Paperself False Lashes

23 September, 2011

In my new Sephora email, I saw something for once that truly interested me: paper false lashes! Now, with my much more limited attention span when it comes to beauty things, I tend to ignore or gloss over these. But when I see peacock feather cutout paper lashes, it piques my rural interest.

Exclusive to Sephora and retailing for $19 each (or $17 for the small), there are six designs of the lashes, and they are all beautiful! Additionally, these are inspired by the Chinese art of paper-cutting, so each design has a significant meaning. You have:

Deer & Butterfly (a deer head on one end with antler-looking grass and butterflies): It’s supposed to mean “free, beautiful, and sensitive”.

Peach Blossoms (branches-lots and lots of branches, it seems. Very pretty though): Imminent love. This comes in large and small

Peacock (almost like feathers standing up with a head in the middle): Lucky and auspicious times

Under The Sea (small is coral and a starfish with seahorse on one lash and angelfish on other; large has more coral in between the two pieces to make the one): Secret treasure. These come in large and small.

I definitely want some of these, but I am pitiful at applying false lashes. Maybe before I go on vacation I’ll go to my friends at MAC and get tips on applying false lashes, because I would like to wear some sometime. Then I may have to go buy the peacock ones!


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