Urban Decay Naked 2

4 December, 2011

So I missed the email on this one-no biggie for me, as I don’t do the Naked looks. However, this sold out the first run very fast-within a couple days, if not hours. Yep, it’s Naked 2!

This one has 12 shades like before-five of them exclusives-along with a duo-end brush and a gloss. Because the website does not have colour descriptions, I have to do my best with what I have here. This is, for the most part, the shade descriptions as seen by my computer screen.

The shades are:
Foxy-Looks to be a pale beige
Half-Baked-Golden bronze (one of UD’s best shades-but so daggone ubiquitous)
Bootycall-Pale pinky neutral?
Chopper-Copper-beige with silver glitter
Tease-Midtone brown, kind of looks a little mauve in the pics
Snakebite-A different midtone brown
Pistol-Neutral grey
YDK-Bronzey-brown with glitter
Busted-Plummy brown
Blackout-Deep matte black (From the 15th anniversary shadow box)


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