The Experiment (After 7 Days)

6 December, 2011

Recently, I decided to do a bit of an experiment-in that for a full month, I would try and plan out my outfits at the beginning of the month. After 7 days, I can already say: it isn’t feasible.

Sure, planning a week in advance? Totally fine, and not only that but it’s smart too. It allows me to take the time on a Sunday, when I may have more time, to really get everything worked out. I know my schedule, I generally know what I will be doing. But a month in advance, especially in a business where things can change at the drop of a hat-no. Can’t do.

In the week so far, I had planned all but two days-and those were days off. The caveats on those days were that they were for things that I normally don’t wear to work because it’s too long of a sleeve. Sleeves are not something I can do often at work-I’m jealous of people who can wear blazers and still do everything, because many times I am sweltering in a short-sleeve.

Additionally, one of the days that had something planned had a change-because I couldn’t find the shirt! It wasn’t a loss, as I found a dress that I hadn’t worn in months and wore that-and all worked fine.

The plans that I had were:
Wednesday: Jumpsuit with faux fur waistcoat-which changed to a kimono jacket for church.
Thursday: No plans, and I honestly can’t remember WHAT I wore.
Friday: Brown dress with epaulettes/shoulder detail.
Saturday: Had planned on sequin pencil skirt and grey V-neck blouse, but it ended up being a black sequin dress and white faux fur waistcoat (I have two).
Sunday: No plans-it ended up being a yellow sweater and black skirt with butterfly print.
Monday: Kimono dress.
Tuesday (today): Black floral-applique crop top with high-waisted skirt. I almost had to do it over a little romper, but I found a tank for underneath the top so that no stomach shows. I had several skirts I could do it with, but I grabbed one that I’ve never worn since buying over a year ago thanks to weight fluctuations. Even though it’s gone up by a few pounds, I figured today would be a good day for the skirt.

The next week only features one day off, but a few days where I can do two different outfits. It’s times like this when the planning is absolutely imperative. But can I plan much further in advance? No.


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