New POP Beauty Nail Glams

5 November, 2011

So the rock that I have been living under kind of got moved big-time. I hadn’t bought any polish, really, since February of this year. I think 6 bottles, to be exact: Chanel Mimosa, one of the China Glaze crackles, and four POP Beauty polishes (Pinkest, Turquoise, Violetta, and Yellow-the last three being in a set for $10 at Urban Outfitters). But when I was on vacation, I was at Nordstrom and their juniors department just happened to have the Pop Beauty polishes. Not the ones I was used to, though. They are doing something like how they have Impulse Beauty at Macy’s, in that they have a few brands presented IN the Brass Plum department. I saw Too Faced and Stila, but there could be more. I think it’s smart: get some higher-priced brands in that are still fairly accessible, and it’s great for gifting (makeup and clothes in one transaction) without the intimidating nature that cosmetics counters can sometimes have. I was intimidated for so many years…

Anyways, they had several new polishes-the Glitzes and the Metals. There are a TON of them-the Glitzes being glitters and Metals…well, you know. Here are the shades!

Aquatic Glitz-Clear base with aqua glitter as well as some pinkish and silver accents
Confetti Glitz-Clear base with large fuschia and pale pink glitter flecks
Gold Glitz-Gold glitter
Lavender Glitz-Pale blue and lavender glitters
Pink Glitz-Mixed pink glitters…could it be like China Glaze Pom Pom? Hmm…

Denim Metal-Metallic blue (reminds me of a brighter, non-suede version of OPI Russian Navy Suede-you know, with the shimmer)
Golden Metal-Metallic gold
Jade Metal-Pale metallic green
Naked Metal-Metallic beige
Ruby Metal-Metallic pinky-red
Sterling Metal-Metallic silver

Additionally, there are two other shades on the “New” section: Flamingo Hollar (looks like a fluro pinky-purple), and Pansy Purple (shimmery purple). However, at ULTA today…I saw the Crash. As in, CRACKLES! As time has gone on, I’ve been a little less impressed, shall we say, with the China Glaze ones. I don’t pay attention to nail polish quite as much anymore (and there’s a very good reason: when I was with my ex, I didn’t have a lot of time for me, but the nails gave me time to destress and unwind. Not having a stressor like him in my life, coupled with lots more stress at work and at the church, means that it’s just one more thing that seems like an obligation), and I hadn’t been to ULTA in 7 months. I did, though, have one of the 20% off coupons and I needed face wash, so what better way to put it to use? Anyways, there are three shades: Black, White, and Silver. Since I have the OPI Black Shatter, I got the silver-and I am very impressed. The colour, as you would expect, is very vivid. I did it over Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening and the effect is nothing short of striking. The crackle itself is nice, too. I like to get a decent amount on the brush and then get it all on in a few strokes, so that there’s decent cracking. This fit the bill perfectly. I may have to get the white soon as well-but for now, I implore everyone to get the silver. That is all.


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