Michael Kors Island Very Bali Review

25 November, 2011

This is a sort of brief review, as I am basing this on one testing-but with the Michael Kors, I need just one to tell typically what the important things are. Today was the trying day-and I have to say that I need it! Of course, any Island fragrance is automatically a must-have for me. But this one? It comes with a different intensity that none of the prior ones have had. Surprisingly it was not ULTA that had it, but rather Sephora inside a JcPenney.

Anyways, it’s $65, and the bottle this time has an indigo tint at the bottom.

The perfume itself, on first spray, smelled like an earthier, woodier version of Palm Beach. At least I thought so. I got a definite orange note, and then some creamy woods with a little jasmine mixed in. One spritz seemed on the lighter side to me, so I spritzed a second time. That’s the thing with some of the Michael Kors fragrances: you need to spritz twice just because it seems so light (especially with my body chemistry). It’s definitely something that may seem similar to stuff I already have, but this is not by any means fruity. It’s got the orange tang to it, which my nose certainly loves:)

The drydown though is quite amazing. I had my dad smell it and he said “Wow, that’s intense”. It’s a really nice sandalwood with a little musk in it, but you still get a tiny hint of the orange and rose in there as well. It’s definitely the sort of thing that makes this a unique fragrance, and one that will go for all seasons: it’s not too heavy for the summer, but the creaminess of it just screams “Bundle me up in a robe!”. A good 3 hours after the initial spray I am still getting the drydown on my wrist, so it’s definitely a good one to go with.

It isn’t a very complicated fragrance at all-and that’s one of the things I love about it: simplicity in that you’ll have a little floral in with the orangewood, and then it’ll be a musky sandalwood on the drydown. It’s one that I know I will be wearing a lot, and if I had one gripe, it would be to have a little more tropical floral notes in it. Otherwise, I think this is a good one to own! I do have to say, give it a try first, because I don’t think it will be everybody’s cup of tea.



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