MAC Lash Mixing Medium/205 Brush Reviews

13 November, 2011

A few weeks ago, when I was down at the MAC Pro store, I knew that I needed to ask about the Lash Mixing Medium. It’s a true Pro product-most people would have no use or inclination to use something like this. Not only is there a steep learning curve to it, but it’s a lot of extra work-both prep and clean-up. For people like myself, though-people who like colour in their lives-this is a product that I deem as being a total must-have for the simple fact that I can create whatever lash colour I want to.

For $14.50, you get a little squeeze tube of the Mixing Medium. However, in order to do this right, you need to get the 205-a little synthetic fan brush-as the design is especially tailored for the lashes. That’ll run you another $18 or so, but it’s definitely worth it.

From there, it’s quite simple. Get a little dish or plexi square, squeeze a little on. Then get a bit of pigment onto the dish, and mix the two together. Start small and then add more-you don’t want to make too much and then have waste, because that’s the part where it gets tricky as this is not something that keeps very easily. It’s truly a product for the artists who need to custom-blend everything-in short, myself:) From there, with the 205, you apply it to the lashes-and it’s actually quite easy. You brush from the base to the tip upwards (on the bottom of your top lashes), and downwards (on the top of them). It takes a lot of perfecting, unfortunately, because there is a tendency for it to clump a little. I did say, though, that the learning curve is a bit steep, so keep that in mind.

One reason I like this over a conventional mascara is that with this, it’s a lot less messy around the eyes. I’m somebody who tends to get mascara spots all over my eyeliner, but with this? None of that. None of the mascara spots in my highlight area, either. Because of the creamy formula and the fact that it’s fairly quick to dry, I leave with a lot less mess in that manner. The other reason I love it? Coloured mascaras. MAC has only had them once in a blue moon since I actively started using their products nearly four years ago, and I specifically wanted to do chartreuse mascara. Sure, blending it every day isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but the best things in life take a little more effort:) I can do orange if I want, I can blend some funky purples if I want-but so far, the chartreuse is what I’ve stuck to. I do it for work and customers just go crazy over it. It’s not something that has really been seen before (I honestly don’t know if anybody has ever commercially made a chartreuse mascara), but it’s very “me”.

However, it’s a lot of extra work-so that’s why I’m giving this “Personal Must-Have” status. It reflects me and my makeup use/aesthetic-not my recommendations for others. Do I recommend that people try it? Heck yes. But it’s not for everybody.

As for the 205 brush itself, I have to say that I am a huge fan but its uses are going to be significantly limited. I feel that these are products where they have to be used together-so for most people, this isn’t necessary.


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