MORE MAC Fall Stuff

20 September, 2011

So this isn’t really new collections, per se, except the title for the Holiday collection is going to be Glitter & Ice, or something like that. I’ve already put my name down for the unveiling (stores will be doing that on the Tuesday before the collection launch), so I can get a chance to swatch everything out first.

However…I’ve gone and done my preorder for the Fall Colour collection, as they’re now calling it. Something with copyrights, I dunno. Anywhoo, there’s a little bit of what to expect:

If you want Lightscapade, preorder it NOW. They had only nine total, compared to a good 30+ Porcelain Pink. Given that Porcelain Pink has been repromoted within the last couple years-it is the most repromoted MSF after all, excepting Gold Deposit which is perm-you need to act quick on Lightscapade. I even got to pick my own out.

Quantities are low-ish on many of the lipsticks-I’m trying to remember what one had decent levels. I know Plum Bright and Fleshpot did. Neon Orange wasn’t great, ditto on Show Orchid-but they are fairly recent repromotes. Ruby Woo is permanent, and Fusion Pink is making its first appearance at counters. I have to say this again, though: Fusion Pink is nothing special. If you have Full Fuschia, you’re fine skipping FP. It’s just way too similar to me. One of them is a smidge brighter-and for a bright pink lover like myself, I am picky and don’t need two different lipsticks that are exactly the same, if you know what I mean.

Apparently the polishes are good-not my cup of tea colour-wise though. I’ve only ever bought two MAC polishes-Bad Fairy and Morning After.

The Chromagraphic Pencils are AMAZING. I put one of the Process Magenta on hold, and the one that they had the highest quantities of by far was Rich Purple, because technically it is one of the two that is eye-safe. (I use glitters all the time, but these I’d be a bit more careful with. They’re intensely pigmented, and also very, very soft-almost like a kohl) I am mainly getting it because I need it for Halloween and for my costume-having a magenta liner will be a godsend. I’ll be hitting Inglot too, for good times:)

Also Solar Riche is in this! This is my go-to bronzer that is NOT So Ceylon, and it’s a great bronzer for lighter skin tones.

Finally, when it comes to the shadows, Three Ring Yellow or whatever it is is a definite must have. It’s that sort of sour lemon look, a very green-based yellow. I honestly can’t jog my memory for anything that I have that is like it-the closest is UD Graffiti, and that’s a legitimate green. Considering how much abuse my Sweet & Punchy takes, this will indeed be a great alternative for a crease/liner colour. Needless to say, it’s in my pre-order. (I limited it to three items) The blue isn’t really must-have worthy at first glance. I have Blue Calm and Atlantic Blue-those two fill most needs for royal blues. This could be decent, as it is a satin-and some satins are great. (Haunting)


One Response to “MORE MAC Fall Stuff”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    I wasn’t even interested in the Fall collection at all, but I think I’ll have to check out the Three Ring Yellow eyeshadow!

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