 servings, but it’s fun as well. Be it blending in a smoothie, eating a few clamshells of berries at the beach, or a nice sandwich or salad to cool off, you’re taking advantage of what’s out there, and filling your body with the good stuff. While not all of you may want to lose weight necessarily, I found that when I mainly ate Veggie Delite subs from Subway I was able to drop some weight.

Commandment 7: Thou shalt get on up.
Now this is one that some people may already be good on, but I admittedly am not besides my (highly physical retail) job. We’re talking about using the longer days to your advantage by hitting the pavement. Be it a nice bike ride, playing Frisbee with friends, swimming at the local beach, or just a walk on some trails in the evening, getting physical activity is good for so many things besides getting out and enjoying nature: you work off stress, you get to see God’s beauty before your eyes, and you get your circulation moving.

Commandment 8: Thou shalt be the beach beauty.
This is another controversial one-but just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean you have license to slack off. Keep it simple, though-I stick to eyeliner, waterproof mascara, lipstick, and then some cream eyeshadow for a look that survives the water, the sweat, and the heat and still has me looking presentable. And if you can’t go without cheek colour, go for a cream blush, as it’s more water-resistant than just a powder.

Commandment 9: Thou shalt be sunny.
This is one that is more of an inner thing than a beauty thing, but it affects beauty: have a sunny, perky attitude and people will be more drawn to you. Sure, it may annoy people, but being genuinely nice is like flypaper for people. Also when you feel and act happier, you will look it as well. Not only that, but even just trying to fake it for awhile turns it into the real thing.

Commandment 10: Thou shalt get the right fit.
We’re talking all clothes, naturally-there is no shame in wearing a large size and working it like the rent is due. It’s much better to wear clothes that fit because they are designed to flatter, not have you looking like they poured you into them. That? Not sexy, especially in the summer. Why as far as my shorts go, I just got a pair of baggy-leg, high-waisted ones and they are amazing. Legit. But nowhere is this more important than in bras-and we are talking about the truth: that 9 of 10 women are wearing the wrong size. Why, I thought I was in the minority, but I went to a little lingerie boutique in my mall and went to try on what was my “size”…and turns out, I needed to go down a band size, but now I have an amazing fit and I feel 10 times better! I definitely feel that all women should get to a little lingerie shop-they’re everywhere these days-and get measured. Not only are they there to truly help you get your right size, but it’s just downright fun. Sure, the bras are pricey. I have never paid THIS much for a piece of clothing in my life, but some experts say that you should spend your money on some good brassieres because they are, after all, the foundation of your look. You also will feel better as you have the proper support-a good brassiere should not only support from the band as opposed to the straps (for the most part) but it should fit the best, when you buy it, on the loosest hook. Now, that’s not saying I can go strapless, cause I can’t. But still, knowing my fit means that a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. Literally.

So another day, another paycheck-and there are some smart buys in here, believe me!

Let’s start out from the treasures at work. I picked up:
A pair of camel high-waisted shorts
Three sweaters and two dress shirts for my boyfriend-they’d been marked to $5 each!
A sequinned jacket
A feathered earring and necklace pairing
Two packs of white flower hairclips
A floral short-sleeve puff-shoulder shirt
Leopard-print flats

Total damage, between all that? Under $80.

But I wasn’t done with shoes yet! I went Payless-hunting for Champion’s offshoot of the FitFlop, which is priced at $25-I went all the way to Burien for them! And since it was BOGO, I got a pair of jewel-detail flats for a whopping $4. I’m replacing all my shoes for the most part, so it’s nice to fill the closets for cheap. Hopefully the Champion flats work as well as the others I own…

Beauty-wise, I did damage. I broke my NP no-buy a week and change early, with several polishes, and added EVEN MORE!:
OPI Crimson Carol
OPI Bronzed to Perfection
Essie Splash of Grenadine
Essie Lapis of Luxury
Essie Turquoise & Caicos
Essie Sexy Divide
Sephora OPI Just A Fairy-Tail
Sephora OPI It’s Bouquet With Me
Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond
China Glaze Watermelon Rind
China Glaze Sexy in the City
China Glaze Frostbite

All of that was just under $60, however I’ve been blessed with more hours and more hours=more money. I also picked up two little bottles for mixing polishes to get my own shades-so far, I have a lovely creamy yellow with a hint of frost. I also just made up a gorgeous orange, mixing OPI In My Back Pocket, Atomic Orange, and DS Treasure. I may add a little bit more of Treasure, as it’s not great on its own but with polishes like this it rocks.

At MAC, I did NOT get the glosses or blushes, like how I intended! Shocker, I know. I did pick up Luscious Spark Dazzleglass Creme (which I absolutely love-it turns Show Orchid into a gorgeous red, and on its own it is so non-sticky and lovely), as well as pans of Goldenrod and Parfait Amour. I need a new palette, though-I have run out of space on my current pair of quads. My 15-pan is still lost (aka somewhere in my bottomless pit), but I’m trying to find it as of NOW.

I hit TJ Maxx also in search of some great newbies, but nothing cosmetic wise or nail wise. I did, though, find a bottle of Sexy Hair’s Flip It Over for $9, and then for $20 I finally got a bottle of Lolita Lempicka Fleur de Corail. It’s definitely different than L, in a good way. It’s more summery, more floral. I’m a Lolita Lempicka fanatic, though, so of course I would love it!

Nordstrom Rack led me to leave with two things. First up was a totally-rhinestoned Betsey Johnson headband for $11. Score! The other was a set of three Stila mini smudge pots, with a brush, for $13. Can’t complain there, now can we?

I am saving money though, as my birthday is a week from Sunday and I need money to buy my fancy meals, hit the outlets, and more. Woot!