Escada Repromotes

19 December, 2011

While browsing the ULTA site this morning, I saw something very interesting indeed: 1-ounce sizes of Sexy Graffiti, Island Kiss, and Rockin’ Rio. They were in the new design bottles, and for $43, a hell of a deal if there ever was one. It shocked me a lot though, but it makes very good sense. Sexy Graffiti can command a pretty penny on the auction sites, and while I was able to get the latter two for half off retail a few years ago, I still use a lot of them so if I come close to running out, I may have to buy some more.

Now the one thing I don’t like is that they are in the new bottles. I’m such a huge fan of the older heart-style bottles, so seeing the smoother bottles is just…a downer. I almost would pay the $150 for a set (lotion, perfume, and bag) at a little perfume store at a mall south of me just so that I could have the awesome bottle.

It also is an interesting way to go about the holiday season, because it is typically when the new fragrance will be released. I know it’s when I bought my Moon Sparkle, and Taj Sunset came out right before the Christmas rush last year. Instead of launching a new one of these, they can bring back three VERY popular fragrances from the past, while also focusing on the “non-summer” ones, as they have been doing lately with a launch of at least one a year.

On that note, though-I have my ULTA coupon, and I’m getting my bottle of Sexy Graffiti today (hopefully). I also hope that they please, please, PLEASE bring back Ibiza Hippie. That and my Michael Kors fragrances are my signature ones. And my Lolita Lempicka, too…that’s a different story though.


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