MAC Fall Colour Review

30 September, 2011

It finally came today: the MAC Fall Colour collection! And honestly, it’s a very interesting collection that combines some very interesting products together for three interesting displayers.

But as is very common, a LOT of these are repromotes or PRO products. Of all the products, here are the items that are NOT repromoted or permanent:
Ash Violet Fluidline
Plum Bright lipstick
Emerald Dusk pigment
Blue Storm pigment
Starless Night pigment
Coco Clay nail polish
Oyster Shell nail polish
Pink Fade Lipglass
Orange Tempera Lipglass
Good Times Lipglass
Three Ring Yellow shadow
Royale shadow
Blue Candy shadow

In addition, both of the quads have one repromote each-Cross Cultural in the Parlour Smoke quad, and Chamomile in the Angel Flame quad.

However, half the collection features PRO products-which is great because up until I started going on vacations to California, I had no access. Sure, you can do phone orders, but I’ve heard stories of people being denied them if they weren’t PRO members. I’m particularly excited for the Chromagraphic pencils. Now, these aren’t technically eye-safe, per se. However, the glitters aren’t either, and I still use them, albeit not on my waterline. I know some people swear by these for the waterline, though, but I use gel almost exclusively for that purpose. I picked up Process Magenta, because I honestly like doing those looks with the brights. Hi-Def Cyan is on my list though for when I am in California.

When it came to the lipsticks, I was there to check out two specifically: Plum Bright and Fusion Pink. I’ve said time and time again that Fusion Pink is way too similar to Full Fuschia. NOT ANYMORE. This will potentially be a future blog post, but there’s actually quite a bit of difference that I noted when I swatched all three together. Long story short-Show Orchid is a pink with blue undertones, Full Fuschia is a warmer pink, and Fusion Pink is almost a watermelon colour-way more red. As for Plum Bright, it’s actually a Lustre finish, but a good one at that! It doesn’t look like much in the tube, especially next to Violetta, what with the glowiness that it has. However after swatching it on my hand, it was quite nice. My only concern is that I have Cunning from last year and hardly ever wear it. It’s not close, just somewhat similar-but if I don’t wear that sort of shade in the first place, why do I need two?

The eyeshadows are interesting, and by shadows I mean the single shadows. I didn’t swatch any of them (I was in a hurry) but Blue Candy looks fun, albeit dupeable. It’s almost like a brighter version of Electric Eel. Royale looked fun, but if you have Atlantic Blue you can skip it. Three Ring Yellow is the third newbie, and it’s obvious I got it because I love yellows. This, however, is unique to my collection, because it’s more sour lemon than anything. I know there is a Sour Lemon, or there was, in the PRO line, but this is a Veluxe Pearl. Point already. Swatched, it has a very golden look. I can’t wait to use it in a look, because I have a feeling it will be a fun one. Shock-o-Holic (or whatever it’s called) is a repromote from Dare to Wear last year, and Passionate always is in these eyeshadow collections that feature brights. Lame!

The two quads, though, looked horrendous. It’s almost been a case of the quads are just bound to suck these days-Angel Flame was the only halfway decent shade, and I have the Rose Romance quad where Seeds of Love is very, very similar to Angel Flame. And that quad, regardless of how rarely I use it,

As far as the pigments go, the three new ones looked pretty but would I ever use them? No. Too dark for me. If I wanted shades that dark, I’d go for shadow-and I honestly don’t. However if you like smokey eye looks these would be pretty shades for those. All the rest are available everywhere, so no need to rush buy them.

The lipglasses are all on the more pale side, as they’ve tended to be lately-so I saw no need to buy any. I don’t do gloss very often anyways, although with the upcoming repromote of Pleasure Principle I’m potentially buying two tubes of that.

Nail polishes got rave reviews from the MAC folks, but they’re pale neutral cremes-the sort of shades I don’t even give a single thought to.

When it comes to the face stuff, it’s really good choices. Porcelain Pink is something everyone should have already, based on how often it gets repromoted, so if you don’t have it get it now. I use it as an all-over because it works well for my skin tone, and it’s just pretty. Solar Riche is amazing as a bronzer for those of us who are on the paler side (NW 20 here) but I don’t need any anytime soon, as I have two things of it already and the first one doesn’t even have a dent made in it, even after two years of use. Lightscapade is clearly the star of the show, though, and it may seem to be tricky because of the blues and greens that are veined throughout-but that’s the appeal of it. It swirls together to make a nice balanced glowy shimmer well worthy of the insane amounts people would pay for it on the Fleabay.

On the eyeliner front, three of the four are repromotes. I had Blacktrack, and honestly, I like Stila’s Black Smudge Pot better. The Jumbo Penultimate Liner is meh, and Feline Kohl Power is something I should have since I have been into MAC for years and it’s been repromoted at least four times, but if I need a black pencil liner I have a ton of UD Zero. Ash Violet-the fourth liner-looked decent-ish, but as far as gel liners go I am firmly on the Inglot train.

All in all, though, the collection is a fun one, but unless you’re new to MAC, don’t have access to a PRO store (or for some of these, a CCO), or any of that, the only things that I see being rush-worthy are Lightscapade and Ash Violet.


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