The Experiment…

29 November, 2011

Two years ago, I had accumulated an insane amount of nail polishes in a very short period of time. So many, so, that I actually had to plan out a calendar of what polishes would be worn on which days, with new finger polish daily and new toenail polish twice a week. And while I think that would be a good idea for me to do now (especially since my attitude towards nails has become a bit more lazy-ie some days I’ll skip changing my polish), there’s one thing I need to do it for: my clothes.

See, I suffer from the results of two years working in fashion: an overstuffed closet. As in, the load of laundry that dried right before I left on vacation was just tossed on the bed, hangers and all, because there was no room. And the haul of clothes that I bought-that’s the other thing. And before anyone tells me to clean out my closet, I do once a year-and I’ve just done the first round (getting the stuff ready to go to the charity shops). The second round is taking some of my dresses that I know are too big for me and sticking them in my mum’s closet (as she is a size up above me). Still, at that point, I have no idea what I have sometimes, and other times I get stuck in a rut. I want to pull out the harlequin dress/geometric print pencil skirt/pink shorts/navy blue blouse even if it just got finished drying, because I love them so much. (In a closet my size, some pieces are loved more than others-even though everything is loved and everything has a story)

So for the month of December (and last couple days of November), I am trying an experiment: at the beginning of the month, planning out what my outfits for every day will be. It is subject to change based on a) the weather, and b) any activities that may come up. My shift at work will also be a key deciding factor in it, as if I have a move in my department, it’s best to wear shorts with leggings because I have a LOT of reaching high and don’t want anything riding up. But for the most part, it’s a way of getting everything planned out at once (so no having to think about what to pull on in the morning), as well as making room for stuff (a lot of which is taken up by my obsession-a good blazer).


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