China Glaze/Hunger Games

15 December, 2011

So coming from, of all places, Perez Hilton…we have the news that China Glaze is doing a 12-polish set based on the wildly-popular (supposedly) trilogy of books (and movies, with the first installment scheduled for release in 2012). All the colours are based on what they look like on my computer screen.
Mauve creme (Dress Me Up)
Gunmetal grey shimmer (Stone Cold)
Golden orange glitter or shimmer (Harvest Moon)
Dark pinky brown (Foie Gras?)
Black, looks to be either a shimmer or a duochrome (Smoke & Ashes)
Yellow-orange duochrome or shimmer (Riveting)
Neutral silver shimmer (Fast Track)
Acid green shimmer (Acid?)
Golden-orange glitter (Electrify)
Silver-grey shimmer (Hook & Line)
Warm brown creme (Mahogany Music? Mahogany Magic? I dunno, my eyesight is failing)
White glitter with what looks like holographic or iridescent pieces (couldn’t get the name on this one)

I couldn’t get a release date on this, sadly-there was nothing on the article. But at least we now know what is coming soon!

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