MAC Glitter & Ice Review, With Swatches

19 October, 2011

Good news: I have swatches for this! Quality isn’t the greatest, but my camera is working again so I got it all set:)

Tonight was the Glitter & Ice event, and the official kick-off (well early) for MAC’s Holiday collections! There is a LOT to digest in this-and the collection will set the tone for the rest of the holiday. Last year, it was the tartans. This year, it’s glitter and ice as the name implies-sparkly and silver. Quite fun, and could be more than just a holiday collection.

It’s a sizeable collection in and of itself-but since it’s white with silver accent packaging, no B2M on it.

First up we have the eye stuff-and let’s start with the Paint Pots! I am not someone whom has used these, in fact there was one time I nearly bought one and didn’t-and I don’t regret it. Put it this way: they’re the only thing that smudged as I was in the process of swatching (by bumping into the fringe curtain). Yes, I actually did all my swatching and so forth early. The perks of working in the mall! Nonetheless, there are some good colours in there.

The Mineralize eyeshadows are-dare I say it-quite nice! In fact, the one item I bought (so far) is Shimmermint, a pale green one. I did not try them wet in store, but once home I gave Shimmermint a try wet and honestly, it’s the way to go (as always). The ONE MES that I have never had to do wet, actually, is Fresh Green Mix. Over UDPP, the blueish undertones really come out to play. I then swatched it alongside the green from the Surf the Ocean Crush Metal stack and there is DEFINITE difference in the swatches. The green from the stack is way more seafoam green, while Shimmermint, next to the green, pulls VERY blue. It’s a great colour and one that I feel I will be getting a lot of use of. For an Ice Queen look? PERFECTION. I might consider Frozen Blue as well.

The Technakohls are not something that I particularly like. I rarely use pencil liners anymore (the exception being UD Flipside, aka Best Eyeshadow Ever), and my experience with these was that they just drag. They’re so stiff and not creamy that it’s impossible to get anything good. Granted, the ones I had were Full of Fuschia and Colour Matters. I don’t touch them well, ever, anymore. That being said-this is a decent selection of colours, with the one that actually seems worthy of the money being Practice Makes Perfect, a beautiful teal.

On the face category, we have two Beauty Powders, each of which will probably sell out. They both seem quite universally good, though, as many BP’s are. They both are very glowy, and Snowglobe would be a must-have IF I hadn’t just bought myself Lightscapade AND have Porcelain Pink, Light Flush, Glissade, et al.

Now onto the lips-starting with the Dazzleglass! Four of these are repromotes-however, two of them are only from the original launch back in 2008. Spanking Rich was one I never gave a thought to back then, and if I wore gloss these days, I would give it a shot. Pleasure Principle…this is my biggest “irker”, as in WHY WAS IT NOT BROUGHT BACK WITH MS. FIZZ?. It’s amazing. White gloss with every colour pearl you can imagine. It’s like a party on the lips. I didn’t buy it today since I’m watching my money in preparation for vacationing but when I get back, I’m buying two tubes at the minimum. Love Alert is permanent, and She-Zam was in Magic Mirth & Mischief two years ago-you know, THAT bad holiday collection. Remember those crescent MES? Yeah, they were as useful as a DOS book these days. It’s similar to Pleasure Principle, just not as super-blingy. The two newbies aren’t really special, though. Glitter & Ice was a neutral with silver dazzle that just seemed nonexistent upon swatch and Dressed to Dazzle had a little more shimmer, but again, nothing special.

The lipsticks actually seemed quite nice, for once. The first few I swatched-Whirls/Twirls, Double Spin, Soft Sable, and Eloquent Air-are all quite frosty, with a heavy silver base amongst the pinks and so forth. Then there’s two darker shades: Such Flare, a creamy (for a matte) red, and What Joy, a lovely berry.

Additionally, there are three nail polishes. Two of them are creams, one of them is a rather grody glittery white that just looked a little “meh” to say the least. Not as good as the China Glaze 50 Glitters, that’s for sure.

The party itself last night was a disappointment, though. The cool thing was that they had a couple girls dressed as futuristic-looking ice queens, with white leotards and tights, headpieces, and then they were on rollerblades. But when I go to these events, I expect them to be catered well. In this case (and it was a new caterer, so I understand), there were two big issues: first, none of the grub was veg-friendly. I don’t ask for a vegetarian only deal, but at least one or two things would be good. Second, they typically will have a drink for those of us who do not drink alcohol. I asked and the guy smugly said that “all the drinks have alcohol”. I was personally offended because it made those of us who either don’t drink by choice or can’t drink feel lesser importance. At every other event I went to, they always had a mocktail. Even if I was someone who drinks, I was on my work lunch.

So as far as my recommendations for this collection go…there’s not a ton that is rush buy-worthy, but the Mineralize Eyeshadows were definitely the stars of this collection. Not cause the rest of the collection sucked-cause it didn’t. It’s cause they finally got some good ones after all. The Beauty Powders are great as well, and please buy Pleasure Principle and then tell MAC to make it permanent post-haste.

Technakohls: Silver Skates, Going For Gold, Seasonally Spicy, Fancy Moves, Practice Makes Perfect (my pick), Smooth Manoeuvre

Top row: Mineralize Shadows: Fresh Ice, Snow Season, Hold That Pose, Frozen Blue (my pick), Shimmermint (my pick), Winterized
Middle: Dazzleglass: Pleasure Principle (my pick), She-Zam, Glitter & Ice, Dressed to Dazzle, Love Alert, Spanking Rich
Bottom: Lipsticks: Whirls & Twirls, Double Spin, Soft Sable, Eloquent Air, Such Flare (my pick), What Joy

Paint Pots (sorry about the quality): Let’s Skate, Morning Frost, For Effect

In the boxes: Snowglobe, How Beautiful

Finally, the comparison swatches of Shimmermint with the green from Surf the Ocean: Shimmermint is on the bottom, used dry over UDPP on the left and wet with no base on the right. The top is the green over UDPP, and then with no base. Other swatches are the berry from one of the lip bags, Potent Fig Mattene, the dregs of For Effect Paint Pot, and my hand stamp from the event. Yep, swatcher-iffic day indeed.



3 Responses to “MAC Glitter & Ice Review, With Swatches”

  1. christiemlambert Says:

    Great review!

  2. rosie Says:

    paint pots are amazing! u should buy them they are great as an eye shadow primer or just for a swatch of color when u don’t have time to apply shadow. paint pots are my fave MAC product ever!

    • codekiki Says:

      Glad you like them! I’m not saying they’re a bad product-I just prefer UDPP or a Cream Colour Base for an eyeshadow base. I always have a ton of shadow on, though.

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